Are You Ready to Build a Team?

You’ve got leads coming in; more than you can handle on your own. You’re hungry to grow; to teach others, and train them.

You’re ready to reach the next level.

If you find yourself nodding enthusiastically to the above statements, it just might be time to start a team. 

Building a team isn’t for everyone, but it can be a rewarding task. Spending your time investing in other realtors, helping them unlock their abilities and potential can be very rewarding.

Kyle Whissel found himself in this situation a few years ago: he had more leads coming in than he could feasibly handle, and started a team to be able to help with all those leads. He’s grown from working alone to having a team of 30, who are on track to complete more than 300 deals a year in the San Diego area.

He’s here on the #REalAdvice Podcast to share his insights on team building, and inspire you to ask the question: is it time to start a team?

This post is inspired by episode 13 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen on the podcast episode page, and learn more about Kyle Whissel, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the video of the full episode.

When Should You Start Team Building?

Building a team is not for everyone. If you’re seeing success from another agent who has built a team, and you’re wanting those same results, confirm that you really actually want to lead a team.

So how do you know it’s time to start team building?

You Need Help With Leads

Most realtors want more leads: but the reality is, you can only personally handle so many leads. That means that 1) you’ll lose potential sales because you can’t handle them all, or 2) you’ll give less than your best to the ones you do contact, because you’re trying to do too much.

When you’re ready to hand off some of those leads, it might be time to bring on another agent to help you, and start a team!

Do You Want to Lead?

Are you feeling the desire to take on a leadership role, and everything that it entails? Do you have inspiration for trainings that you can teach to help others do and be better at their job? 

Do you dream of the culture that you want to create? 

Leading a team allows you to be able to tap into that leadership potential that you have, and use it to create the reality that you want; the job of your dreams!

Build Your Team Strategically

You don’t want just anyone on your team. You need to hire people because they fit into the culture that you want to create for your franchise. 

Just a note: you are the one who needs to be setting the culture for your office! If you let your hires choose their culture, it won’t be what you envisioned.

Hire for Attitude, Not for Aptitude

Hire people who are eager, hungry, and willing to learn. They can learn the “how” - there are resources! You hire people who are willing to connect with others, and want to learn and grow. That drive will help inspire others in the office to become better.

Hire a Culture

You establish the culture of your group. Instead of hiring anyone - whether they are good at selling real estate or not - hire people who fit into the culture of what you want to establish. 

Do you want a young, high-energy firm? Hire young, high-energy people! Do you want a more established presence? Look for older, more established professionals! Want a family atmosphere? Hire family-minded people!

The people you add to your group will either be the culture, or will kill the culture that you want: be strategic in your hires!


Hire When You Actually Need More People

Do you actually need more people on your team? Take a count of the leads that you have coming in. 

If you have two agents on your team, and each agent works through 20 leads per month, and you have about 40 leads coming in, then you probably don’t need to hire more people. 

However, if those 2 people are trying to work through 70 leads, you may be ready to hire! 

Hire in Pairs

Kyle recommends hiring in pairs, if you can. Why? 

This allows new agents on the team to have a “buddy” - they go through orientation together, and often become pacing partners. As they learn and grow in their roles, they tend to be on pace with each other.


Helping Your Team Grow

One of the roles that you play as the leader of a group is helping your team learn, grow, and get better at their job.

Just like a professional athlete trains for hours and hours before even just one play, those who work in real estate will see results when they train.

Set Up Role-playing Training

It’s time to role play. Spending hours role playing sales scenarios allows your team to practice, practice, practice.

Helping your team get “in the game” means that when they are talking to clients, they already know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it! They are prepared and ready for whatever may come their way.

Invest in Training

Does your team want to learn more about Facebook ads, or YouTube ads? What about how to use Instagram to grow your audience? You can do FREE trainings from the Hashtag Agent site, or, you can even bring me in to do a LIVE training in your office!

Whether it’s me, or some other trainer, when you invest in education, your team will grow in knowledge and capabilities.

In Conclusion

Are feeling inspired to start a team? Or do you already lead a team? Tell us in the comments about some of your best tips for leading a team!

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