Change Your Mindset, Change Your Business

What is the first thing that you do every day?

When the alarm goes off, do you recount your to do list? Do you think about what you have to do, the clients you need to meet, the paperwork that you have to finish?

Or do you start your day working on your mindset, recounting things that you are grateful for?

Your mindset is key in this business: mindset is what will help you have the perseverance to keep going when success takes time.

People see success, and they don’t see the full story: they don’t see the months with no commissions, the long hours of work, and countless leads you’ve worked with before you finally closed the sale.

They just see the end result; the “overnight success.”

In order to see that success, you have to work hard. Part of that work includes working on your mindset.


But how can you work on your mindset?

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Start Your Day With a Positive Mindset

Every day, you get to shape your mindset. You can’t choose if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day.

But what you can choose is how you’re going to approach your day, and how you will handle what comes your way, whether it be good or bad.

How can you start practicing this?

Set your alarm clock just a few minutes earlier than normal.

When it goes off, take a few minutes to list out things that you are grateful for. Go beyond just electricity and running water (although you can be grateful for that!).

The more that you list, the more positive you will find yourself becoming.

Each day, challenge yourself to find new things to be thankful for. Make that list longer and longer, and you will experience a mindset change.

But it’s not just about being thankful for what you have. Sometimes, you need to work to protect that positive mindset that you have built up.

Avoid a Negative Mindset

Too many people get caught up in negative things. Negativity is all around us, so it can be easy to fall into if you aren’t careful.

So how can you foster a positive mindset?

When you’re in your car, what do you do? Do you listen to music, or the local news station?

Or do you take advantage of this time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, helping put your mindset towards success?

Taking time to listen to positive resources that will help you become a better leader, real estate agent, and community member.

Create a Success Mindset

Do you spend your time thinking about the things that you want, and planning for how you will achieve them?

What would happen if, instead of planning on achievement, you decided what you wanted instead, and worked towards that?

If your goal is to be the go-to luxury market realtor in your area, then you need to do what it takes!

Decide what you want, and make it happen from there.

You can add success exercises to your morning routine. Set the tone and pace of your day by stating your intention for the day, and what it is that you will accomplish to achieve your goal.

A focused mindset will help you achieve those dreams and goals.


In Conclusion

Mindset is a huge part of your business. Being able to overcome the hard days and keep persevering is a hallmark of anyone who has worked in the real estate business. Positivity and tenacity will help you achieve the goals, hopes, and dreams that you have for your life.

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