Creating a Business and Life You Love Through Authenticity

What is the key to living a life that you love? 

So many people have a goal to create a business and life that they love, but get stuck, and are trapped, chasing clients that they don’t want to work with, hating their jobs, and dreading the week. 

What would happen if you found the key to unlock the life that you love? What are the steps that it would take to break free?

Authenticity will unlock a life you love.

Instead of trying to mimic someone else’s voice on social media, what would happen if you spoke up, and were authentic?

What if, instead of accepting the norms all around you, you chose to explore new ways of doing things, and disrupt the system?

Then, what if you started attracting a completely different kind of client, the exact types of people that you want to work with?

What if you embraced authenticity, and created a life and business that you absolutely loved?

Steve Sims is doing just that. We’re loving watching him on social media, living an authentic life and inspiring thousands of people to do the same. 

This post is inspired by episode 16 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen on the podcast episode page, and learn more about Steve Sims, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the video of the full episode.

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Embrace Your Story

Many people choose to tell someone else’s story in their life and business. You’ve probably heard us say this countless times in The Hashtag Agent Community:

“If you have to google what to say, don’t.”

When you present someone else’s story, you lose your opportunity to be able to share your authentic self.

The only reason that our industry is being changed and disrupted, is because there are so many people out there who are not sharing their story. They’re sharing a weakened version of their message.

Been there, done that. 

Saying the same things over and over will never push the industry forward. In fact, it will hurt the industry. 

We need to be everything that Amazon and AI services aren’t: if we’re repeating the same thing as artificial intelligence, then we’re not offering value.

By embracing our story, and what makes us completely authentic, we’re able to be everything that artificial intelligence is not.

Use Your Social Media Effectively


We’ve seen it over and over again: it’s a tale as old as time.

“3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, great location!”

“I will sell your house in 3 days.”

But what makes that different from any other source of information out there?

These statements fall under the same old things that we’ve heard constantly, and that have become noise to your audience.

Want to stand out?

Tell us how you sold a house in 3 days. Go behind the scenes and document the process!

Show us what makes that 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house different from the other internet listings on the same page.

Your social media is where people go to learn about you. They don’t want to see the perfectly curated pictures on your website. They don’t want to read the carefully written copy. 

When people are wanting to learn about you, they’re going to go to your social media channels to see the authentic and real you.

If you’re not telling your story, then you’ve lost out on connecting with the people who are the exact right connection for YOU. 

Push the Boundaries

It’s easy to say to push the boundaries, but what does that mean? Here’s a few insights to help you in that process.

Over Deliver on Expectations

Does your client expect a certain level of service? Go above and beyond that. Serve them beyond their wildest imagination. 

Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

Most people will never voice their wildest dreams and their secret hopes and goals. Why? Because they are unwilling to be vulnerable and share with the world. 

Share YOUR Story

Know your story, and share it! People want to connect with you: they want to know that you are human and relatable. They want to know if you like bourbon, or if you have kids and a family. They want to know more about the person that you are at the core, and if you radically embrace that and share it, you’ll show up authentically everywhere and build those radical connections.

Click the image below to visit Steve’s website and learn more about him and what he does:

In Conclusion

Everyone wants to be working towards a life and business that they love. The key to achieving that is radical authenticity, and a willingness to push beyond the norms and what is accepted. Refuse to accept a mediocre story, and have a live that you absolutely love.

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