Facebook Ads Sniper Method: How to Put Your Ad in front of ONE Specific Person

Facebook Sniper Ads

Have you been in the following situation?

You meet a neighbor at an Open House (hopefully, a MEGA Open House). They are vaguely interested in the property you are hosting, but they say the golden words… “We are thinking about selling”, or maybe it’s “If only my house would look like this…”, and yes, sometimes, you may even get “We should tell X agent to help us do this…” You try contacting them the night of the Open House (you are calling your “leads” right away, right?). Okay, you call them a week later and they do not pick up the phone. You leave a voicemail. You send them a drip email. You text them. And, then they start drifting off your radar.

You post a few weeks later on social media you are looking for new ways to generate leads. Who does it the best? What ads should I run? Where can I buy “leads”?

You had someone telling you they were thinking of selling their house. You sell houses. Uhm?? What am I missing?

Maybe another email from the drip campaign goes out saying:

Hi Seller,

Hope you are doing great. It’s been a while since we connected. Look forward to talking.


Lazy agent who uses drip campaigns and does nothing else

The issue? You and I both realize this probably won’t work, and if we are really honest, the drip email probably said something that made no sense and now the “lead” thinks you are a robot and you lost your chance.

Is there a better way? Let me show you a method I use to do to not only Open House “leads”, but to Expired Listings, FSBOs, “Leads” generated online, etc. I call it the Facebook Ad Sniper Method.

As many of you know, I am a huge advocate for Facebook Ads. Why? Done correctly they are very powerful and when you add some “tips/ticks/hacks’” I provide (like I did here) they will set you apart from the other agents in your area.

Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Did you know you can upload a list of “leads”, past clients, sphere, etc. into Facebook to create a Custom Audience inside of Facebook Ads? Usually people who use the customer list add a plethora of people and mixed data onto one list and call it done. Or, you add all of your leads onto a list and then send them a generic ad to get their home value. Here’s an example:

Facebook Home Value Ads.png

Or maybe something like this (don’t tell me you haven’t):

Facebook Home Value Ads.png
home value.png

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you this isn’t terrible. In fact, it may even produce some higher quality leads and you get a listing appointment. Why is this somewhat effective?

  • You are sending an ad to a targeted audience that you already consider a “lead”

  • The ad solves a problem if the “lead” needs a home value

But these people were not looking for a generic ad, they said they were thinking of SELLING THEIR HOUSE. They already met you. They know what you look like.

What if you sent an ad with the Facebook Sniper Method?!

Advanced Facebook Advertising: The Sniper Ad

What if you took the same concept above and made it better? Remember, this ad will be going to just ONE person. To recap, you had an Open House, a “lead” comes in and expresses some interest in selling their house. The house is in the neighborhood of your current open house (whether it’s your listing or you are holding it open for someone else doesn’t matter). For whatever reason they are not answering their phones, emails, texts, carrier pigeons, etc.

You then send this person (and only this person) the following ad:


Remember, since Facebook owns Instagram, you can send an ad on that platform as well. The “lead” told me they are thinking of selling, I sniper target them with an ad talking about how we not only sell homes but we do (insert YOUR value proposition here). This way you have more to talk about than just selling their home.

The goal is to try and be very specific without being too obvious and looking like a stalker. Then you send them the next video, then the next, then… you get it, right?

You can’t do much better then that!

But Jonathan, Facebook doesn’t allow me to send an ad to just one person?

Facebook Ad Sniper Method Overview

This is where you need some help, and where I can show you a workaround. When uploading an audience into a custom list you need 30 verified people. Verified? Facebook needs to be able to identify and find these people. If you put BestRealtorEverHB123@HBAgent4U.com it might not work… (Please if your email looks like this, change it.) So, when uploading a list you need 30 verified people, so I recommend adding 50. That way if there are some people that will not work your list will not be rejected.

Here’s where you can get creative and I’ll give you some examples.* You upload a list of 49 males and 1 female, you then send the ad to only females. You upload a list of 49 people living in Miami and 1 person living in Huntington Beach, you then send the ad to people living in Huntington Beach. Are you catching on? People with X job title and people with Y job title. People with green hair and people with red hair.

Final Thoughts:

This method can produce extraordinary results for any lead source. Going after Expireds? What if you did a video ad “talking” to that owner, they watch the video, you send another, they watch that, you send another, they watch that, and then you send another and you’re standing in front of their house telling them why you are the best agent to take on the listing. Mic drop.

Remember, #WhoYouHireTrulyMatters