Get Your Game Face On in Your Business

What do you do in the face of conflict and hardship?

Most people retreat when times get tough. They don’t give up necessarily; they just don’t push forward and onward.

That’s when a coach matters. That coach helps you dig deep, and find your drive and purpose. They help you power through those tough times, and push yourself past your limits.

That coach helps you unleash the monster inside.

Micheal Burt became a business coach (and prolific writer) to help coach as many people as possible into being even better in business. He came to talk to us on the #REalAdvice podcast, and share his insights learned from years of coaching.

A Coach Will Push You Forward

Micheal Burt, our guest on the #REalAdvice podcast, started his career as a high school basketball coach. Through his decade of coaching, he took a different approach, working on creating high competitive intelligence for the team.

They didn’t just play basketball, they studied life coaching principles and studied books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

When the team that he coached started winning championships, and setting records, people started to take note, and want to know what he was doing to see such high levels of success.

Requests to run trainings and speak to businesses began to pour in.

He never imagined that he would be coaching business owners all over the world. In fact, when his speaking career was first beginning, he frequently turned down speaking engagements.

Quitting his coaching job at the high school where he worked was hard, but it gave Micheal the chance to speak to more people, and help change more lives.

“My core message in life,” says Micheal, “Is that left to our own devices, we all contract in retreat. A good coach can change your life.”

His goal is to be that coach, and impact as many people as possible. Now, he travels all over the world and coaches people from all walks of life.


Find Your Voice

If you have to google “what to post on social media,” then you probably shouldn’t be posting.

These posts are your voice; your way of getting your message out to the people who need to hear it. But when you are searching for what to say, you’ve got a problem.

Why? Those pre-made; pre-written posts won’t make an impact because they don’t come from YOU. It isn’t your voice; your story. It’s someone else’s message, under your name.

So how do you learn how to tell your story? What should you be posting on social media?

Right now: pull out your phone! What are you doing? Take a picture of that! It’s what you need to be sharing, and telling people. You don’t need a fancy message that someone else has given you.

Take time to find your voice, and what is unique and special about you.

Share Your Story

Once you find your voice, you’ll be able to share your story in a powerful way with the people that it will resonate with.

A few tips for posting on social media:

  • In the style of Gary Vaynerchuk, “jab” at least three times before asking for anything

  • Think of the person who will see it, not yourself. Leave behind the “what’s in it for me” mentality and think of how what you post can help build confidence in others!

  • Be ok with catching the imperfect moments: I want you to see me at a real estate conference training others, but I also want you to see the moments when I cannot catch playing ball with my kids.

  • Forget about the likes and focus on the value!

Why does this matter? Micheal Burt has an answer: “If your voice is coming through your social channels, you're going to build trust with people that your future clients are going to see.”

In Conclusion

Micheal Burt is a firm believer in the power of coaching, finding your voice, and sharing your story. When you share your story on social media, you’re able to connect with people that you can serve. Forgetting the likes, and focusing on providing value can change your business. You never know who is watching, and getting excited about your story and what you have to offer.

Have you found your voice on social media? How are you sharing your story on social media? Come join the FREE Hashtag Agent community on Facebook, and share with us how you’ve been able to share your story!