Jordan English Shares how Authenticity and Changing Perceptions Can Impact Your Business

When Jordan English started working in real estate, others were surprised with her choice.

After all, she had just finished getting her accounting degree, and even graduated a semester early. Her career path was clear.

But then, she chose to pursue real estate, and quickly jumped all-in.

Jordan English is our guest on episode 7 of the #REalAdvice podcast, and you won’t want to miss her timely advice, especially for women and single moms working in real estate.

Changing Perceptions

Jordan hadn’t planned on working in the real estate industry.

As a single mom, she had worked her way through college, finishing her accounting degree, and was looking for full time employment opportunities. The job that had supported her through college would no longer take care of their needs.

Jordan had to quickly figure out how she could provide for herself and her child. When she was asked to join the Keller Williams company as a real estate agent, she knew that it was the right choice for her.

She quickly learned that perceptions of the industry were not great.

“My parents thought I was throwing a career away,” she says. “But I had to provide for my family.”

To change the perception of the real estate industry, Jordan (and her now husband) opted to show up authentically on social media and invite people to be part of their story.

As they showed up, people were attracted to their story and cheered for their success.

Authenticity on their social channels has also grown their team: even some of Jordan’s family members have come to join their real estate team.

Following Your Values

Jordan and her husband have found that as they pursue an authentic life in business, that pursuit shapes all of their decision making.

Since they are both in real estate and not working traditional hours, they sit down weekly with a calendar and schedule everything out, keeping their core values as their focus.

For them, family is a huge focus.

They fill the calendar with their priorities, whether it be picking up kids from school, when they’re eating dinner out, and when they’re going to have scheduled showings.

Planning out like that also helped show Jordan the choices they needed to make to live according to their values.

“I knew at a certain point I was like, I cannot survive another week without an assistant,” says Jordan. “This applies to any area of your life. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You're not supposed to do everything by yourself … you can ask for help in every area of your life. And that starts with your business because that is what brings in the profit for your family.”

Hiring out some tasks empowered Jordan to be able to make the choices to live and work according to the values and priorities that they had decided on together.

And, there was another benefit. “Whenever you ask for help,” Jordan says, “You grow because you have time to do higher producing activities for your family.”


Growing a Personal Brand

As her business grew and flourished, Jordan knew that she was ready to add something new.

Knowing her past, and how she had fought against perceptions in the industry while working as a single mom, led Jordan to start “The Podcast for Me,” a podcast where she seeks to empower and encourage women just like her in their businesses.

“I have a voice,” Jordan says. “I want every woman to feel that way. I want every woman to feel secure and I feel that pursuing something that can bring in money for your family can do that for a woman.”

Jordan is on a quest to appear as a guest on a hundred podcasts this year, and we’re excited that her first quest appearance for this year was on the #REalAdvice show!

In Conclusion

How do you use social media to show up authentically in your business? Are you using social media to show your clients, leads, and connections more value?

Tell us examples of how you are authentic in your business in the comments below.

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