How to Double Your Instagram Exposure for Free


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Over the weekend I posted an #InstagramHack to increase the amount of people landing on your page. The best part? This is a free strategy! Can’t beat that.

The problem? Many of you have messaged me saying “Jonathan, the story is no longer there, how do I see what you did?” Thus, this blog. Enjoy!

The goal is to use a method you probably are already doing (or should be) and adding a few “tweaks”

Have you ever shared a post to your story? Yes? Skip this section. No? Go to your page and click on a post you want to share. Once you click the post you will see a little “paper plane” logo. Click that and it will give you the option to send that post to someone as a message or “Add post to your story”. Click that and you’re all caught up.


If you add the post to your story, most people (including myself) will add a cool sticker or text and post the story. This is where the hack comes into play.

Step 1: Share your post as you normally would


Step 2: Make the picture BIG by “pinching” the photo in 2 different corners and expanding out


Step 3: Add a “sticker” covering the photo.

Get creative. You could use the marble emoji (pictured below), colored squares, etc. The goal is to “hide” a portion of the photo so your audience can only see the whole post on your page, thus, free traffic.

Step 4: Add a “teaser”.

This could be text talking about the post. This would be a great place to add a new listing, talk about an event, help promote a local business, etc.

Example: You don’t need 30 years of experience to be a great Realtor… (leaves the audience in suspense and they want to know more.)


Here are some examples I did over the weekend.

The first was the marble emoji. The second I used the notepad emoji. The third was a moving GIF that rotated. Again, get creative!


But, Jonathan, if I just add a post to my story, only my followers will see the post. Yes, you are correct. This is where you get even more creative!

You are already a step above everyone else who shares a post to your story, now here are 2 tips to make you in a class of your own.

If you have Instagram, you have seen the amount of stories. You probably skip through a lot of photos and videos every day. But have you noticed where you “tap” each time.

Tip 1: Place your post to the right side where 99.9999% of people tap to go to the next story.

Since your post is linked to your page, even if the person wanted to go to the next story, they are forced onto your page since they clicked the post, which was on the right side of the screen. Cha Ching!

Tip 2: Add Hashtags Behind your Post

Did you know you can add up to 10 hashtags on each story? Now you know. Add 10 hashtags onto your post and your story will now get “discovered” through Instagram’s explore feature. Who do you want to see your post? Use those hashtags.

For example: If you are promoting a new listing, follow all of the above steps and add hashtags behind the post like #CityName #CityNameRealEstate #YourName #Neighborhood #Community #YourBrokerage #YourSlogan. This is where you can get creative and test which ones are working and which ones are not by looking at your insights.

Note: Don’t use those hashtags. You have to change them with your actual city name, etc.

Here is proof that this “hack” works!


I purposely did not do this trick for a week. Then, on Saturday and Sunday I used only 3 stories to increase my “discovery” using the methods in the blog post.

Confused? Have Questions? Did it work for you? Just want to talk? Leave a comment below.