How to Set Yourself Apart as an Expert in Your Business

Do you have one thing that you’re really good at in your business? Or is your attention divided, trying to master all the tasks, and be the ultimate expert?

In this business, you’ll find that the riches are in the niches.

By choosing one thing, and being really good at it, you’ll gain a reputation as being an expert, and will draw people towards you who need that one thing!

That one thing that you’re really good at becomes a pillar in your business, and it will help you grow.

On this episode of the #REalAdvice podcast, William Tong is here to share about having these pillars of expertise in your business, and how working within a niche can grow your business. Rather than exhaust yourself trying to do everything, embrace what you’re excellent at, and focus on it! You’ll be amazed at how it changes your business.

Develop a Network of Collaboration, not Competition

Imagine being a do-it-all. You get a lead, and they want to look at a house that is two hours away!

That means that in order to show them the house, you’re going to have to get ready, drive two hours there, show the house, and then drive two hours back.

What could you have done with that time instead?

Many agents think that they need to do all of the things, but the reality is, once they choose one thing, and get really good at it, they are able to serve their clients far better.

But what about those other opportunities?

William has an answer: “You can be a one man army, or you can be a team. Two people who collaborate will always achieve more than one person alone.”

This is where your time spent investing in relationships with other realtors can come in handy. Instead of looking at them as competitors in business, look at how they serve differently from you. You could end up creating a strong referral network, and build yourself up to be even stronger!


Provide Exceptional Service

In a day when technology is becoming more rampant, realtors are finding themselves in an unusual situation. Websites and computers and algorithms claim to be able to find people their dream home.

However, no computer can ever replace a human touch.

To beat that computer, you’ll have to step up and provide even better service. You can’t just take a few photos of a house on your iPhone, throw them on MLS, and then see the offers pour in.

You’ll have to look at how you can provide better value, stepping beyond technology and finding ways that you can serve your clients.

Realtors are finding that their commission rates are dropping, but William Tong proves that doesn’t have to be the case.

He has had multiple instances where a house was not selling and had no offers, and through strategic marketing, was able to sell for more than the original listing price. That creates value for your clients that no computer can ever provide.

Always Be Prepared to Serve

When you’re out in your community, getting the world out about what you do, you gain a reputation. People will come to know you as a realtor, but you can’t just passively hope that all your friends, family, and community will call you if they need a house.

That’s why you should always be listening for opportunities to serve. Remember, you’re looking for opportunities to serve, not sell.

“Don’t be pitchy,” William says. He gets together with friends and plays basketball. When he does this, they all chat about life and what’s going on. He never says “hey guys, is anyone thinking about buying or selling a house?”

Instead, he is present, talks about his life and what is going on, just like the rest of his friends. They see how he serves others with his business, and keep him in mind. Through maintaining an attitude of service and developing relationships, William has seen his business grow and grow.

In Conclusion

Are you trying to be an expert in everything about your business? STOP. Quick: what is one thing that you are exceptional about? If you had to choose a niche right now, what would that niche be?

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