How Using Social Stories Complements Your Ad Strategy


Are you using ads in your business, and wanting a higher ROI?

An active social media account will get a higher ROI on ads, because they have more content for the end user to engage with.

If your page looks like a barren wasteland, your ads won’t convert as well as you want them to.


Ads bring people in; your additional content and value that you offer helps convert them into a sale!

So what are some things that you can do to shake up your ad strategy? We’re going to talk a little bit about ads (and that they are affordable!), and how you can create dynamic content that draws your audience in!

Content for this blog post is inspired by Episode 9 of the #REalAdvice podcast, with special guest Jason Pantana. You can listen to the whole episode, or find it at the end of this post.

Can You Afford to Run Ads?

You may have heard horror stories about how expensive ads are, but the reality is, ads are inexpensive when done right.

For mere pennies, you can run ads targeting your community.


If you haven’t been using ads, then get started and give it a try!

But how can you maximize the value of your ads? One way is to make sure that you’re using all of the benefits that social media has to offer.

Using Social Stories

Let’s say you have a great ad. You’ve targeted well, your image or video is perfect, people are responding to the ad itself, but then: crickets.

Instead of conversions and sales, and your inbox flooded with direct messages from new leads, you’ve got nothing.

What went wrong? What did you post that didn’t resonate?

The question could be flipped: what DIDN’T you post?

You can have the greatest ad in the world, but if it leads to a facebook page with no posts, or an instagram account that is just a few posts from being inactive, you’re not going to see the results that you want!

But what are some simple ways that you can create engagement?


These stories can be used to create engagement and a sense of connection.

Stories are often featured at the very top of your social media apps - go ahead, open your Facebook or Instagram app. See those circles at the top? Those are stories.

You can click on them, and see posts from the person who created a story.

What kind of posts can you use in a story?

  • Ask a question that elicits an answer and pulls people into your direct messages, communicating with you!

  • Share video clips

  • Share photos

Saving Stories as Highlights

Do you have something of value that you want people to be able to access again and again, but you want it to appear as a story?

While stories are pieces of content with a shorter lifespan than your usual posts, you can save some of them as story highlights on Instagram.

This allows you to keep the stories at the top of your profile until you choose to remove them.

This could be a great way to feature your most important content, like:

  • A personal introduction

  • Local recommendations

  • Featured listings

How to add stories to highlights:

Go to your Instagram profile

  1. Under your bio, click “highlights” - you’ll see all of your old Instagram stories

  2. Click the stories that you want to turn into a highlight, then click “next”

  3. Name the highlight. Keep it simple; one or two words max! Think in terms of categories, like “About Me” or “Featured Listings” or “Local Finds”

  4. You can add or delete stories from your highlights at any time - keep them relevant and interesting!

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to give Instagram and Facebook ads a try, but make sure that when you do, they are part of a well-rounded social media strategy. This will help you get the highest ROI for your ad dollars.

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