Making Video Do the Work in Your Real Estate Business

What is stopping you from using video in your business?

Some people say it’s fear of being on camera, or of being boring on camera.

Others don’t like how they look.

There are people who are intimidated by the technology, and think they won’t be able to make the perfect video. 

But video has the potential to explode how you get leads! 

Do you feel like you spend a significant portion of your time chasing new leads, instead of serving people?

What if you created something that flipped the script, and made people chase YOU instead! Then, you can spend your time marketing their home effectively, or helping them find the perfect home for them!

Chris Kwon is just a regular guy who decided that he was done chasing leads, and decided that it was time to start making videos. By investing his time into creating video and marketing it strategically, he’s turned his video into a lead generation machine that brings people to him.

This post is inspired by episode 15 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen on the podcast episode page, and learn more about Chris Kwon, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the video of the full episode.


Just Hit Record

Do you feel intimidated by the idea of creating video?

Next time you’re at a house that you’re listing, just take out your phone, and hit record. Walk around the house, talking about what you like and showing it off. Hit the record button again to stop it. You’ve made your first video.

Remember that your first video is not going to be perfect. It may not even be good. 

But it’s done.

After you’ve made that first video, you can go make a second video. After that, you can make another. 

The more that you do it, the better you will get at creating video, and being comfortable with the camera. 

Need a challenge to go do video? Decide that you’re going to make 10 videos in 10 days, and then go do it. Even if you look at the first video and think of it as terrible, you’ve made it, and you’ve learned from that. 

Think of video as a piece of your online resume. When people see it, they get to know you, and know more about you. 

Each video is another line in that resume; another thing that draws people to you.

Keep Video Simple

“But I don’t have the right equipment,” some people say, when it comes to video. 

Did you know that one of the best and easiest to use pieces of equipment may be in your hand or within reach already?

Your phone has all the capabilities that you need to be able to create the videos that you need as a starter.

In fact, Chris says to keep it simple. The more that you have and use, the more complicated and hard you’ll make it!

You don’t need a fancy camera and special tripod to get started. Use your phone, and move on from there.

Chris started with a small camera, and grew from there. You can start with your phone, and upgrade as you learn.

If you’re afraid of being boring, change your perspective. Yes, just showing the house could be boring. I mean, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - most real estate listings have already shown that! Talk about what you like about the house. Use video to highlight what’s unique and special about it.

Have fun with making the videos! I’ve seen people be so creative with their work. One real estate agent plays “where’s Waldo” in her videos. Let your unique personality shine through the video, and people will watch it just to see YOU.

Consistency is Key

Once you get into the discipline of making videos, you will see results. In fact, the old adage says, the more lines you have in the ocean, the higher your chances of catching a fish.

As you’re putting videos out on the internet, and promoting them, you’ll see growth and results. Video is not an overnight success: it takes time and strategy. You have to be willing to play the long game.

Get into the habit of constantly making videos. The reality is, the more videos that you make, the more people can see you, and learn about how you can help them. 

Chris Kwon practices this with his listings. Every single listing has a video: and many have multiple videos!

If you have a house that could easily have a 20 minute video walkthrough, break that up into multiple videos. You can use these for Facebook or Instagram ads, and promote them for different platforms.

If you have made more than a hundred videos, and aren’t getting results, then come on over the the Hashtag Agent community, and we’ll help you.

In Conclusion

Video can completely change your business, if you’re willing to invest the time into it. You have to do the hard work, making them, and be consistent. We’ve seen - from many guests on this podcast - of people who have seen their business explode by creating valuable video content.

Want to learn more about how you can use video and find a wealth of resources on how you can learn video? You can even make YOUR video appear before someone else’s video - join the Hashtag Agent community to learn more!