How to Network with Other Agents On Social Media (And Why You Should)

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Social media is more than just an excellent way to connect with potential prospects. It's also the perfect way to increase your connections with other real estate agents. Are you using your social media accounts to help with your networking strategies? 

The Benefits of Social Media Networking

Social media is the perfect tool for connecting with a wide range of people. Through your social media connections, you can substantially increase your reach--including your ability to network. Check out these advantages of social media networking as a real estate agent:


You Can Connect Instantly

Through social networking, you can connect instantly with other real estate agents, whether they have a prospective client moving into your area or you sell a type of property they don't. That means instant answers to your questions and the ability to respond immediately to your colleagues, which can lead to more satisfied clients for both parties. You can also connect quickly and effectively with potential clients, past clients, and others who are interested in the properties you have available. 

You Can Easily Share Information

Many social networks allow for the creation of groups, chats, and group messages, which makes them perfect for sharing information. As a real estate agent, you want to keep an eye on the trends throughout your area as well as local events, networking opportunities, and anything that can help you connect with future clients. Through social media networking, you can easily share that information with one another as well as with existing, past, and future clients. Your social media account is the perfect way to build your authority.

Social Media Decreases Loneliness

As a real estate agent, you often work alone or with a couple of clients at a time. You may not have as many opportunities to connect with your colleagues in person as you'd like, but through social media, you can improve relationships and decrease that feeling of loneliness. As you respond to a wide range of individuals, from other real estate agents to potential clients, you will feel more connected and engaged with your work, which will ultimately make you a better real estate agent.

Social Media Removes Physical Boundaries

Often, it's difficult to connect with other agents in person. You may find yourself struggling to make the time to go to yet another networking event, or you may think it's too far out of your way. Through social media, however, you can connect with your colleagues throughout the area without having to get to their location in person. 

Using Social Media to Network

You have social media accounts. Now, you're ready to use them to network. Try some of these key strategies. 

Strategy #1: Choose Your Accounts with Care

As a real estate agent, you don't have a huge social media team handling all of your posts. Often, you take responsibility for that yourself. Choose the social platforms you use carefully. Instagram is a great place to market your available properties, while Facebook offers a wider opportunity to connect with potential buyers. LinkedIn is an excellent source of professional connections in the area. Make sure, as you choose your social media accounts, that you aren't choosing so many you become overwhelmed. You should be able to keep up with each of your social accounts without stressing excessively about them. 

Strategy #2: Join Local Groups

Look for local realtor groups on Facebook. These groups offer an excellent opportunity to get to know other local realtors, share information, and connect with one another. Look for groups that are well established. If you already know members of your local real estate community, see which groups they belong to. You want a group that is focused on business and a sense of community, not one where there is an ongoing sense of competitiveness and people often cause drama. If you notice drama, steer away from the group and find another one that is a better fit for you. 

Strategy #3: Share Information Freely

You know that sharing information from other sources, including community events and helpful information about the moving process, can help make you more valuable to your clients. As you share that information, you will naturally increase your reach. Sharing can also help you connect with other real estate agents. As you provide access to valuable information, they will come by and check it out--and potentially share it with their clients, too. The information you share on social media showcases your authority and builds your brand, letting potential buyers know just how much you know about your field and how dedicated you are to making their home-buying or selling experience a positive one. 

Strategy #4: Keep Connecting with Your Clients

Networking isn't just about connecting with other real estate agents, though it certainly has its advantages. You never know where your next referral is going to come from: a past satisfied client? Someone who has checked out your posts and is interested by what you have to say? Connect with former clients on a regular basis. Make sure you put out posts that will interest them and encourage their engagement even when they are no longer actively involved in the home buying process. This will keep your past clients following your page and your content as well as keeping your business uppermost in their minds.

Strategy #5: Engage

Do you follow other real estate agents? What about other local businesses? Do you actively participate in groups? Not only do you need to have social media accounts, you need to engage. Respond quickly when someone comments on your post or sends you a private message. Get involved in discussions going on in your groups. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and useful. Social media engagement is the perfect way to build your authority and connect with potential clients. 

Do you need help building your social media strategy, from networking to creating the perfect posts for your audience? If you're ready to make more out of your social media accounts, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.