Overcoming Your Past with Nani Bernal

Do you ever look at your past, and think that you can never possibly overcome that to become successful?

Or do you think, “why me?” 

When you look at everything you’ve been through, you have a choice. It’s going to either hold you back, or it’s going to be the spark that lights your fire. 

You get to choose if you’re going to pivot or not. 

Nani Bernal knows how to pivot. She was on a fast path to destruction: drugs, alcohol, you name it. When she was close to hitting rock bottom, she decided that she had a choice. She could either despair, and live the story she thought others expected from her, or she could pivot and completely change her life.

This post is inspired by episode 23 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen to the full episode on the podcast page, and connect with Nani Bernal.


Own Your Past and Choose to Pivot

You can’t erase your past. It will always be a part of your story.

But part of being authentic in sharing your story on social media is showing that past! It’s showing where you’ve been and where you are going now.

Instead of running and hiding from who you have been, what would happen if you embraced it instead? What if you show up, and show off your scars, and just how much you’ve overcome?

That could inspire countless others who have let their past silence their voice and their value.

You’re never trapped into staying in the story you are living. At any time, you can rise up, and ask yourself: is this the story that I want to live? Is this truly the life that I want?

We’ve talked over and over how it takes a lot of overnights to be an overnight success: you’ll have to work hard to pivot. You’ll have to change habits; change almost everything about your life.

Your story is important, and it’s worth the work.


Find a New Network

The people who you surround yourself with are the people that you will be like. 

Nani discovered this when she was in the middle of pivoting her story. 

She’d go out and drink with coworkers, and found herself reverting to some of her old bad habits. Nani knew that if she wanted change in her life, she would have to find new people to surround herself with. Once she did, she found herself inspired to change.

It is true: you become more like the network you surround yourself with. These people influence you, your work, and your habits. They help shape you and form you into the person that you are becoming.

I can tell you that this is true from personal experience! As I’ve sought to find more ways to serve others, I have put myself in the company of thought leaders and high-performing business coaches.

Through those intentional relationships, I have found myself with a place at their table: I have been able to become more of a leader, and am accepted and even welcomed. That is because I have chosen to place myself with them, and I have become more and more like them.

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Become a Leader and a Voice

Many people let their past silence their voice. 

Impostor syndrome strikes, bringing thoughts like “if they knew what I have done, they wouldn’t listen to me.” 

This is wrong! Your past should make your voice louder, if anything! When you have overcome obstacles in your journey, you know what it takes to be successful. You know how to pivot, you know how to change your life. 

Not only will you be telling people what to do to be successful, but you have done the work.

Nani frequently says, “A boss says go; a leader says ‘let’s go.’”

When you use your voice and come alongside others, it makes two things happen: you lead others into growth, and you continue to grow in the process.

In Conclusion

Your story is one of your most valuable assets that you have. It can spur you into greatness, and be the spark that lights your fire. Your story has the potential to ignite passion in the lives of thousands.

When you choose to embrace your story, and use your voice, you will inspire others and help lead them into the growth that you have experienced in your life. 

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