Pivoting from Chasing Leads to Building Relationships with Jason Will

What does your business look like?

Are you constantly chasing leads? Dumping hundreds of dollars into online advertising, constantly spending hours on the phone, until you’ve met your quota.

There’s a reason why real estate agents do that: it does work. But at what cost?

Here at The Hashtag Agent, if you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know that our focus is inspiring you to build a life that you love. 

You don’t want to be burnt out, exhausted, never seeing your family, constantly chasing leads. You want to be living a happy and fulfilled life!

The reality is, it’s 3 times harder to convert a cold lead. In fact, relationships are more likely to bring even more referrals.

Jason Will and I sat down and talked about how he pivoted his business. He used to spend all of his time chasing leads. One day, he recognized that he was quickly becoming burnt out, and decided it was time to change. Now, as the number 1 agent in the Alabama Gulf Coast, he has a business built on relationships.

This post is inspired by episode 24 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen to the full episode on the podcast page, and connect with Jason Will.

You Get to Choose Your Business

This one feels basic, but the reality is, you get to choose. You didn’t leave the 9-5 just to be in a 24/7 instead.

You probably left the corporate world because you wanted freedom and unlimited income.

But at what cost? Is it freedom if you are on the phone constantly, making cold call after cold call?

You get to choose to create a life that you love. We talk about that all the time: about living a story, and creating a life and business that you love. 

The more that you love what you do, and the more passion you are able to show others, the more relationship-based leads you will generate.

The choice is yours.

Overcome (Your) Objections

You are often the biggest obstacle in your path to change. 

Jason was hesitant to dig deeper into the relationships that he had in the past because he was worried what people would think.

Would they remember the stupid things that he had done? Would they even accept him as a professional now? Would they want to work with him in business?

As he broke into relationship building, he was astounded to find that many of the roadblocks that he struggled with had been in his own head.

It was his own fears and doubts that were the problem all along.

Relationships are the most solid form of lead generation. One person has a great experience, and then they share with someone else. That person then shares with another, and next thing you know, you’re several generations away from that very first buyer/seller.

Relationships are also a rock-solid strategy for a volatile market. Jason found this out first hand, after an oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. While cold leads dwindled, as people feared oil spurting up out of sinks and from toilets, those who had relationships with their realtors were able to learn that it did not, in fact, impact the real estate they were considering.

Find Your Stride

Anytime that you do something different, it’s going to take time. 

That process doesn’t just happen: like any ship turning around, it’s going to have to go one degree at a time.

Through this process, Jason has found support.

First of all, he has a team. Together they work to change their paradigm. Instead of throwing money at Zillow and making constant cold calls, they are all working on developing those relationships.

Secondly, and probably more important: Jason has personal support. 

As we discussed mindset, and working through things, he talked about how supportive his wife is. She even leaves him mindset quotes around the house to help encourage him.

Jason also has personal support through networking. Through in person conferences, like his Impact Agent Conference, Jason is able to connect with thousands of other people just like him, and get the encouragement and support that he needs to continue on.


In Conclusion

Are you feeling burnt out? Tired of constantly chasing leads? It might be time to make that shift in your business. You can pivot your business from throwing money at leads to building solid relationships: it takes focus, effort, and time.

Looking for tools to teach you how to become an expert storyteller and be heard? I have all the resources that you need in The Hashtag Agent! You can get support and encouragement in The Hashtag Agent Community. Want to really accelerate your growth? Join The Hashtag Agent Academy: we offer a free 3 day trial, and it comes with all the tools you need to learn how you can accelerate your business.