Reaching the Next Level in Business with The Broke Agent

Have you ever found yourself with an audience you’ve attracted, and thought, “now what”? 

Every post on social media, every house you’ve shown, is another step on your path to success.

What happens when that isn’t quite enough? When you know that you’re capable of more? You know that you have higher-level expertise that you can share, but you can’t quite break through to that next level?

On this episode of the #REalAdvice Podcast, I’m talking to Eric Simon, founder of The Broke Agent. 

If you’re in the real estate industry, you probably instantly know what I’m talking about: those cartoons that capture real life as a real estate agent, with all the funny moments and everything, as well as the humor that keeps us all sane.

It’s easy to think that he “has arrived” when it comes to success. But he knows that he has the potential to level up in business.

But what’s next for The Broke Agent? We’re sitting at the mics and talking about possible next steps. Are you thinking of what else you can do with your business, and how you can level up? You’re going to want to tune in, and take notes on some ideas on what you can possibly do next.

This post is inspired by episode 20 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen to the full episode on the podcast page, and learn more about The Broke Agent.


Build a Strong Brand

What stands out about The Broke Agent?

It’s a strong brand. 

The Broke Agent is a humorous account of life as a real estate agent. You know that when you see their content, it’s going to have a few key components:

  • It’s about real estate

  • It’s meant to poke playful fun at the industry

  • It’s highly relatable to anyone who works in the real estate industry

When you scroll through any content from The Broke Agent, there is no question about who is the target audience. Their content is entertaining, and has helped him grow a big following.

In order to be able to pivot your business (if you so choose), having a strong brand will be key.

Go scroll through my Instagram feed: you’ll be able to quickly identify The Hashtag Agent brand. 

  • Colors are consistent

  • Messaging is clear and focused

  • There is NO question who I serve!

When you dig into the content I’m sharing, you’ll also learn what The Hashtag Agent is all about: serving, serving, and serving!

Know And Leverage Your Strengths

The Broke Agent has an Instagram following of 156,000+. It’s easy to figure out his strengths!

When it comes to figuring out next steps, it’s relatively easy to figure out his potential.

He knows what it takes to build a massive Instagram following! And not only does he know how to grow it, but that process has definitely come with a lot of trial and error.

Can you imagine an Instagram master course from someone who has grown a six figure following, where he shares all of his secrets, strategies, and tips on how he grew that? You’d get to learn from their mistakes, their success - he has an incredible value proposition to offer!

These social media courses are in high demand from people who are looking to be able to monetize their social media, and hit next-level income levels.

Share Value & Choose Good Partners

Growing The Broke Agent didn’t just happen: Eric worked hard to create a winning strategy. 

One of the keys to creating relationships in the industry was this simple direct message:

“How can I serve you?”

That’s key: you’re not selling, you’re not just trying to get something from someone. You’re trying to find ways that you can provide value for them.

When it comes to going to the next level, it’s all about who you surround yourself with and partner with. For example, The Hashtag Agent brand is working hard to collaborate with top leaders and coaches. We’re going on the Monster Cruise with Coach Burt next February. 

That didn’t just happen: it came because the ultimate goal of The Hashtag Agent is to serve. When we aligned ourselves with others who had that same goal, we found ourselves almost organically and naturally achieving new levels. 

This foundation took time and courage to build, but it all came from a deep desire to serve.

In Conclusion

Have you ever sat down and thought about how you can leverage your strengths to bring in additional sources of income? What do you have to offer others: do you have expertise in Facebook ads, growing an Instagram audience, or taking the BEST staging photos ever? How do you think that you can leverage that expertise to take your business to the next level?

Feeling like you’re not an expert? No problem: be willing to learn, and you can become an expert in social media. Don’t miss out on joining The Hashtag Agent Community! Come join The Hashtag Agent, and you’ll be amazed at all the value that comes with your membership. Want to really accelerate your growth? Join The Hashtag Agent Academy: we offer a free 3 day trial, and it comes with all the tools you need to learn how you can accelerate your business.