Think Big to Achieve Success with Cody Askins

When you walk into Cody Askin’s office, the first thing that you will see are big letters spelling out two words: Think Big.

If anyone knows how to think big, it’s Cody. 

When he was just starting out as an insurance agent (as a full-time student), he sat down with three other new people. The trainer looked at all of them, and said “within a year, 3 of you will quit, if not all of you.”


Well, Cody is the kind of guy who, when given a challenge like that, is going to beat the expectations.

He decided that he was going to make $100,000 in his first year (while balancing 21 credit hours and sports). Not only did he achieve his goal, but he only took 8 months to do it!

Cody and I are sitting here on this episode of the #REalAdvice podcast after his 8% Nation conference, talking about what it takes to defy the odds in an industry filled with failure. 

This post is inspired by episode 25 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen to the full episode on the podcast page, and connect with Cody Askins.

Defying the Odds

Insurance and real estate have one major thing in common: a lot of agents don’t make it long term. 

Cody started the 8% Nation from the concept that only 8% of insurance agents are successful, and he wants to help train more people to be part of that 8%.

I think that we could easily create a similar conference for real estate agents, and call it 13% Nation. It’s estimated that 87% of real estate agents will quit within 5 years.

The odds are against you, but that also means that when you’re able to beat the odds, your income potential and relationships will explode.

Think Big

Sometimes what holds us back from being able to achieve our goals, especially when it comes to creating a life that you love, is the inability to think big.

It’s easy to hold yourself back.

Have you ever heard yourself say any of the following?

  • “When I have the money to run better ads…”

  • “When I have the Instagram following…”

  • “When I can finally get set up in the right CRM…”

  • “When I figure out how to use Facebook better…”

This is all thinking small! You are allowing yourself to be your biggest enemy.

Instead, think bigger. 

  • “I will serve my community by doing [fill in the blank].”

  • “I will provide the best service that I can give…”

  • “I will help others be successful.”

And then do it.

Execute Immediately

Thinking big isn’t going to get results: you have to take action immediately.

Cody Askins QC-100.jpg

The longer you wait to do something, or the more that you think about it, the less likely you are to do it. Strategizing, planning, and thinking is good: but it is action that gets results and forces you to grow.

Multiple thought leaders have talked about how you need to take action within 5 seconds: when you have an idea, jump into execution immediately. The longer you think; the less likely you are to do.

You may hear people call you crazy when they see what you’re doing, but that’s a good thing. It means that you are taking action, you are the one who is out doing things.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to start thinking bigger, and be part of the 8%? The 13%? It’s time to not only think bigger, but time to defy the odds and be a leader in the industry. Thinking bigger and executing will help you create a life that you love.

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