How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Marketing your business is an ongoing process, and chances are, you are always learning new ways to get the word out about your business. Have you taken advantage of YouTube marketing opportunities? Are you using YouTube to effectively spread the word about your business? By utilizing some of these important strategies, you can improve your reach and expand your ability to connect with your customers. 

Why YouTube?

Video has become an increasingly important source of marketing potential for businesses over the past several years. It provides a number of key advantages to your marketing efforts: 92% of B2B consumers watch video, and once they watch that video, they are more likely to make a purchase from the company indicated. Simply adding a product video to a landing page, for example, can boost conversions by up to 80%. Marketing on YouTube, on the other hand, substantially expands your reach: 96% of Americans between 18 and 24 years old and even half of Americans over 75 use YouTube.


Creating Your Home Page

In order to create effective YouTube advertisements, you need to start by letting your audience know who you are. Design a compelling home page that contains all the information your users need to see your brand as a professional addition to your industry. Make sure you include all requisite images; your profile image and your header image will be the first things potential viewers see when they interact with your home page, so make sure they are compelling and effective. 


Next, put together a teaser trailer: a few-second video that tells viewers what your brand is all about. What sets you apart? Make sure your teaser video reflects the type of content viewers can expect to see when they actually interact with your brand. You want them to see a glimpse of who you really are to help them decide whether they want to subscribe, check out more information, or just watch a video or two while they visit your page. Below is my “Who is Jonathan Hawkins” video as an example:


Finally, take a look at the other information available for your home page. While you don't have to fill out everything all at once, you will want to provide as much information as possible, including playlists, featured channels, and your about page. The more information you offer, the more your followers will have to take in on your page--and therefore the longer they are likely to stay. 


Creating Great Videos

Setting up your YouTube channel is one thing. Now, however, you have to create your video content- ideally, content that will appeal to your viewers and encourage them to check out your future offerings. Make sure that your content is:

Accurate. Avoid making inaccurate statements in your videos, especially if you're trying to put together a "how to" video or share information about your industry. 


Compelling. Deliver your video in a way that speaks to your viewers' emotions. Compelling video can improve consumer appreciation of your brand. You may increase viewer trust in your brand or their recognition of your business. By creating an emotional connection, you don't just convince them to watch your video. You also convince them to trust your business. 

Clear and concise. If you have extra content in your videos, your viewers may stop watching before they reach the end--and that means wasted effort on your part. Instead, cut out the filler and put together a video that shares the necessary information quickly and effectively. 


Useful. When you create content, it should have a purpose. Sometimes, that purpose is to entertain; you want to get a few laughs or bring on the tears. Other times, your goal is to inform: to answer, perhaps, pressing questions that your viewers have about your industry. Rule number one of solid content creation, however, is that the content must be useful in some way to your viewers. Otherwise, they have no reason to keep watching!


Expanding Your Videos' Reach

When you create videos, part of your goal is to expand your reach as far as possible. You want potential viewers who are looking for the information shared in your video to be able to find it. Try some of these important strategies:

Do your keyword research. Just like creating any other type of content, creating a video means focusing on the critical keywords that will help attract search engine traffic. Take a look at the keywords in your industry that are attracting the most attention. What type of content do people want to see? What are they looking for? You may want to focus on those keywords to help expand your reach. 

Wordtracker is a great web-based keywoard search engine you can try HERE.

Use titles effectively. Ideally, you want your titles to be a concise, descriptive look at what viewers can expect when they take a look at your video. While teaser titles and inside jokes are fun, they may not attract the same level of search attention that you would get from a more descriptive title

Create a solid description. It's easy to forget to put together a solid description when you design your video. It's not just about stuffing it full of keywords--though using as many as possible can be helpful. You want to tell Google--and searchers--exactly what they can expect to see when they watch your video. Make sure your description is clear, compelling, and accurate to help increase the odds that viewers will watch all the way through your video. 

In order to get your YouTube videos in front of a larger audience, they must be optimized. Our #RealAdvice guest Bryan Koci gave us some important insight on this:


Brian mentions a life-changing app for optimizing your YouTube videos called TubeBuddy. Click the icon below to download TubeBuddy for FREE:


Don't Forget Ads

In addition to creating unique video content that will bring in viewers, you can also use YouTube as a platform for short advertisements. With a large percentage of the population--both American and around the world--using YouTube on a regular basis, you can quickly reach a wide audience through short ads placed in front of others' videos. Make sure to monitor engagement and revenue through these channels so that you can shape future advertisements based on customer needs and desires.


Are you ready to dive in and start creating videos and advertisements that will bring customers to your business? 

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