Using Video Effectively as a Real Estate Team

Are you part of a real estate franchise that has a media team?

Those media experts can help you get more authority in the community, and bring in more leads, and more sales!

However, they will only be able to help you if you know how to use them effectively.

Bryan Koci works on the Whissel Realty Group media team, creating videos for them to use to connect with the local community. He started as a guy who knew how to use a camera, and quickly learned video, and has now produced more than a thousand videos. 

Don’t have access to a media expert, and working on creating your own videos? There’s gold here for you too! Get a behind the scenes peek at how a real estate video producer works, how he learned to create videos, and what they are looking to accomplish with the videos they create!

This post is inspired by episode 14 of the #REalAdvice podcast. You can listen on the podcast episode page, and learn more about Bryan Koci, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the video of the full episode.

Video Establishes Authority

To connect with the community, the Whissel Realty Group started making local video series.. 

They started with “East County Eats,” then transitioned to be “Everything East County.” “Santee Saturday” was the next series.

These videos never had “high” views, but that’s not always the purpose of a video.

“It’s about the relationships,” Bryan says. 

Creating valuable content brings in new relationship opportunities. You may not be passionate about filming a segment on the best milkshake in East County, but you’re excited to build the relationship with the man who makes the best milkshake in East County.

A bonus benefit of video? The content establishes authority.

When shooting photos and video of houses, Bryan often likes to ask the owner why they selected the agent they chose.

“Because the know the area,” the person often says. They had seen some of the videos, and knew that the Whissel Realty Group knew the area, inside and out!

Video Takes Time


Most people don’t know how long it takes to produce video. They get to see the end result; the polished cut that gets uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

What they don’t see is the 8-hour day spent shooting, and the hours spent using editing software to create the end result.

If you’re trying to create video, and frustrated with the results, it’s ok! Just remember, it takes time to get good at creating video.

When Bryan first started creating video content, he wasn’t an expert. Video is one of those tasks that you get better by doing it. 

Take time to practice shooting and editing.

Go to the “University of YouTube” - there are many FREE resources to help you get better (hint: the Hashtag Agent has quite a few resources to help you!). Day by day, as you practice, you will become better. 

Bryan Koci started with zero videos: now, he’s produced more than a thousand!

Distribution is Key

According to Bryan, one of the biggest mistakes is creating content without a distribution plan.

If you’re spending hours and hours on creating video content, and no one is seeing it, are the videos successful? NO!

You need people to see your videos, and for the videos that you use for your Facebook and Instagram ads to be converting powerhouses, bringing in leads and an audience that wants to hear what you have to say!

Before you do any shooting, make a plan for what you will do with your video content. Will you post it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube? What is the video supposed to say and communicate? Who is the intended audience?

When you have mapped out the end result, you’ll see your content becoming more strategic and targeted.

Before Bryan works on any videos, he uses Trello to create a checklist to help make sure that he doesn’t miss any important steps or questions that need to be taken care of before shooting.

In Conclusion

Video can be one of the most powerful authority-building tools in your arsenal. Platforms such as YouTube are search engines, that can bring people to you. These videos can generate hundreds of potential leads. 

Want to learn more about how you can use video even more effectively? You can even make YOUR video appear before someone else’s video - join the Hashtag Agent Community to learn more!