Why Should Your Facebook Feed Be More Than Promotional Content and Showings?


Social media: it's one of the most effective ways to get news out about the properties you have to sell. Not only is a great way to let your existing clients know when you have a new property to sell, social media can also help spread the word about the best properties on your list to interested parties outside your contact list. Current followers will like, share, and comment on your posts, which will increase your visibility to their followers and friends, too. 

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That doesn't mean, however, that your Facebook feed should be nothing more than a never-ending stream of property listing and showing announcements. If you're only posting when you need to advertise a property or a showing, you're going to miss out on many of the benefits Facebook has to offer for your business. 

Why Diversify Your Facebook Feed?

Your Facebook feed isn't just a constant advertisement. It's also a chance to genuinely connect with your clients, learn more about them, and offer value as an ongoing part of your community. There are several key reasons to diversify your feed. 

1. If you post nothing but promotional content and showings, followers will stop looking at your content.


I like to mix things up with family, behind the scenes, quotes and so much more!

My four fundamental pillars on social media (and you should have the same) are Personal, Brand, Community, Professional. Checkout our trip to the San Diego Safari Park!

Most of your followers--other than those who fix and flip houses on a regular basis--aren't constantly looking for new properties to buy. Eventually, if you continue to post nothing but new properties and open showings, you'll find that your followers either hide you in their newsfeeds or unfollow you altogether. That means a decrease in your potential reach with every post. Posting a diverse range of content, on the other hand, will help keep your followers more interested. 

2. Property listings and showing announcements aren't going to go viral.

While your clients will like and share property listings that they believe are a great fit for friends and family members they know are looking for a home to purchase, those posts are unlikely to go viral. Other types of posts, on the other hand, will attract greater interest and attention, not only from your current followers, but from other individuals. 

3. You want to add value to your community as a whole.

As a real estate agent, you are a valuable part of your community as a whole--and as a result, you want to add value to that community. Your Facebook feed could be the perfect place for your followers to learn about community events, get to know more about the area, and connect with the whole community. 

Some easy ways to do this: You can share photos from local photographers (with credit). Interview local business owners (but dive deeper than just their bacon cheeseburger. Ask about their values, why they started, their goals.) I also like spreading any great knowledge I receive with the community as a whole, not expecting anything back, just like this post on the right I did after my podcast with Coach Micheal Burt.

4. Your Facebook posts are part of your customer service. 

Customer service is the difference between clients who recognize you as a great realtor and come back to you for their future needs, and clients who simply consider you an acceptable realtor, and who probably won't use you again in the future. Your Facebook posts can be a key part of that customer service. When clients connect with you on Facebook, you should add value to their experience with you: valuable advice that will help them as they choose a home, move, and more. 

What Should You Include?

Before you jump into what you should post, never forget, You Do You. YOUR voice must be heard and your Facebook Page must resonate with YOU.

Property listings and showing dates are obvious: those are the items you're most likely to include in your newsfeed, and with good reason. What else are you supposed to post, anyway? There are several things you can include in your Facebook feed that will attract more interest. Try some of these great post ideas:

1. Announcements about community events. 

What's going on in your community? Are there great things that residents, especially new residents, will love to take part in? Provide access to information about those events in your newsfeed. Make sure that you link to the appropriate event page or sponsor so that your followers can find out more information. 

2. Moving tips and tricks.

Moving is hard--and it's something that most people don't do all that often. How can you make moving easier on your potential clients? You've watched lots of different moves and collected a wide array of tips, some of them from a unique perspective. Provide a peek at those tips and tricks for your followers. 

3. Tips for choosing a great property.

Have you learned what makes a great fix and flip? Do you know how to spot the difference between a great property and one that's going to need some work at a glance? Offer those tips and tricks on your Facebook feed. You can highlight one or two tips in your post, then link back to your blog for customers to check out the rest. 

4. Information about your community.

When new people move into the community, they want to learn all about it--and that's a process that can take months or even years. Offer brief snippets about what makes your community great. Is there a fantastic local ice cream shop? A park in the heart of your community? Look through your community with fresh, new eyes on a regular basis and create posts that will interest people in the community. Write a "best restaurants in [your city]” post or check out the best shopping in the area. You'll build wider range of followers and learn new things about your community at the same time. 


As you create a solid Facebook page, pay attention to your analytics. Some post positions will work better than others: for example, Facebook Ads will allow you to choose the placement of your ad as well as the content you place in that ad. You can also focus your ads on highly local placements, specific income ranges, and other factors. Facebook analytics can teach you a great deal about your followers and what interests them--so check your analytics on a regular basis. 

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