Jonathan Hawkins is the CEO of The Hashtag Agent, a social media training and consulting firm for the real estate industry. Most recently, Jonathan was ranked in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the country. He is a sought after keynote speaker and has been featured in top media publications such as Inc., Wall Street Journal, Inman, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Thrive Global.

Prior to real estate, Jonathan served as a military intelligence officer and is a proud recipient of the Presidential Call to Service Award for his countless hours of philanthropic work.

Jonathan hosts a weekly podcast and is currently working on a documentary series focused on the stories of real estate agents. He also serves as an advisor and investor to multiple real estate innovation and technology companies and is a member of the Genius Network, the highest-level marketing mastermind in the world.

Jonathan graduated from UCLA with a degree in International Relations and he lives with his family in Huntington Beach, California.

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My Story:

in September of 2018 I realized it was time to make a monumental transformation.

There I was just talking to a friend with the camera rolling. Nothing planned. nothing scripted. I was talking about having an impactful “Why”.

As a Realtor and entrepreneur we are always being told you get what you work for. Be the hardest worker in the room and you will rise to the top.

What If You Get To The Top And You Are Not Satisfied? This doesn’t seem to be a conversation many people have. In fact, if you’re “successful” then you MUST be satisfied, right? WRONG.

I had to take a step back to make a change.

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Jonathan Elementary School

… Because I Love Helping People.

From a young age one thing was clear, helping others gave me joy.

It took me 19 years after this picture was taken for me to figure out exactly how I was going to make that happen. Were you expecting a smooth ride? Buckle up.


I Never Had A Silver Spoon.

Being raised by a single mom is not always the easiest. She did the best she could for me and my siblings, but I was always seeking more. I was always wanting more, wanting to be better, wanting to “succeed”. When I wasn’t afforded lavish toys, gifts and affection I lashed out. In a crowded school I wanted to be the one to stand out, to feel “worthy”, to make an impact.

I was always told how intelligent I was and how I needed to apply that in school. I didn’t listen. Why? People don’t flock to the intelligent guy.

Enough Was Enough.

How would I ever be able to help others if I couldn’t help myself? I was blessed with a mentor in third grade that had a profound impact on my life and helped me chart a new chapter.

The next few years in elementary and middle school were drastically different. Applying my “intelligence” I received many awards. I was enrolled into the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Program, a member of the honor band, received the district student of the year award and was ready to tackle high school with full steam.

But Is Life About Awards Or Making A Difference?

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Just Love Me

As much as i wanted to help others, I yearned for awards and acknowledgement.

High school came and went like a flash. Recognition? You bet. Class President, Drum Major, Honor roll, yearbook, drama and then I decided I needed more of a challenge.

I enrolled myself into Southeast Academy Military and Law Enforcement High School. Why? So I could prove to myself and everyone who said I was crazy that if i put my mind to it I could accomplish anything.

And accomplish is exactly what I did. I graduated as the class commander and valedictorian maintaining a 4.0 GPA. But this is where my love for helping others really began to blossom.

Community service changed my life.

I started volunteering for every community service event I could. Here is a picture of me in the pediatric intensive care unit. Notice the awards? Yes, I still yearned for accolades.

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I Decided to Become a Military Officer.

Why? I felt like this was where I could make an impact in the lives of others AND be rewarded for being the “best”. I received a congressional nomination and was accepted to the US Naval Academy. However, two weeks later I was told my offer had to be rescinded to give to an athlete.

Wait. What?! How could this happen to me? I didn’t have time to dwell so I started making phone calls to other military officers. Two weeks after my high school commencement speech I was thrown into bootcamp and was preparing to become an Army officer thanks to a General from West Point.

Remember what I said in the beginning, if you’re the hardest worker you will rise to the top. That statement is true, but does it bring you joy once you’re there?

I graduated top of my class and was sent off to school to become an Intelligence Officer. Ironic huh? I was always told to apply my “intelligence” so I guess everything came around full circle.

Not only was I fully invested in becoming the “best” officer I could be, I was seeking every volunteer opportunity available.

In 2011, I received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. It was my greatest accomplishment to that point.

Two years of sleepless nights, intense trainings, exams, Arabic, physical fitness, multiple time zones and more came and went in an instant. In the summer of 2012, I commissioned as the youngest Second Lieutenant in the US Army, and once again, at the top of my class.

Since I commissioned two years early I still did not have my college degree (I received a waiver to commission early. High achiever, huh?). I applied and was accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to finish a degree in international relations and islamic studies.

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I Was the First in My Family to Graduate from College.

I’m finished! Right? Throughout life we are always preparing ourselves to go to college and anything short would be considered a failure. Although my time at UCLA will never be forgotten, it was just the start.

I wanted to make sure I had the best opportunity to succeed once I graduated from school so I was applying to all of the possible internships available in case I decided not to be a military “lifer”. I was lucky enough to land on one that seemed so phony I’m sure a lot of people didn’t apply. I did, and I became an intern for the top real estate broker in the world. Drastic change? Yes, but if you know anything by now I am always up for a challenge.

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By age 25, i’d “made it”. I was ranked in the top 1% of real estate brokers, opened my own real estate office, lived in a house for the first time ever and married my best friend.

but that wasn’t enough, so i pushed for more.

The birth of my son was the most stressful, memorable and a much needed wake up call. This was no longer about me. I had to carve out the best path for my family.

For me, that meant longer hours in the office and when I returned home at night I kept my phone and laptop powered on and always right by my side.

That’s what it takes to be a great Realtor, right?


Go to college, get good grades, start a great career, get married, buy a house, start a family, rise through the ranks and don’t forget to repaint that white picket fence so you can prove you “Made It”.

I continued to push harder and harder to become the best real estate agent possible and along the way I was blessed to meet some inspiring people. People that would change my life.

But the harder I pushed, the harder reality sank in. Was I getting closer to being the '“best” or was I drifting away? Not just in real estate, but in my personal life as well.

Emotions? No time for that. Mindset? Yes, check, I have a mind. I spent more time on my business than I did my life.

it was time to make a change.

Several months prior I was starting to be sought out by other agents from across the country. Why? Social media gave the illusion of a “perfect” life. I hardly had any time for myself, let alone try and help another agent in their business, but as the inquiries grew bigger, so did their stories.

i finally learned the meaning and definition of realtor.

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You see, the public has this perception of what a Realtor is, what they do and who they are.

even worse, a lot of realtors pretend to be someone they are not. i did the same.

I started to create content that spoke directly to the Realtor through trainings, classes, podcasts, videos, etc. My goal?

The time to pursue my passion of helping people arrived.

The Realtor that everyone thinks they know is vastly different. A Realtor is more than a defined set of words. The more and more content I created the more people I connected with. Single moms, veterans, recovering addicts, philanthropists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and everything in between.

during one of my online training sessions my life was forever changed.

I was running an eight week training class and a gentleman emailed me and said he was sorry for not turning in his assignment. I asked if he was okay because it seemed a bit off. He apologized again and told me two days prior he was trying to send his assignment to me because he did not want to get kicked out of the class. However, he had a difficult time because he was sitting in a hospital bed and was just diagnosed with cancer.

Silence. How could anyone who just got diagnosed with cancer tell me sorry?

We all want to be perfect. We all want to create the best version of ourselves. We don’t want to lose a client because we are going through struggles in our lives. Thus, our social media accounts, biography and everything in between depicts who we think people want us to be.

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Before I Could Help Others I Had To Help Myself.

I made it my goal to be the best husband and dad I could be. I started working on my morning routine, reading books on mindset, leadership, faith and visualization. I learned very fast that your mind will always feed off what you tell it.

I started researching more ways to help other Realtors by telling their stories. Not only to show the public who they truly are, but to create a better life for the agent.

Once You Give Up Trying To Be Perfect For Being Authentic Your Life Will Change.

To be the most excellent version of myself is not about earning more awards. It’s about people.


I am going to do any and everything I can to help Realtors discover their voice, find their passions and make a difference in the world. Don’t think it’s possible? I am always up for a challenge.



My name is Jonathan Hawkins. I am a father to my proud little sidekick. A husband to my beautiful wife. A former Army Intelligence Officer turned top producing real estate broker. A sports fanatic. Who took years to discover my passion.

The Real Estate Community Is Riddled With Stereotypes. I Want To Inspire A Monumental Transformation. I am blessed to work with realtors from all over the country and it is my mission to help tell their stories.

For too long I focused on awards and accolades. Success? Sure, you can achieve anything if you work hard. Happiness? That’s a different story. I make sure no matter where I go that I am always focused on giving back.

We are more than Realtors. We are planners, innovators, negotiators, volunteers, counselors, coaches and friends.

The real estate industry is ready for a change. I founded The Hashtag Agent with one goal in mind: To Help Realtors Have A Business And Life That They Love.

Remember, Who You Hire Truly Matters.

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