Carving Your Own Path & Striving For Balance | #REalAdvice 11 With Andy Dane Carter

What is your story, and how do you embrace it in your business?

There’s so many stories in real estate: single moms who are providing for their families, people digging deep into their zip codes and become the go-to experts in their area, and those who have grown their businesses from nothing.

Sharing your story means that you’re disrupting the norm: you’re not just posting photos of “3BR, 2BA” and talking about neighborhoods and proximity to schools. You’re real, and you’re sharing that story with others. You’ve disrupted the norm.

When you start disrupting the norm, people start talking.

They talk to you, and they talk about you. You’re going to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue!

Whether it’s a strategy like tossing your business cards on the floor of every room in open houses, or showing off a full sleeve of arm tattoos, or creating social media content and freely sharing with others, you’re getting attention, and lots of it.

Disrupting the norm means that people are going to talk to you and share their perspective on what you’re doing.

But should you listen? Should you take their words to heart?

Sure! You can listen.

But do you need to implement their suggestions? No!

At the end of the day, ask yourself this: are you sticking to your core values that you have created for yourself and your business? And are you happy with the life that you have created?

If you can answer YES to both of these questions, and you’re seeing success in your business, then stick to what you’re doing.

People will always question what you do: and you should be prepared for that.

That’s what happens when you disrupt the norm, and share your story.

Are you ready to tell your story and get more leads from being yourself? Andy Dane Carter is here on this episode of #REalAdvice to help inspire you to be yourself, and focus on serving your clients and leads instead.

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Andy Dane Carter. He dove into the working world at the age of 12, because he wanted to buy a wetsuit so that he could go surfing with his friends. He quickly discovered the thrill of achievement, and excelled in every business venture that he touched, from scooping ice cream to working with real estate investors.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Jonathan introduces Andy and his business.

  • Are you just starting out with storytelling on social media? Then try using Facebook or Instagram stories! This will help you experience a shift in your brand and what you are presenting.

  • By using stories, you’re not showing the fancy shots of yourself in front of a house for sale: you’re showing real life.

  • Don’t be afraid to be a local expert: dig deep into your Zip code!

  • You don’t need an ad to sell a house. Brand yourself, become the expert in your area, build trust, and share your core values.

  • National Association stated last year that 96 percent of agents did not follow up with a client after closing. However any person who has bought a house, on average, should be generating 5.7 referrals. If you simply followed up, and built those relationships, imagine what that could do to your business? Be old school; pick up the phone, and call them!

  • If you’re using social media, make sure that you are engaging in the conversation. Don’t just use an emoji to respond to people, actually dig in and comment and build that relationship.

  • Andy’s entrepreneurial journey started when he started working to save money for a wetsuit, so that he could go surfing with his friends. He started out poor, and worked hard to build the life that he wanted.

  • Be real with clients! Andy would tell them that one deal wasn’t going to make or break his business: his only purpose was to be there to help them get the best deal that they could for selling their house. His focus was on providing the absolute best value.

  • We talk about building boundaries in business. What is the point in building a life that you love, if all that you do is work? Using the do not disturb function for your phone, or taking a day completely off means that you get that free time with friends and family, and get to enjoy the life that you love. As Andy says, unless he’s losing a million dollars a second, he’s not going to be reachable on his time off!

  • Everyday is a choice: you can choose if your clients are going to run your life. Set expectations and boundaries, and they WILL be respected!

  • Audit your circle, and make sure that the people who surround you are the right kind of people. You only have a limited amount of time and energy: make it count!

  • Self-awareness is so important. You have to know what is going to make you happy, and comfortable in your own skin. Often, we change ourselves and how we present ourselves out of fear of what others would think, and the truth is, their opinion doesn’t really even matter!

  • “Anytime there is a disrupt in your norm all the people that are around you were gonna freak out not because they don't believe in you because they're afraid for you … But if you latch on to their fears they can be really really really catastrophic to your growth because you care about what they think. Yeah I take their opinion into consideration. I just don't do anything with it.”

  • When it comes to continuing a relationship with a buyer, there are many things that you can do after a sale. Check in with them, and ask how things are going. Have a vendor list of local businesses, and share that with them in case they need any services.

  • Podcasting is BIG - Andy believes that everyone should have a podcast, and stick with it! Most podcasts don’t make it past episode 11, so don’t give up!

Special shout out to Andy Dane Carter for being this episode’s guest for #REalAdvice! You can connect with him here:

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Audio Version Below!

Full Transcript

Andy: 00:00 So I was 12 years old. There's an unbelievable wetsuit that came out at the surf shop and we walked by. I was, me and my three buddies that night, their parents went to the surf shop and bought them the suit and it was like 480 bucks, which might've been thousands back then and I was devastated. I was like, how is it that easy? They can just drop 500 bucks on a Tuesday for their kid. Like I want to create that for my family someday. Days are, I'm going to try to start now. I went to all these places to try to work, but I was 12 every told me to get out of here. One place said, you can come here and you can make 20 bucks a day to clean the screens. So it was like a silk screening place for shirts and tee shirts. So I would clean the paint on this crap off of these screens are these crazy chemicals, afterschool and get 20 bucks. I'd walk to the Surf Shop, give it to the guy after it was fully paid off, I get the wetsuit. I cried the whole hemp. It changed me forever and I was like, I don't eat anybody.

Jonathan: 01:07 no association stated last year that 96% of agents did not follow up with a client after closing. However, any person who has bought a house on average, they should be generating 5.7 referrals and I think it's absolutely insane that somebody would clean the six. There's a massive number and and that that one person, not, not, not the amount of houses that they're going to buy in their lifetime, that one person should generate 5.7 I don't know where they get the 0.7 but 5.7 referrals just from the one closing and I think that too many agents are just caught up on the, now they're caught up in the now and bounced to hear bounced to here and it's all about leads, leads, leads, leads, leads, and they even get the leads, but they just don't follow up and they don't, they don't share them. They don't create a relationship. It's my biggest pet peeve

Andy: 01:57 that drives me bananas. I can go, I can get really hot on the subject. Get hot because you have someone that already said we love you, we like you, we love what you did and you leave them behind like their trash. It's so unnecessary. And here, here's some simple math for you. If you're generating 5.7 leads, new clients from that closing and you're doing five deals a year, how much bigger could your business be? Year two, three, four. It's one of the first things we go into is like when was the last time you reached back into your, your closed cell clients? Every time they look at me like what are you talking about?

Jonathan: 02:40 And, and when we say reached back to them, we don't mean actually reaching back to them with a drip email saying, oh hey, we won't call. We haven't talked in awhile. We should meet up for coffee soon. And you actually just talked yesterday but the drip emails the one out cause you didn't know that there was still dripping emails going out and such a bad light. I get the wrong, the wrong name, the wrong holiday.

Andy: 03:01 I'm, I mean I literally just go old school and what's, what's so funny is this is actually old school now is to pick up the phone and be like, how's everything with your kids? I actually care one thing again, this is going to segue back to Instagram stories. It's fun for me to see my past clients follow me in the Instagram stories. They don't like anything. They never comment, but they're watching. So then that gives me permission to reach back out and to say, hey, you know what, I was literally just thinking about you and so I saw you in my Instagram stories and I just wanted to check in and see everything was doing like it's, it's that extra little bit. They really makes a big, big, big difference. And, and a the same thing goes for people that are wanting to jump into ads.

Andy: 03:48 But then I go and I look at their Facebook, their Instagram, whatever, and I just pull up a couple of posts and I see some comments and then I go, where's your reply at? You didn't write it or apply to anybody. Even if they leave you an Emoji leaving them an Emoji right back. I mean, what are you, what are you getting? Where are you guys doing? Drives me nuts man. So it's the, and it's the same with all these platforms. Social media. How do I everything, how do I gain this following in gage, follow a Hashtag for whatever you want. If you sell real estate in like Seal Beach, follow Hashtags, seal beach real estate, follow who's making comments in there, engage in the conversation. And that is a way to get more engagement towards you. And then to grow, especially if you're battling a small city like seal beach, like you want some leverage and the, there's so many ways to do it.

Andy: 04:37 Everybody's afraid of the work. Definitely everybody wants the easy button. Done a let us go there. Now I've been working my face off since I was 12 I was raised ridiculously pulled and have everything handed. No, nothing, nothing. There was a silver spoon come on now. Nothing. It was like made out of wood and Dell who, so who is Andy Dane Carter. We jumped in, we kind of jumped in and we started talking about all these different things. Tell us about yourself and all right, so speaking of me being raised poor, so I was raised in Long Beach. Um, my parents split when I was four years old and we lived in a teeny tiny studio apartment on like the east side of Long Beach and we live out of a cooler, didn't have a fridge. I was raised by a single mom who was just hustling and trying to figure it out.

Andy: 05:16 So I had to grow up really fast. And I also became very resourceful really, really quickly. And my whole life shifted when I just realized like, there's only one way this is going to happen. I'm going to make it happen or it's not going to happen. And I was a really bad student and all I wanted to do was play sports and work. So I started working when I was 12 because of this wet suit. And I've told this story a thousand times and from stage, but it really changed my life. So I moved from long beach over to seal beach. And Los Al because my mom didn't want me to go into Wilson, which is a high school in Long Beach. He wanted to go to Los out. So we did that, but then I'm around all these rich kids. I'm like, what is this world?

Andy: 06:00 Yeah, lots of it. And so for me, I was just, it was a blessing and a curse. It was the blessing cause I saw what was possible, which was great. Here's the opportunity and the curse was, how do I do it? I didn't know how to do it yet. So I was 12 years old. There's an unbelievable wetsuit that came out at the surf shop and we walked by. I was, me and my three buddies that night, their parents went to the surf shop and bought them this suit and it was like 480 bucks, which might've been thousands back then. And I was devastated. I was like, how is it that easy? They can just drop 500 bucks on a Tuesday for their kid. Like I want to create that for my family someday. I'm going to try to start now. I went to all these places to try to work, but I was 12 every told me to get outta here.

Andy: 06:42 One place said he can come here and you can make 20 bucks a day to clean the screens. So it was like a silk screen in place for shirts and tee shirts. So I would clean the paint on this crap off of these screens of these crazy chemicals afterschool and get 20 bucks. I'd walked to the surf shop, give it to the guy after it was fully paid off, I get the wetsuit, I cried the whole him. It changed me forever and I was like, I don't need anybody I that day I became extremely self sufficient. I was already self sufficient. But from there then I worked at, what was the next one? The next one was El Pollo Loco cause my friend's dad owned it who was a rich kid from the school. And so I could work there when I was 14 and then from there I scooped ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Andy: 07:29 And like then from there I went to go be a bus boy at this local restaurant. And they thought I wanted to be a bartender and a bar back. So they actually trained me as a bartender when I was 17 I was a junior in high school and I was bartending so I was killing it, making all this money, which was insane. And from there I went to the place called Walt's wharf and seal beach work there when I was just under 19 and then that's where my life took a major shift because I was going to be a fireman my whole life. The husband to be a fireman is a great job. Everything else. I went to a wine tasting there that was held by the son of the owner, Brian Babcock. And I fell in love with one like head over heels in love with wine, didn't know anything about wine, but that day it changed me forever.

Andy: 08:13 And then six weeks later I'm in Bordeaux, France trying to become the youngest one. So many in the country. So I literally have two gears, first and sixth like I blazed through all the middle gears. I'm either all in or not interested. So then I worked at this place called Tsunami Sushi, which you know, is close by. And I was a business partner there. I was the GM. I actually bought out two of his partners and then worked there for four years. I was bought out and then got really back into the wine game and worked for southern wine and spirits for four years. Put on like 65 pounds, was not cut out for the corporate world, was very successful, very, very successful in that world. Didn't like to be told to do, just not really, wasn't that good for me. Um, and said, I need a month off.

Andy: 09:01 And they're like, hey, you're out of your mind. No one's ever had a month off in this company. And I said, well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna walk, I'm going to leave him. So I got a month off, got so happy and so healthy in 30 days. And I'm like, I have no idea what I'm gonna do, but I'm never going back there. So that was my journey into like yoga and self discovery and self development and triathlons. I'm like, I'm out of shape. What's The craziest sport to get me in shape the fastest? So I leaned it into like all these triathlons. So that was my life for a year and a half doing yoga, teaching yoga and racing triathlons. So it happened overnight, totally overnight. And all of these tools that I use in my investment business today were from my customer service skills. I learned at El Pollo Loco doing the drive through, you know, making a cake at um, 31 flavors.

Andy: 09:52 I would make ice cream cakes, I can make roses with a piping bag. Like I'll never use that. But it's a, it's part of my journey. Every job I've ever had has led me to where I'm at right now. And I just keep taking those little pieces. But it's always the same. Serve your clients at the highest level, whatever that client is, and you'll be fine. When I got into real estate, it was investors. How can I make the investors so much money? I get invited to dinner at Christmas, not how much money can I make, how much money can I make them? Cause then I get in that circle when I'm in that circle now I'm not an agent or a broker. Now I'm appear. And that's where the real money's at.

Jonathan: 10:30 And I think that's huge for, especially in new agents that may be listening, is you know you, you jump into this and you think that you can get your license in a week and you're going to sell a house in one day and it's going to be super easy and you don't work and you see all these different things and then you realize, oh crap, that's actually not the way that it, it actually works. You have to work hard, you have to do the right things. But everything that I did when I first started in real estate, everybody would say, okay, those are all cliche. Treat people the way you want to be treated, follow up, communicate. And I said, that's all you have to do. So it's basic stuff, but you've got to do it. And what I'd started then doing as I said, okay, let's, let's make this even more interesting.

Jonathan: 11:08 So in the army were basically told you don't really have to do anything new or exciting, just do the common things and do them differently. Do them uniquely do them uncommonly and so when it came to real estate is, you know, if everybody is doing three bed, two bath, 1500 square feet, I'm talking about the baseball team. I'm talking about the fireplace, I'm talking about the barbecue and everybody is going to say, wow, look at this. You know, for me, I give this example. It's a lot of agents. Every open house that I would do, I'd walk in, I take my business cards and I would fling them into the living room. Every person would think this guy's crazy, but every single person would walk into the open house, look at the business cards on the floor, pick them up, look at my branding, look up my name. Some of them would turn them back. Me. Some of them would

Andy: 11:54 put them in their pocket, but then they would walk through the rest of the house and then they saw this guy's got business cards on the toilet seat cover. Like what is going on? Just called to action. I love it. The brain is literally going and looking straight at the card. So even if they didn't pick them up, which they did, because I always put them in stacks of 10 so I would count even if they didn't pick them up, they just saw me in so many places around the master bedroom pillow, all these different places to where when they left and even if they didn't have any questions or whatever, they saw me 10 different times. Not One time at the front desk with my, you know, phone and you know, some snacks and think that, you know, they deserve, I deserve them to, to do everything with me.

Andy: 12:35 Now it would go to the next house, walk into the bathroom and think of me, which is, it sounds weird but it's really, really important, but it's very important. And you used your training from the army. Like we talked a little bit about, you know, um, that there's, there's certain things that the human brain needs to remember and I love that tactic. I've never even heard of that before. It's great. That's a big reason why we love to teach people now to just have a podcast. That's your open house with a microphone and your laptop and you can ask them questions and everything else. If they see 12 houses on that Saturday and Sunday, they're going to remember the one that had a podcast in the kitchen. I always would tell agents also just print out all of the open houses that are going on in the area.

Andy: 13:19 Have just a little bit of your header at the top and give it to them when they leave. You know, say your thank you's asked if they had any questions and say, I know you're going to look at your phone anyways. So here I just printed them all out for you. They're not just mine there. Everybody's, you know, if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them for you. Well, they're going to look at your sheet. They've got your branding, they walk into the bathroom, they remember you, they go, wow, this one is not like that other guy. Let's give that guy a call and that's how you separate yourself. It's like how hard are they going to work for me? I was just talking to one of my inspectors this morning at this property and he's like, d the most stuff he hears from, from everybody as to why they're not using this person anymore or why they didn't actually close a deal with this particular agent.

Andy: 14:06 The same thing over and over again. It's always the same thing. It's they weren't going to go to bat for me. They didn't fight for me and that's what I tell people all the time like do you want somebody to just gonna wear like a nice little name tag and hold your hand and walk you from house to house? Or do you want a savage? Like this is a major, major purchase or sale. Do you want someone who's really into this and it's their life's drive or someone that kind of does it on the side and you want somebody that's going to tell you the good and the bad. I think that there's tons of agents that, you know, their client wants to write an offer and they know it's a bad deal and they'll still write the offer. Me, I'm telling him that's a bad deal and you're wasting everybody's time.

Andy: 14:44 If you don't. Exactly and you're not, they're going to realize at some point, man, that was a bad deal. I got screwed over by the agent agent. We don't want that agent anymore. Kate, will there want your 5.7 referrals? There went all these different things. All the metric shifts and I love what you guys are doing with that because it's just not that hard. Like it's not that hard to say, listen, your house is probably not going to sell for 1.9 and here's why. Like this is a hard conversation, but we're going to have it right now and we're going to discuss the actual math around this particular deal. No emotion, no drama. I know you're attached to this property. You brought your kids home here from like like the hospital. I get it, but let's look at the math. What's, what's really gonna Happen for, for you that instantly lets them know that you have their back.

Andy: 15:29 Like you actually have their fiduciary best interest in mind. More agents than not don't. And you can tell this is a great property. You should do this next house. This is a great property. Should write an offer. I tell them like there's a crack in the foundation. This is going to be a nightmare. Or we can use this for like a price reduction and escrow. It's up to you. But here's, here's what I see. Yeah. And you're setting the expectations and you're, and I let the people know that, hey, if you don't want to hear my opinion, let me know now because I'm planning on giving you my opinion the entire way. Well, they hired you as the professional. I'm supposed to give you my opinion, but I don't want to lose the deal. I have commission breath, I need to pay my rent. And I need to pay my bills.

Andy: 16:11 And you know, I've been working so hard, I deserve this. So this is the first thing I tell all of those people, but it's, I've been in a lot of listen deployments for huge deals and small deals or it's with my team to train them. I tell them all the same thing. This deal is not going to make or break my world. I am here to help you. I don't need this deal. I'm literally here to help you. I have a all in fiduciary responsibility to you and it's going to be fun for me to show you and that's it. And I go, I'll usually kind of flip it on them at some point and say, I am very much interviewing you as much as you're interviewing me. My time is wildly important to me. I love my family. If this isn't going to work, I really want to know right now, but we've talked for about 30 minutes.

Andy: 16:59 You know what I'm all about and I can really, really change your life. Definitely. And that's it. Like you want to know why? Because it's the truth. Like, as soon as you sign with me, it is game on or you're going to use me at some point anyways after you go through everybody or somebody from my team. But this is why like I like the traditional kind of real estate and as hyperlocal area because I do so many other things all over the country and do other things. But like I still liked, I love working with first time home buyers. I'm working with two right now that are friends of the family. I forgot how much fun it is. It's the best. Nice. I'm going to flip the script here. We uh, originally talked about how our mission is to help agents have a business in life that they love. And unfortunately a lot of people don't have the greatest life, even if they have

Jonathan: 17:50 the greatest business. And a lot of people are putting their personal lives to the side, putting the personal aspects to the side. What would be a piece of advice that you would give to an agent that's listening to this that you know, they're grinding every day. They're doing the things that they're supposed to be doing, but they're pushing the family to the side. They're telling the kid, hey, just shut up. I got to get to the phone. I get it. I need to answer these emails right now. We can. We can do that later. And they just have a terrible life. I see it every

Andy: 18:20 day and this is why I'm hammering the be at home at three o'clock so hard in my entire world and [inaudible] o'clock three o'clock every day. Oh man, if my wife were to hear this, they might not. That's what I'm doing. I'm getting, I'm getting everybody on, especially in the real estate space where he liked, honey, I can't even show properties until five. So here's a little backstory. We had the highest divorce rate in our country's history in 2008 and nine that was not by accident. We had a major collapse in the real estate market. We had a major collapse and all this stuff across the globe. Now those kids, let's just call them three and four years old, you are in a horrible short sale scenario and you're fighting and now you're fighting about stuff you'd have never normally fought about. Money's an issue. You actually get divorced.

Andy: 19:04 Well now you fast forward 10 years, the kids are thrashed and now they're in high school and they're eating pills like tic tacs because of like a bad financial situation that they got into over some real estate. They didn't really need to do so. I just try to tell people like your home, your castle, your world is so much more important than your job. When I'm fighting with my wife and then I leave for work, I'm in like 22% which is horrible for my investors, horrible for my family, horrible for everybody. I have to take care of my physical body and mental state first and then my family and then business because that part's so important. I always wanted to be the coach, my kids' teams way before I ever had kids and before I ever got married. That was my goal. When my son Jackson was born, I had 19 properties in escrow and I was like, I don't know how I'm going to do this.

Andy: 20:02 And he came a month early and I moved my office home from our beautiful office on Second Street. I moved at homes. I wanted to be close to family and I also knew if I created this the right way, I could be home early every single day. So I did. So I can now show people it's possible. There's so much you can do when you schedule out your day, when you put your clients first and your children see it, it is catastrophic to your relationship and it's always going to be that way. Mo, most men, especially at some point try to repair it. It's a very difficult after a certain age. So I decided to punt however much I'm going to make 10 million or million from my kids ages zero to 12 and be home. Cause when I'm 90 I'm not going to care that I have 360 million instead of 390 but I have an intact relationship with my family.

Andy: 21:02 Like no other, that's like iron. And I get to teach my kids. It's possible. I get to lead by example. Like that's my favorite part and I'm documenting it. So I only get to see one of the greatest compliments I ever got from my son. I say this a lot is almost two years ago, so he was three and my little one was one and I was leaving for work and my wife and I was flying out the door, which I never do. And my son was like, where are you going, daddy? And his like little voice. And they go, I'm going to work, honey. And he starts laughing. He's like, you don't work. And I just knew right then I'd, I'd won as a dad. Yeah. I'm running five companies and working my face off and he doesn't think I have a job I want.

Andy: 21:45 Yeah. That's great. No, I love that. And uh, what, what do you say for the, for the people that, you know, they can't tap into that vulnerability world or they're not willing to allow those personal things and they're not alone. They're not willing to allow those breakthroughs to happen and they just keep on piling. The backpacks gets really heavy, top it out. The more vulnerable you are, the more permission you give somebody else to be vulnerable. And when we do that at scale, we're a really happy place. So for me, you get a choice. Every day is a choice. Every gets the same 24 you hear all these gurus and motivational people. I get the same 24 hours, you know, as Jeff Bezos, whatever. True. What you do with it is very unique to you. Like I put my kids as a very high priority. For me, it's my choice.

Andy: 22:39 You could choose to have your clients run your life. You can choose to say, Hey, I'm at your Beck and call from five to nine and I'm going to punt those relationships. Or you can restructure and say, look, I am yours from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM from three p. And. M. If we don't have a scheduled showing or a scheduled appointment, I'm going to be hard to reach because I'm home with family. Anybody that's worth anything is going to respect that more. Yeah, definitely setting those expectations are huge. Everybody knows if they tried to get ahold of me on Sunday, it's absolutely impossible because Jonathan is planned a day with his family somewhere and there's no way that you're getting a hold of him unless it's an emergency. And if it is, you'll know how to get ahold of him. I tell all my business part, everybody knows like there's a certain time of day where if we're not losing $1 million a second, I don't care.

Andy: 23:31 Yeah, don't call me. And same thing from my phone at night. I have it on do not disturb starting at seven at night and it doesn't Ping on the next day until 8:00 AM. Why? Because when I wake up early in the morning, even if I wanted to grab my phone, I know there's nothing there and it's, it's been several years now since that would actually actually happen. But I think everybody just wakes up and they go to their phone and then they just start consuming all this negativity. And that's instantly, and you make a great point when you let the day control you. Like I step into my day, not the other way around. So cause every day for a lot of years I would grab my phone and be hit with tons of like flaming two by fours. None of it was good ever. And that set the tone. It's set, you know, like a ton of anxiety earlier in the morning.

Andy: 24:18 And now I'm con I'm in that now. Now minute, I do the opposite. Now I create as much calm space as possible cause I know that's coming. But now there's a big giant cushion. So I love having my phone off. I choose when I turned it on, I choose and I turn it off and I'm pretty hard to get ahold of in the middle. I would say the only thing I'm doing from four o'clock to eight o'clock on my phone is posted in my stories because it's my daily Vlog, Instagram stories as my daily Vlog. And that's what I'm doing. Yeah. I think, uh, something I'm part of the genius network with Joe Polish and one of the things that he sent out this morning was if you, uh, if you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas and just being around other people that are impacting your life is super huge as well.

Andy: 25:06 And I think that sometimes you have to look at those that are around you and realize that, hey, this person not, yeah, I can get past it every now and then. But if you actually take a step back and look at how all those little things have added up to your, to your marriage, to your business and how all these things are affecting you, it's huge. What would you say is a, a piece of advice to somebody that's, you know, they're just running with the wrong tribe and they need to, they need to look at the people around them and make some adjustments. Sure. You have to audit your circle. It's so important. If your close knit 10 that's around you is not at least double your net worth. Get around some new people. If that's a goal of yours. If you're tight knit, 10 is not like an incredible data.

Andy: 25:56 Incredible mom. Get around some new people. You don't have to get rid of all of them. Just cut a couple of them and I can guarantee it. If you're listening right now, you know what to you need to cut. It's, it's the ones that are like, hey, we're at the bar. It's happy hour. They could, you know, I'm not saying yet the pump them forever, just put them in a different category, which is important because we only have so much energy in that day. Our Day is like a giant water balloon and everybody's poking holes in it. By the end of the day it's empty. So I'm extremely mindful of where I put my time and my energy because you're a reflection of that. If you're around high level people that really care, it rubs off on you. If you're with these energy sucks and all they do is talk about other people, woe is me victim mentality.

Andy: 26:44 You will get sucked down there even if that's not what you really want to do. I see it. I saw it in myself when I was younger. I'm like, what is my problem here? All my friends were getting by and I'm like, hi, I love you. But I, I, I inspired to go elsewhere. So I started writing checks and masterminds. Mentors catapulted my life. So that's kind of how things happened for me as well. But for me personally, I got to a point where I started chasing accolades and success. That was never the goal. In 2011, President Obama gave me his volunteer of the year for the entire country. Oh Wow. Congrats. And thank you. And that was probably the most significant award I've ever received. A, but then I started aiming for, you know, top broker and Tom this and top that and you know, whatever.

Andy: 27:36 And why do you think you did that? Because I was surrounded by people that were doing that as well and they were chasing that success and they were chasing those awards and I wanted to, uh, I wanted to show them up. Right. So you wanted a small piece of you to kind of be fulfilled through those things. Yeah. You wanted like an Atta boy, right? Yeah. And it really makes you feel good when somebody else tells you you're doing a good job. Yeah. But then I continued. It can be a superpower or curse. I get it and it's a curse. For me, it was a curse because I realized that, hey, the thing that makes me most happy is helping others. I realized that very early in my life that if I can make other people successful, I'll become successful. It's very, it's very easily the same philosophy.

Andy: 28:21 You are on a path to create something through these ridiculous accolades. So you got one from Obama and then you started to be around people that were also chasing these dreams, and because you're competitive, you want it to one up them. Right? So there's a definitive path of a cow were built. Is is real. It's hard for us to change some of those things, but if we can look into them as our superpowers, like it's okay to be a people pleaser, it's actually an incredible superpower when used correctly. Yeah. It's okay to have crazy ADHD and be a just a machine when harnessed correctly. It can also turn into the biggest drug attic on the planet. So you have to know yourself. Self awareness is so important. And what I was going to say was that you just have to find the things that make you happy because if you can find the things that make you happy, everything else is going to work out.

Andy: 29:13 I was in New Orleans, said two months or so ago and we were doing a speech there in New Orleans and I started walking down with slacks on, uh, and a suit jacket and whatnot. And I actually stopped and I walked back to the room, changed into the jeans that I wanted to wear because they made me happy, went delivered my talk and then actually was walking off stage. And then I actually came back and everybody was like, wait, what? This guy, he just came back on stage and I cut the MC off and I said, look, you guys gotta be happy. And for me to not tell this story would just be drastically off. I was in my room, I had the slacks on, I walked in here. I wanted to deliver as much value as possible to you guys, but I was not happy because I hate wearing slacks.

Andy: 29:53 I don't wear slacks. Right? So I went back, I changed in the genes, I was happy and now you guys are, you know, crying in the audience, cheering in the audience. And the reason that was able to happen is because I first felt good about what I was delivering. And I think that, you know, some people, even if they have huge amounts of success, they have to just ask a very basic question on, am I happy? Are you happy? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Does everybody else's opinion really mattered? All these things are super important. I'm super proud of you for going back and doing that. And because I was stuck in that for a long time as well. I have, I have a similar story. I'm covered in tattoos covered. I have a lot of tattoos myself. They're awesome, right? Yeah. But I used to wear these suits and long sleeves all the time because I didn't think I was going to be taken seriously if I have these tattoos.

Andy: 30:40 Right. So I had this limiting beliefs that was not even close to true. Yeah. And so, so probably for two years I would run from long beach to seal beach and back for lunch and I would just run shirt off covered in tattoos trumps and running shoes. And we had a meeting this one, this one afternoon with our top investor, millions and millions and millions with the sky. And I ran and then came back, showered, got all suited back up and was in the meeting and he's like, Andy, I was driving here and there was this guy looked exactly like you, but he was covered in tattoos. And I was like, yeah, that was me. And he's like, no. And I just rolled up my sleeves. He's like, oh, that's really cool. And I was, again, that was a pivotal moment for me. I'm like, if he doesn't care, why do I care so much?

Andy: 31:31 Yeah. And that's when I started. And I think that's huge. Like if, if people are calling you crazy or insane or that I'm going in the right direction, you're doing the right thing. I agree. That means that you're not doing what everybody else is doing. You're doing something that's catching somebody's eyes and that's not a bad thing. Well, and here's the, here's a perfect example with all this stuff with social media and branding and marketing, right? My family stopped following me. My friends stopped following me on all the different social media platforms because I was pushing out content so hard and I really cared about it. I just didn't care what they thought. And then that's all come full circle. But there's going to be pushed back. When you're creating content, it's something new. Anytime there's a disrupt in your norm, all the people that are around you are going to freak out. Not because they don't believe in you because they're afraid for you. So I just never adopted their fears, so I don't care. But if you latch on to their fears, that can be really, really, really catastrophic to your growth. Definitely. Because you care about what they think. I take their opinion into consideration. I just don't do anything it,

Jonathan: 32:40 well. I mean, if I did everything that my family thought I was going to do in life, I would definitely not be sitting here right now. I wouldn't be doing half the things because first to graduate from college first to do all these different things and um, for whoever's listening, that doesn't even mean anything. Um, it means something to me. It means that you broke the lineage, means that you can break through it. Exactly. And it means that hey, you can, you can put something on a vision board and make it, uh, make it happen. And you know, I wake up and I write in a grateful journal, but I actually don't write about what I'm currently grateful for as much as I write about what I'm grateful for in the future. Quantum physics people are real. You're crazy. No, not, because when it happens, I'm going to go back and to show you, I wrote it.

Jonathan: 33:20 I put it in here. I said this was going to happen. So my brain starts seeing different things a little bit differently. It's opportunities moving a little bit differently. I start, you know, instead of clicking that button, I might click this button instead of doing that color, I might do this just cause now my brain is now ingrained to how can I get him to this point because that's where he wants to be. And he can visualize himself. There's so much. It's absolutely, I mean, we can talk all day about visual visualization. I love it. I'm a huge believer that what you're chasing is chasing you. Yeah. Good or bad. Yeah. And you want, you want the people who want to be around you, that want to work with you, that want to be like you and do the things that you like. And if you're chasing, and we use this, uh, I'm, I'm actually writing a book on it right now.

Jonathan: 34:04 It's called the law of the bull's eye wear. If you were to take a bullseye and give it to an agent and say, throw it the, the bullseyes a $10 million listing, outer ring is $100,000 listing. Go, every agent gets it. Go for the $10 million listing. If I tell them that the $10 million listing they would get, but they would get a divorce, they have a drinking problem, they'd have high levels of stress, anxiety. Unfortunately they might kill themselves and they're definitely not getting any referrals. Would you still go for a lot of them unfortunately still say yes until I tell them that that the outer ring, but it became your best friend. You guys would have enjoyed your wife, you get married, you would would've enjoyed taking your kids out to sports. You would have got a referral. Who would've got another referral? You would have been happy.

Jonathan: 34:48 You would have enjoyed your life, and you would have drastically surpassed that bullseye if you would've just focused on not the number and a, I think the relationship around the numbers. Exactly. And it's, it's, it's insane that, you know, even you and I just sitting here and talking about different things. If somebody were to go back and we encourage you to go back and listen, they're not that hard to do. They're not, that's the biggest secret. It's just not that hard. You have to be willing to put in the work and repeat and repeat and repeat. Yeah. Because, uh, unfortunately it's not as easy to list a house. It's not as easy. You just don't throw a sign out there and hope it sells. And uh, you know, there's some places where prices plateauing or

Andy: 35:38 even slightly dipping and the things that you've done, which are not that much of, you need to realize, hey, I actually need to work and I don't need to work that much. I don't need to work that many hours. I just got to do the right things. That's the beauty of southern California real estate. And I love your stat about 5.7 like my friends, if you're listening to this and you closed seven deals this year, seven and the whole 12 months cycle and you, all he did was nurture those seven deals. Like your life depended on it. You would double your business the next year. And, and again, I'm going to push into the fact that nurture does not mean drip campaign. No damn email. Yeah. It's like I treat it like a kid, like a baby, right? Yeah. Not every buyer is ready to go from straight out to running down the street.

Andy: 36:34 Like it's a process. They're going to fall, they're going to set up on the table, they're going to bump their head the more they know you have their back. Like no matter what. I've had clients that worked with for years, like I can't believe you're still with us. And I'm like, I actually care about your best interest. And I know that some scumbag is going to get you into the property. It's going to put you in a bad position for 10 years. And I like you. So I'm not gonna let that happen. And what that means is if you can get 5.7 referrals by doing the right things, you know, please don't continue to just punch down somebody's throat buying or selling two weeks after they just bought or sold a house with you. You know, don't send them a, a, a car that's shaped in the form of a house, uh, every single month asking them if they know somebody's just loved them.

Andy: 37:19 Do the right things by them. Actually call them to say happy birthday and don't end it with own just in case I'm a referral person, just so you know, I'm still around like just a great point thing, do the right thing and that's a great point and that's why it's so important to have your list of vendors like have three or four painters, three or four people that can do this. When you are the person they call for everything, you have so much value. It's crazy. Hey Andy, so I'm thinking about doing this refi on this really crazy building and it's a commercial type in this trust. What do you think? No problem. Here's the attorney you're going to call is probably going to charge you three or four grand because I got a huge discount from them, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I did, here's where you go and then they close on it.

Andy: 38:02 This thing is a mess. Okay, here's my window guy. Here's my, you become who if they think about real estate, it's just you. And I think that agents need to realize it's not just the vendors as well as its, its other agents, you know, they're not your competition. They're not the ones that are there that are looking at, you know, killing your business. You can help each other. You can send referrals to each other, you can do so much to provide so much value to them as well. Because remember, you're only working your niche or working that people that know, like, and trust you. And if you have to worry about the fact that they might go to somebody else, if you're talking with them or seeing, then you actually do not have their trust. They actually don't love you because, um, and, and I think that, you know, we had a previous guest talking just all on agent to agent referrals and that's all she does.

Andy: 38:53 I love it. It's insane. And if you do it across the country, you can make a lot of money not doing much, not doing much, but being a good person but being a great person. Yeah, definitely there's, there's nothing wrong with reaching out to who you think is the competitor in your farm. It, it's always fun to break that stigma. Right? Which I love to disrupt the real estate market's one of my favorite things to do, but if there's some way, so how do we disrupt it a little bit more? I think just, just letting people in I think is huge. I love what you guys are done about showing like the full scope of like here's here are all the different kinds of agents there are, but I really think like helping other teams, helping other brokerages, like really leaning into the fact that like, I mean that slaps a type a ego filled person in the throat, but like they're not intimidated by me.

Andy: 39:46 There's actually said in me business what's going on over a little bit of time, you break that stigma and now maybe you guys are having coffee. Maybe it's not so weird at these like social mixers where it's like that's the person on the farm and look at her over there. When you break all those walls down and you know you're so good in your confidence is so good because it's come from a pure place. I don't really think you have any competition. No, not at all. I know your time is super valuable. Before we wrap up, can you just tell us you know what it is and some of the things that you're doing. I know that's you're in the investing realm and the real estate Rome training we've got, we're in a podcast studio and got all these different things going on. Can you just tell our viewers a little bit more about what you do?

Andy: 40:30 Sure, so we do a lot in the investment space. We help a lot of investors buy and sell lots of different multi. We up. A lot of people flip houses. We, we try to speak the full language of real estate, so we do a lot of probate. We, we just have a lot of relationships so we try to train a lot of agents. I train a lot of investors. We try to get people to launch podcasts. We have a huge podcast academy that is going to be rolling out next month, which is the blueprint for how to start it. And here's why. And it's not just a plug a microphone into a laptop. It's really getting to know your why and your voice and why it's so important. And we talk about legacy and building a digital footprint that's going to live on for thousands of years. So your great, great grandkids get to hear you and relate to you.

Andy: 41:18 I would give anything to hear a podcast or my great grandfather when he got back from World War One with the seven brothers. Anything. I'd pay you $1 million right now like cause I don't have any of it and I was getting choked up cause it's so important to me, but we're letting all of it just go away. That's why I'm document. If I get hit by a car on the way home, my kids have three years. I mean documenting every single day. They know exactly what I was about, where my passions are, what I would put up with, what I wouldn't. And they would know me as their debt. So many of us are taking that and leaving it on the curb and you only really have two excuses. You're either afraid or you're lazy, you have no excuse to take that from your family. Where can people find you on social?

Andy: 42:04 How can they connect with you and can you tell them about your book as well? Yeah, sure. So I'm extremely easy to find them. Social media, it's just my name Andy Dane Carter. Um, d a n e is my middle name. It's on everywhere. We have a really cool show on youtube where we do lots of different stuff from investing in the podcast lives there. Um, it's also on Roku and Amazon and Apple TV. If you guys go to my website, all my books are free. You guys can download digital copies for free. It's just my name, Andy Dane Again, Andy Dane Carter. It was phenomenal. Thank you so much for inviting us into your space. No thanks for having me. It's an honor and dental show. We look forward to continuing the conversations with you. Thank you. Thanks brother. Sweet. Hey everybody, this is Jonathan Hawkins. Thank you so much for staying until the very end of this podcast. I definitely appreciate it. As always, make sure to reach out to me via social media at Jonathan Hawkins official. Send me a comment, shoot me a DM. If you have any questions, yo