How To Start a Real Estate Media Team | #REalAdvice 14 w/ Bryan Koci

Do you work with a media team?

If you’re part of a franchise, there may be multiple realtors, and one or two media people. They spend their time taking photos, shooting videos, and helping you create quality content.

But how can you work effectively with a media team? And how can you use them to help you get the best results? How can media teams create strategic content that helps everyone on the team have more leads and more sales?

Bryan Koci, who works as part of Whissel Realty Group, is here on this episode of #REalAdvice to give some of his best tips on how you can strategically use media and media experts to help you!      

Are you dreaming of video content that brings in leads and more sales? Bryan Koci is here on this episode of #REalAdvice to give his best advice on what you need to know about using video for your business.

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Bryan Koci. He started out as a photographer back in the day, and worked hard to earn his camera! From there, he grew as a photographer and videographer, and joined the Whissel Realty Group, led by last week’s guest, Kyle Whissel.

Highlights of this episode: 

  • Jonathan introduces Bryan and his business.

  • Bryan worked as a cashier at Best Buy, but wanted to get out of that - so he was offered the chance to work in the camera sales department. He decided to become an expert at cameras, so he could sell them better because he knew them.

  • When the Whissel team was looking for a video guy, Bryan was contacted by one of the agents: connections and relationships get jobs!

  • Bryan has now produced more than 1000 videos for the Whissel Real Estate team.

  • Bryan was not a video expert when he was hired, but he learned. Hire for attitude, not aptitude! Knowledge can be learned. Find someone who is willing to learn and grow and already has the right attitude.

  • Don’t have the know-how yet? Go to the school of YouTube! Do the right activities to help yourself grow and expand.

  • Remember: not everyone is going to be great from day 1. There is a lot of room to learn and grow. You don’t get your real estate license and sell a billion dollar house that day; you won’t pick up a camera and produce a perfect video in one day either!

  • Team is key! Most of what you see looks like only one person is doing it, but the reality is that there is an entire team supporting them.

  • Consistency is key when it comes to serving a larger team: a team may have 30 realtors and 1 or 2 photographers. Keeping things balanced will help you get it all done!

  • Bryan uses Trello and Asana to keep organized: each project has a checklist so they can keep on track and make sure not to miss any steps.

  • “Progress, not perfection” will help you on your journey.

  • To gain an audience, they made video series about San Diego county: “Santee Saturday” or “Everything East County.” They’ve made more than a hundred episodes.

  • It’s not always about the views: it’s about the relationships you’ve made.

  • Bryan likes to ask people why they chose the agent they are working with. While he’s taking photos or video, the agent often isn’t there, and people will answer. Quite often, he hears “because this agent knows the area!” 

  • When you have a passion for something, you’ll find many paths to it!

  • Technology is growing! Video optimization now allows you to better, more strategic target audiences. 

  • Too many agents want to be every single role: the reality is, they can’t do that and operate at their best!

  • Before you create content, have a solid distribution plan in place so that your content actually gets seen. If your content isn’t been seen and used, it’s not worth spending all of your time creating it. 

  • If you only learn one thing from this episode, YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to focus on. 

Special shout out to Bryan for being this episode’s guest for #REalAdvice! You can connect with him here:

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Audio Version Below!

Full Transcript

Bryan: 00:00 Yeah. So do, what do we want? Do you want the short version or the or the medium version? So your short version is the long version. So let's go with the micro version of that. So

Jonathan: 00:12 today we have Brian coachy media and marketing manager for whistle realty team in San Diego. Brian has produced over 1000 videos in the past four years and today he wants to teach you how to become the media Mayer

Bryan: 00:24 of your city. So again, we were talking earlier and I said, you know, the most people that are listening to this are people in the real estate profession and a lot of them are my friends. A lot of my friends also know you as well. Um, so I think that this episode is going to be great because there's a lot of people that want to jump into video and they want to do a lot of different things that you and other phenomenal agents are doing across the country and they just don't know how. And I think that for most of them they're talking themselves out of it because it's as easy as just putting your phone up to start. Yes. But it could definitely can get more advanced and more technical and all these different things. So before we get into the more advanced stuff, what I'm curious to find out is you talked about how you were working at best buy and then you landed up here.

Bryan: 01:14 How exactly did that, did that happen yet? So what do we want? Do you want the short version or the or the medium versions? Your short version is the long version. So let's go with the micro version of that. So, um, Kyle is the broker here. Um, he reached out to his agents, said, hey, who wants, or who knows someone like this? I'm looking for someone to do photos, videos, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, he reached out to all of his agents. Go ahead. Was that what I was going to say? Is he reaching out, reaching out to the agents? Where's he reaching out? Um, she talks about it on his social media, or I'm sorry. Uh, we started on at one of our Tuesday meetings. He, we do a meeting every Tuesday with the group and he said, hey guys, this is what I'm looking for.

Bryan: 01:55 Who has, who knows someone like this. Um, so one, one of his agents reach out to me is Jared. He's waving at me over there. Um, he reached out and said, hey, this is what we're looking for. I met with Kyle and this medium story shorter. I got hired with Kyle and two shorter is that, it depends who's listening. So you went from best buy, then you jumped into here and from day one, just a couple of jobs in between. Got It. But yeah, from day one you started filming Santee Saturdays East County eats, you started doing green screen videos, correct or not? That was a joke close a day. So I got hired in January. April is when we started Santee Saturday. So for somebody that's doesn't have a videographer, they don't, they don't have anybody in media. They don't know anything about that. And they're looking for somebody. Your piece of advice is what advice for, to find someone or, so what I always tell people is I say, hey look, and this is because this is the background I come from. Look for someone that's in the wedding photography, wedding, videography sphere. Don't find the top

Bryan: 03:00 three in your city because they are going to be busy, but find someone that does, you know, four, six, eight weddings a year and they're just chilling the rest of the time because there's decent money in it and depends on how people live. If you live in a 500 square foot apartment, like when I did, when I first started, you didn't have to shoot a lot, right? So the nice thing was I already had all my own gear. Um, I had the, the understanding of how things worked and then was able to come right into it.

Bryan: 03:25 So let, let, let me rephrase it just a little bit because I want to make sure that anybody that's listening, they, they don't kind of brush us over because obviously the first part of hiring somebody is huge without getting that person. Everything else that we talk about is not going to be applicable for somebody that doesn't have anybody in the wedding photography space. Um, I'm assuming what you would give as a piece of advice is just start asking people, hey, this is what I'm looking for and what would be maybe two or three of those bullets that, you know, this type of person that we're looking for, what would those be? So the thing I always tell people is make sure you hire for attitude, not for aptitude. Ooh, that's, I just used that the first time. Right now I like it. Um, especially, I actually say that one more time. So hire for attitude, not for aptitude.

Bryan: 04:16 Bang, there is a mic drop. Um, so when I first got hired, I was not very good. Um, and that's putting it and that's why I asked you the question, hey, did she just instantly jump into green screens and this and this and this and this. I just didn't, you just weren't as good at it. Got It. Got It. Got It. As good as saying, I had some skill with it. I wasn't good with it. It was, it was pretty bad. And I remember, I don't think I'll ever forget this, there was a Kyle called me into his office and said, hey, look, I know there's a learning curve. It's time to learn it. And I go, Oh shit, that's a, okay, I got it.

Bryan: 04:48 So, um, but, but the more I work with within this team, but also with real estate agents all over the country, the more I learned they don't have the time or really the knowledge of what goes into the backend to really say, okay, Brian, I want you to get some motion graphics. I want you to put them into premiere. I want you, they don't know the terminology. They don't know what they want. So finding someone that has, that's willing to learn, willing to grow is way more important than someone who already knows what they're doing. Right now I'm finding someone that's a self starter. The big things we talk about here when we hire, it's, um, Kyle wants people that are humble and hungry. Um, so not someone that comes in that thinks they know it all because you're not going to grow from there. And someone that's willing to learn and learn and learn. So I learned from the school of Um, I remember when I first started, it was probably the first week I started downloaded premiere and I searched on youtube, Adobe premier, how to split one clip into two clips.

Bryan: 05:46 It's literally we're getting laughed at here. It's literally, I didn't know the terminology getting laughed at because I know he's done the exact same thing, right? So I didn't know the terminology cut. I didn't know split. I didn't, I didn't know anything. And

Bryan: 05:57 so figuring that out from from zero to where I'm at now. Um, it's a lot of searching. It's a lot of youtube. And so that's one thing that the person you hire needs. Now the other thing that's really important is you as the real estate agent that is hiring this person needs, needs to know that it's going to take time for them to grow. You need to make sure that they're doing the right activities to learn to grow and expand. But you can't expect hiring someone right out of high school or right out of college coming into this and doing stuff like we see Tim Smith do right away. It's just, it's just not going to happen. It takes time to grow and you gotta be patient with that. Or you can hire a production crew and spun a butt ton of money and it's going to look amazing that right off the bat, but you're spending a lot more than if you are your patient with it.

Bryan: 06:45 And I think that it's very key for anybody listening to really rewind it about a few minutes and re listen to what Brian is saying. You can have the best videographer, you can have everything that other people are doing if you pay the right amount. If you don't want to pay the right amount, then you can still get somebody that's going to be great, but they're not going to be great from day one because they're doing things more than likely they haven't done before. And to be fair, you as the agent are probably not going to be great day one too. You're exactly, I mean I would love to stay at what I was going to say is anything is better than where you are currently at. Cause you weren't doing any of this.

Bryan: 07:24 Absolutely. But I think a lot of people think, okay, I'll hire a videographer and then it'll be great. You got to think, even though you have great, uh, you know, directors of photography and all that sort of stuff and movies, you still have Brad Pitt. Like it takes two sides to make great pieces of content. You have to have the great video and all that sort of stuff, but you also have to have a great actors. So as you guys grow together, you'll get better and better. I would love to find Kyle's first video and say, look, this is where he started here. This worry is now. It's a very similar progression to where I first started to where I am now.

Bryan: 07:55 Yeah. And I know for sure that when I first started just with the camera in front of me, my wife, my wife would always tell me, I know that you are nervous and Bola, that's my, my mouth would literally be like drastically sideways and I didn't even notice it the entire time. And then you go back and you watch and now it's hilarious. Um, so what you're saying is you might have a good videographer, maybe it's you that sucks and you gotta suck your team up. No, I'm kidding. But what exactly you're, you're going to get better. But uh, you know, to expect that you're going to do some things that you hear others doing or thinking about doing from day one. It's just, you know, not possible. Just like you didn't come into real estate day one and on the first day sell $1 billion house, you know, don't expect that that's going to happen on your, your media side as well. So you, you, you, you're doing a lot. Okay. And I've got, um, I'm proud of you because you're doing a lot and there's some things that I don't know exactly how you're doing because you're doing so much. Um, I gotta give props to Tom Again. Tom Is my

Bryan: 08:55 assistant. We hired him a year ago. Without him, I would not be doing nearly what I'm doing. Um, before we brought Tom on, my distribution strategy was pretty much upload it to Facebook, hopefully upload it to youtube, maybe put a title and we're good to go. Now we've got a whole strategy that we follow with each video, but I only have that time because I brought on another full time person to, to shoot and edit as well. So for anybody listening that wants to do some of the things that he's doing and what they're doing here, you have to realize that it's not just one person that's doing these different things. There's other people. I'm also, to be fair, we're doing it for the team. So we're doing a lot of stuff for Cabo. We're also doing a lot of stuff for the team. So there's 30 agents here at whistle. Um, and so we have, we're going to photo shoots all over the city. So literally one photo shoot could take us eight hours between shooting and editing. Um, you know, if we're doing twilight with thrown with video, all this sort of stuff, then we'd come back and edit it. So, so yes, there's two people, but we're also servicing about 30 agents.

Jonathan: 10:02 Hey everybody, this is Jonathan Hawkins. Thank you so much for staying until the very end of this podcast. I definitely appreciate it. As always, make sure to reach out to me via social media at Jonathon Hawkins official. Send me a comment, shoot me a DM. If you have any questions, you can also comment below. Thank you so much. Don't forget to subscribe below

Bryan: 10:20 and remember who you hire truly matters.