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Building A Business On Relationships And Continual Learning | #REalAdvice 24 with Jason Will

Jason leads the #1 real estate team on the Alabama Gulf Coast and is the CEO of Impact Agent, a coaching and live event training company for real estate agents. He specializes in helping team leaders build profitable teams on the foundations of culture and accountability.

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How To Meme A Brand Into Existence | #REalAdvice 20 with The Broke Agent

Eric Simon is the founder and CEO of The Broke Agent, a comedic media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals covering the internal monologue of a struggling real estate agent. Eric has grown The Broke Agent over 300,000 followers across multiple platforms, and in the spring of 2019, he released the first ever real estate comic book called Commission Impossible: Rogue Agent, which was illustrated by the Broke Agent himself.

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Creating a Life By Design & The Power of Prosperous Thinking | #REalAdvice 12 with Christophe Choo

He grew up in Beverly Hills, but he didn’t grow up in a life of privilege. He started working at the age of 12, and lived by his core values of doing the right thing. As he has stayed true to that core, through his entire career, the benefits have come back to reward him. He now serves high-end clients in Beverly Hills, and is constantly looking for ways to serve.

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