Creating a Life By Design & The Power of Prosperous Thinking | #REalAdvice 12 with Christophe Choo

Ever seen an overnight success, and wished you could be that person?

It’s amazing to watch: their business explodes, and they’re getting leads left and right, and making big sales.

It just looks so easy!

However, it’s easy to lose sight of the thousands of overnights that preceded that success.

Here’s what we don’t often see:

  • Months without a sale

  • Thousands of hours of content creation

  • 5-6 am wakeup calls every day

  • Daily small tasks that never make it onto social media

  • Hours and hours of preparation

There’s only one word for that kind of success: and it’s work.

It took more than nine thousand “overnights” for Christophe Choo to become the overnight success that he is today.

Feeling discouraged by how many “overnights” it’s taking you to become an overnight success? Christophe Choo is here on this episode of #REalAdvice to help inspire you. His hard work, commitment to service, and constant choice to do the right thing.

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Christophe Choo. He grew up in Beverly Hills, but he didn’t grow up in a life of privilege. He started working at the age of 12, and lived by his core values of doing the right thing. As he has stayed true to that core, through his entire career, the benefits have come back to reward him. He now serves high-end clients in Beverly Hills, and is constantly looking for ways to serve.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Jonathan introduces Christophe and his business.

  • Christophe credits hard times and choosing to do the right thing with his growth: it still astonishes and amazes me the things that we can do when we put people first, when we grow our relationships, and  when we do the right things no matter what.

  • Chrstophe’s mentor gave one piece of advice that he has lived by: “do the right thing.”

  • Just because someone is living a wealthy lifestyle doesn't mean life has been handed to them! Christophe may live and work in Beverly Hills, but he has humble beginnings.

  • As a child, Christophe knew exactly what he wanted: “you have to follow your dreams, and build on your dreams.”

  • “The visualizations, the mindset, the planning, writing those things down, really helped me. So even to this day I still do that. Today we use Pinterest and vision boards and things that are more visual, but you know it's really important to write down what you want. Think about what you want all the time and figure out ways to get there step by step.”

  • Some people think that this is all about the salary, and serving only the highest level clients: well, that belief is the kiss of death,

  • Affirmations and intentions are important: “To this day everyday I get up at five thirty, six o'clock in the morning. I do my affirmations; I write down the things I'm nervous about, fearful of, worried about to get it out of my head. I focus on what I'm grateful for and I focus on my intention for the day. So no matter what the hard work is always there.

  • “If you want to be successful in life there's just one word and that's work.”

  • High end real estate can often be like gambling in Vegas - the stakes are high, but the payoff can be great!

  • “You have to live it, breathe it, be it in order to sell it.” Christophe moved to the area where he wanted to serve, and dove deep into life and society there. He became known in the community, because he was immersed in the community.

  • An “overnight success” is more like thousands of overnights - it takes hard work, and years of building a foundation.

  • Christophe created thousands of videos on YouTube, and was contacted for a high end, million dollar commission sale, based off his video work alone. It took years for him to build all of those videos and that portfolio.

  • “I just expected a miracle, and the miracle fell to my lap. I was ready and prepared. I worked extra hard to get it. I stood firm and I had trained myself for you know 15-18 years on the right dialogues to have those conversations. And it worked out.”

  • You don’t have to have an education to be successful. In fact, Christophe barely has a high school education. He turned his car into college, and listens to podcasts, audio books - no more CDs and music; he’s constantly learning and growing.

  • “The most successful people in the world are successful because they're listening to how others got there and they're following the instructions of others.”

  • Consider yourself a deejay for content in your area: you curate content for your audience!

  • Look for opportunities with impact. Christophe joined as a board member for an organization working with homeless youth, because he knew that as a board member, he could make a big impact.

  • “You attract the right kind of people and it starts from day one of setting clear expectations of who you are what you stand for: You just have to be willing to say no.”

  • If you only learn one thing from this episode, always keep your mind, eyes and heart open for miracles and opportunity. If you're in a negative place, thinking negatively, or too much in your own head, you won't be able to see the opportunities that are out there.

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Full Transcript

[00:00:00.180] So today where we are with Christoph Chu in Beverly Hills and we were discussing and chatting earlier about some of the things that I was doing in my life and in how you know there was definitely not a silver spoon at the table for us and it's not necessarily an unfortunate thing because like I was saying saying to you. I think that the places that I've been able to get I would not actually have been able to get there unless I went through some hard times in you know just being able to develop and grow that mindset was something that I never thought was possible right.

[00:00:33.630] And it still astonishes and amazes me the things that we can do when we put people first when we grow our relationships when we do the right things no matter what. And you know even if we take a few steps backwards we know that if we can firmly have that conviction within our heart that it's going to work then somehow or another you know that something happens and you get them one random or you you meet the one random person or you get that one connection that just you know all of that hard work has has paid off. [00:01:03.660] So what's one piece of advice that you would give to somebody who does look at you and says you know Christoph Let's write him off. You know he's in Beverly Hills you know he had everything handed to him and must have been so easy if you know if I had that upbringing I'd be there as well. What's something that you would say to the people that are listening.

[00:01:22.480] I think I should if so when you said do the right thing. I was I was listening what you were saying and that exact same phrase came in my mind at the same time because when I start in real estate at 18 years old which is you know thirty two years ago now Jack Douglas owned our company it was called John Douglas company and I think the first couple months I met him and I said what's your advice to me as a new age and he says always do the right thing. Now I was raised that way so it just reinforced what I already knew because I was now in the business world.

[00:01:49.830] But I love it that you feel that way.

[00:01:52.080] So your question is what did what was your idea for somebody that's listening that's saying oh the the episode is with Christoph Chou Beverly Hills let's hit next because we know that we'll never be able to do the things that he's doing. Got it because of you know we've gone through so much in our own lives.

[00:02:05.610] Got it. Well let me reference things first of all I am in Beverly Hills I created this life by design as Tom Perry talks about. I came from very humble beginnings. My parents my mom was a hairdresser. My stepfather was in the art antique business here and locally. And they didn't make a lot of money. My mom you know worked very very hard six seven days a week as a hairdresser getting up at 6 a.m. or at the shop at 6 a.m.. So I learned that work ethic. She was about family loving kindness being good to people taking care of people so I learned that very early on and I learned about working so I remember I was twelve years old I traveled to Europe a few times so I'd been exposed to traveling and different things which opened my eyes to the world.

[00:02:45.630] Even though my parents were not wealthy I still had exposure to travel which I think is a very important thing to expose yourself to. And so as a young person at 12 I wanted money so I could start I already had dreams since I was very young. I want to live in a castle. No my mom one of my mom's hair customers gave me a book on castles in France and I still have that book and I'm ever looking at anything I want to live in a castle someday. And I want to be rich and I won't have a Rolls-Royce Royce and so but I learned that it doesn't just fall from the sky.

[00:03:13.830] And my parents didn't have the money to do it. So I started working at twelve years old and I worked for my mom's customers cleaning apartments. I mean I was I would go to the mom my mom shop on Saturday mornings and I get up at 5:00 go with her at 6:00 help you know serve doughnuts help with the customer sweep the floor is all that kind of thing. Then I would go to a couple of her customers apartments and for four to six hours I would clean their apartments at twelve years old but back in the 70s I was making sixty dollars cash in four hours and so that's when I started learning about working and once I got older at 16 I worked for the Hollywood Bowl as a ticket taker.

[00:03:48.690] I worked valet parking cars I worked as a cashier to PA's restaurant. I did all sorts of different job. I was a stylist. I became a fashion model so I did lots of different jobs. I just wanted to earn money to live a good life. So I think my advice is dreams are great. You have to follow your dreams and build on your dreams. Write down goals and I would see it start I was probably 14 or 15 I found a book at the goodwill I think it was by Kathryn ponder called The Power of prosperous thinking and it was a book about writing down on paper all the things you want in life you know from a spouse to your financial goals your personal goals your spiritual goals and at 14 15 no one taught me about this stuff I read this book and I really believed in it and I started doing it.

[00:04:31.360] So at that early age luckily I was I had some you know my own education about oh this is where I am now. This is what I want. How am I going to get there. So the visualizations the mindset the planning the writing those things down really helped me so even to this day I still do that. Today we use Pinterest and vision boards and things that are more visual but you know it's really important to write down what you want. Think about what you want all the time and figure out ways to get there step by step.

[00:05:00.740] I think what's great is a common theme that we see with all of our guests when I ask them to tell us more about themselves. The first thing that they always start talking about is how much work they've done how much they worked how much they've done a lot of different things prior to getting to where they're at now I think in today's age with everything going on with social media it's very easy to assume that somebody didn't do anything to get where they're at now right.

[00:05:31.160] That Go ahead.

[00:05:32.270] It's no so true because especially with the you know 10 11 years ago is when social media really started building. And I remember I was asked to be on the the first season a million dollar listing as one of the agents and they spent six months with interviews and camera tests and screen tests and I was very excited cause that was the first real estate reality TV show and I wanted to be famous and I'm like This is great. And I remember we were sitting at lunch at the restaurant and I are gonna go to later on and thinking okay I sitting there and I was excited because he had the contract and I said I'm the producer and the casting director my wife was there.

[00:06:05.210] So what do you guys really want out of the show as it's not clear to me. And they said we want drama ratings and fights between the agents and I look I don't think that to me. I think I looked at them and just immediately said you know it's just not for me because back in those days I was training in a different coach and the coach said always be the calming force in a transaction. I mean look in real estate there's highs and lows. Upset sellers upset buyers all day long.

[00:06:26.890] It's like a rollercoaster. So I need to be in the middle and keep everyone calm and focused towards their goal. So you're talking. So what was your question.

[00:06:35.420] Keep talking at work and and just talking about the social media how it's easy to assume all these different misconceptions and I will say this since those shows have come out what happens now.

[00:06:44.210] I've seen so many young people get into the business and maybe three or four times week people contact me they want to come work with me and be on my team or be interns. And I think they see social media. They see me at parties and they see me at beautiful restaurants and pretty houses and nice clothes and all the. I mean I don't share the toils and troubles of my day to day life. Most of the time so they see that they just assume they can find a Beverly Hills get a job with a salary.

[00:07:08.960] I mean take me out to lunch every day and introduce them to all my top clients. I mean this one girl I was about to hire and I had my wife interview her as well and then she says to my wife oh I want to basically handle all of clients billionaire and celebrity clients. And I'm like Okay. That's the kiss of death. Exactly. And I remember when I was training director early on I was about 23 24 had been in real estate for five years and I wanted to have additional income.

[00:07:36.050] So I made a proposal our training director who trained me as a new agent left and I made a proposal that is at 0 1. What kind of training director I can make you know a thousand extras a training director and I started doing that. And when agents would come into me and say I'm only going to sell a million dollar homes in the high end that's all I'm going to do. I knew that was the kiss of death and they never ever made it. You got to work hard. My first sale was forty three thousand dollars.

[00:07:59.040] It was my first sale. Now today 32 years later I have much higher sales but even to this day everyday I get up at five thirty six o'clock in the morning. I do my affirmations I do my I write down the things I'm nervous about fearful of worried about to get it out of my head. I focus on what I'm grateful for and I focus on my intention for the day. So no matter what the hard work is always there. Maybe it doesn't isn't seen that much on social media which I'm going to do more of.

[00:08:22.790] But you've got to work hard. You've got to be smart. You've got to put in the hours the time and do the right thing as we talked about. Those are all part of the key ingredients to be successful.

[00:08:32.180] Yeah I would definitely encourage you to show more of that side of you because it does allow more people to resonate with you and be able to fit themselves into the story based off of the way that they're either in it or seeing it or are I've been there it's been something that I've also been trying to do more of because it's it's very easy for us to you know come into your office and say hey we're doing a podcast and somebody think that you know let's look at all this equipment. Oh you know somebody gave that to him you know he has so much money to buy all this equipment it's like look we started from nothing.

[00:09:08.220] And we work really hard.

[00:09:10.110] And another things that you talked about was affirmations and being grateful for for things and I think that you know for anybody that's listening you know don't just look at the baby steps as Oh you know I'm not exactly where I want to be. You know look at those as as just minor successes that are going to continue to build in. Be grateful for every single thing that you have because you don't realize how much you have until you don't have anything. Exactly. And I think that it's huge that for anybody listening here you know don't quickly assume that Christoph just because he's working in Beverly Hills and has great clothing didn't work very hard.

[00:09:49.140] He's probably worked a lot longer than everybody listening. And that just shows that if you want to be successful in life there's just one word and that's work.

[00:09:59.590] And another thing I mean people see these you know 20 30 50 60 million dollar homes for sale that I that I list and they think oh well we can just and this is nothing I mean remember agents content is Oh well don't. Doesn't your company pay for all your marketing and advertising and don't they give you clients. Well 32 years they don't give me clients who don't pay for marketing advertising I mean they do certain things of course but it's all my own thing in my own time and some of these houses and people don't realize you have a particularly a 20 30 40 50 million dollar home.

[00:10:28.800] They want covers of magazines still. They want you know professional videos they want you could be 12 months indeed. And then I take twelve month contracts and those listings you could be twelve months into a listing in the high end in between myself my company we spend one hundred thousand dollars on marketing that house and they don't all sell so all of a sudden that house doesn't sell or they go with another agent and then you're out a hundred thousand dollars out of your pocket which I would much rather take in trips invested in my business in other ways.

[00:10:53.880] But I tell people all the time in the high high end of real estate it's almost like gambling in Vegas. The roulette table and I'm not a gambler by any means. I don't like to gamble I don't gamble. Yeah exactly. But that's the reality because you'd never know which one's going to sell and which ones is not. And it's a challenge you know and it's it's living and learning every day and learning from your mistakes and trying not to make them again and learning from others around you.

[00:11:19.950] So for somebody that does want to break into the luxury market that that wants to do that some of the things that you're doing and they see you on social media they go you know it would be great to break into that. You said first off don't come into the business assuming that all of your listings are going to be a million dollar and hire and you're just going to avoid everybody else. But what would be another piece of advice that you would give to somebody that's either new or maybe somebody that is you know has some years behind them that wants to not necessarily break into the luxury market as more so you know how can I increase my my current sales volume how can I increase my average sales price. [00:11:53.100] What would be a price for who would go when I.

[00:11:55.860] That's a very good question so first so when I was working before Beverly Hills I've been in Beverly Hills now about 20 to maybe 22 years of my 32 year career so I was working an area called Hancock Park which is about five miles east of here. And at that time I was doing maybe 60 65 deals a year but the average price was about two hundred eighty thousand but I knew in my heart and my soul mice our social life we had created by design and the world we created was all in Beverly Hills.

[00:12:22.620] We lived in South Pasadena which is you know about an hour drive from here worked in Hancock Park but our social life was here in Beverly Hills so I would leave the house by 5:00 6:00 o'clock in the morning to get on the freeway before traffic to get to work. I'd leave at 3:00 sometimes two three days a week to go home pick up my wife get changed to come back to Beverly Hills for parties that commute twice a day back and forth but but then I physically decided I made the mental decision I need to be in Beverly Hills to to be where I need to be.

[00:12:51.210] I felt this is where I need to be essentially in my soul because in Hancock Park it was a very old school neighborhood old money. At that time the highest price was three and a half million in that neighborhood. Today it's about 17 18 million. But I won I was the big fish in the little sea at that time. I was doing really well when the top agents in the office but I needed a bigger pond. I needed a bigger sea to grow. And so when I had the opportunity come to Beverly Hills I literally went back to movies made the decision instantly packed up my stuff and moved over here.

[00:13:21.330] It was a tough first year transition because you lost all the pretty much all the old business I did and that's east side of town and I was starting up new in Beverly Hills and you know now today my average price can range between 6 million to 10 million depending on the year and the you know the bigger sales that I have. But it's it's a consistent concerted effort. You have to live it breathe it be it in order to sell it. So I physically move my office here then we moved our home over here a couple of years later and.

[00:13:48.930] But you have to immerse yourself in everything social everything charitable everything anything you ever your client bases doing wherever they're living working eating shopping giving money in that world and because unless you're in that world rich people want to work with people that are like them. So if they see you at their parties or other parties that they go to other charity events and and the social world of Beverly Hills and the stores and the fashion and all that kind of thing like well he knows our friends. He probably has the right buyer for our house.

[00:14:22.640] So it's important to really be in that area and then really learn the neighborhoods like the back of your hand. I mean I remember the first few years building here in Beverly Hills I had a friend who was in the business for like 35 years and she come with me on caravan. We'd go preview properties and religiously every Tuesday spend three hours going to preview the houses. And at that time I think my high sale had been maybe four or five million and she says Why are you wasting your time looking all these houses for 10 20 30 million dollars.

[00:14:52.130] You don't know she says to me you know buyers for that. I said Well I mean not today but if I do tomorrow I know exactly what to sell them. So it takes a lot of time and education to learn these things. But I just knew that when I would meet that right person I knew my stuff. And they also Oh you're so lucky you're so lucky. Luck is being prepared when an opportunity comes your way or you create that opportunity. You can meet someone really wealthy and they want to do business with you initially but if you don't know the market you don't know your business.

[00:15:18.980] They're not going to work with you. So you have to really study your craft study your market learn to be your best continuously. And I remember talking about you know coming from the lower end means or lower means. I remember I was 22 or 23 when I decide to get into coaching for the first time. It was a thousand dollars a month and I really felt I was making I think I made forty five thousand in that particular year but I thought OK if I spend this twelve thousand dollars over the next twelve months coaching I knew in my mind I'd get a 10 time return on the investment so I would make a hundred twenty thousand more.

[00:15:51.170] And but I was I wasn't sure my credit card would even work. I mean you know I mean when the credit. Luckily it did and I started coaching and then been some of challenges but that started and I've been coaching for twenty four twenty five years or longer. But it took faith I believed in myself and I believed in why was I just knew the I had to create the outside circumstances to call me forward to be the best person I could be.

[00:16:16.280] You mentioned a few different things that I want to dive into a little bit more. First off for anybody who's listening that wants to break into the luxury market it doesn't necessarily have to be the luxury market that you want to break into.

[00:16:27.590] You can apply any of these principles to whatever it is that you want to do in the first one that Christoph talked about was you know being ok with being uncomfortable and and taking a leap and taking a stride and in doing the things that you're not currently doing because if you just continue to do the same things over and over that you're currently doing you're not going to have that major breakthrough you might you know be able to advance. But if you want to get to the places that you can see when you wake up in the morning then you're going to have to do things differently.

[00:16:58.250] So for you that was you know taking a risk and packing your bags and moving in for anybody listening it might be just staying focused on one specific thing you know and do whatever it takes to get there and in not giving up so fast I think is also huge. Because yes it's great to become successful overnight but the the averages are probably not that good for anybody that became successful overnight. Another thing that you talked about was you know just engulfing yourself in the lifestyle and in the community and in the different things that you see yourself.

[00:17:34.250] Well you have to start being there as well you have to start off you know getting your face seen getting your brand seeing getting the way that you dress seen whatever it is that makes you unique. Don't hide it you know allow people to to resonate with that and I think that you know to attract your own tribe or to attract the people that you really want to work for. The first thing that you need to do is clearly state who you're really for and what you really want. Right. And go ahead.

[00:17:59.960] Well you said overnight success many times he was oh you're an overnight success. Yes. As of today it's like nine thousand eight hundred and something overnights. Yeah. And they're I mean I've been through a couple of periods in my career where I've had when three or four months without a single sale and that could be very I'm not a depressed type of person but you can get. I remember one time I was feeling like I was going in this downward spiral because it was like four or five months I was coaching with Tom directly at the time and I was prospecting everyday making my phone calls but nothing was happening.

[00:18:26.630] And I've ever seen in my wife and times that it's been like three four months I haven't made a single sale what am I wasting I could have just taken the four months off. Right. I was like No you can't do that. Tom's like no keep doing what you're doing. And I know if you can't see it in the screen but this particular house it was a Sunday morning at eight thirty I was at the office and I do get come to the office every single day of the year. I'm not kidding you.

[00:18:47.270] Christmas Day New Year's Day I know may sound crazy but I live like four minutes away from here. So I just I can't sit at home. I mean I'm so used to working and I get up at 5 3 6 o'clock no matter where I am in the world. I just get up early so get up early come the office even it's for three or four hours Christmas morning just to my emails to my social media whatever I gotta do and I go home and then I can really relax. But I remember being depressed and almost depressed and concern cause feeling like you know four months of the high lifestyle in Beverly Hills no money coming in no cash flow and I what am I going to do.

[00:19:17.700] But I kept positively affirming everyday what I wanted expecting miracles to occur. That's one of my affirmations every day. So eight thirty in the morning I'm at the office the phone rings and I pick up the phone it's friends of ours and on this incredible house they said well we want to talk to you about selling your house or moving out of the country. And I'm like wow I'm like this is great. And at the time I knew the house is like 25 to 30 million this is ten eleven years ago and my cell at that point was five million and it's a great wonderful when you want to meet tomorrow Monday morning 8:00.

[00:19:46.950] Perfect. And so I don't know how I got to the store but I think it's an important story. So I got off the phone call that my wife said Oh my God you won't believe who just called me says who and I told her and said they want me to come talk about selling the house tomorrow. And this was at that time one of the most beautiful houses in Los Angeles. And today it's worth probably 55 60 million. And so I was ready mentally physically and psychologically for this appointment but it was a very big businessman.

[00:20:14.220] It was a very smart guy. And it was a very big listing. And I basically set him off office said I'm going to spend the rest of the day at the office working on this appointment so I can be ready for tomorrow. And I spent eight hours in my office preparing the presentation for the client and I left at 8:00 went home and I was again. I wanted everything ready physically so that if he had any objection I was prepared for it. And I had everything in writing all the calm so that everything is really ready well done.

[00:20:40.200] And I went to the house in the morning and the wife was not there was just him and I. And I'd been to the house many times so I kind of did a quick tour sat down with him in the entry way and I said you absolutely have to sell your home. He says well you know we're moving out of the country. And so yes we want to sell the house. You can say absolutely said yes. I said Are you willing to price the home to sell. And he says what price do you want listed for.

[00:21:03.540] I said twenty six point five million. He said What do you think it's worth is it 22 23 million. He says Well I want to sit for 30 million. I said OK. I said if I sell this next 30 to 60 days is that OK for you. He says Well no because it was October and we're not leaving till July because the kids are in school we're finishing out the school year. I said So are you OK to do a 12 month listing. He says yes. Great. And he says to me What's your commission.

[00:21:28.110] And that was one of the toughest ones because I'd been used to getting 7 percent and 6 percent. But at that price point you know five was unusual. Four was kind of more the norm. So and I worked this in my mind I had the contract written all out it typed up because in those days we weren't really doing wind. It was you know typed up contract at 6 percent in there. And I smile I said six percent. And you know I took a lot of guts to do that because I thought this is gonna be it right.

[00:21:58.380] And he says I'm only paying you one million dollars to sell this house and I'd done in my mind the numbers you know from six to five and a quarter five point seven five. So I knew what a million meant. So I crossed out the six percent and I wrote in one million dollars. That's what he said. That's what I wrote it. I didn't if it was going to work if would be accepted but that's what I wrote. So we sold the house a year and a couple months later for twenty two and a half million which is exactly what I suggested from day one.

[00:22:26.790] We had to go through one price reduction at 26 5 which is where I wanted to be. Day one and it closed and we got paid a million dollars. But the funnest thing about that miracle listing when I when I listed it I remember going home that and I was so excited I got to get a 30 Million Dollar Listing but then I'm like I have no money to market this. What am I going to do. I don't quite remember exactly how I did it but we did amazing videos. We did it all over the Internet which was just kind of starting at that time.

[00:22:53.400] We did magazine covers liquid companies support with that. And but I just expected a miracle the miracle fell to my lap. I was ready and prepared. I worked extra hard to get it. I stood firm and I had trained myself for you know 15 18 years on the right dialogues to have those conversations. And it worked out. So it was that was one of my. And we got to live in that beautiful estate for nine months which was amazing.

[00:23:19.800] I think what you're trying to say is that you had you had an overnight thing happen but it took you 15 years plus to make it happen. And a lot of things are now happening that that I'm super grateful for in my own life. You know that. Yes I do get a random e-mail or do you get a random call that I was not expecting per say. However when I'm writing what I'm grateful for not only am I writing what I currently have I'm like you said creating that life by design I'm writing about the things that I am going to attract my way.

[00:23:54.410] And so that way when they do come my way and somebody else may think well you know it was so easy or something you know just landed in let the two people that really know exactly how hard I work are myself and my wife and my wife will be the first to say that nothing ever lands in his lap and unless he said it was going to land there. Right. And I'm just huge on on saying Hey I'm gonna do a podcast and this is the benchmarks that we're gonna hit. These are the people that we're going to talk about.

[00:24:22.210] These are the lives that are gonna be transformed and I think that for anybody listening as long as you have that conviction you know that it is possible I can't do it. I didn't I didn't I don't know exactly what it takes. I don't have to be perfect but I know that I have to start. And I have to just keep doing one thing that's going to get me a little bit closer.

[00:24:44.260] So then that way when the overnight success comes there was so much hard work that was put into that in. And I think that's huge for for any aspect whether it's breaking into a luxury market whether it's starting a new career whatever it may be you have to firmly believe that it's possible first.

[00:25:01.990] And I think that goes into your mindset in what would be some of the things that you do to train your mind to get you to a place that you didn't think was possible or you didn't think was a you didn't even think that you know that can be that can happen.

[00:25:18.050] Well I would say mindset is probably the number one most important thing everyday for me. We're all human beings we wake up some days not feeling so great or positive or feel down or a deal may be going sideways or deal crashes that you're expecting to close and it can take you. The question is how long will you allow that negative situation to take you away from who you want to be and where you're moving. You have to have the dream and the vision and the plan and the dream vision and plan first of all at the top and then the roadmap to get there and then everyday have to take step by step and them you're going to fall back a couple of steps but you've got to step it up and go back to more steps forward.

[00:25:52.550] And remember twenty seven years ago my coach said you have to have vision and a dream of what your perfect client and. It's been so engrained in my mind now for twenty eight years I had stitches rolls out of my tongue and says I want clients who love me trust me respect me will follow my advice will do what I say are rich and fun and I can be friends with. That's my perfect client. So whenever I meet someone whether to sit face to face at a first time someone to contact me about potentially listening or selling that filter is kind of I kind of a screen when I'm talking to them.

[00:26:23.870] And if as they're talking to me if if they don't follow. I mean they don't pass that screen test. You know I sometimes will say you know I just don't think I'm the right agent for you. So you have to have the vision and you have to have the mindset and everyday work on the mindset. I mean every night I do guided meditations before I go to bed even if I'm tired. And I do guided because of the single meditations on my own are more difficult for me because my mind keeps wandering about our time focus.

[00:26:50.600] If I was focusing on nothing said guided meditations and they're specifically meant to help you fall asleep and subconsciously go in your brain. And but I think when I first started years ago it says it takes six weeks minimum for that to start you know working on your and your brain's brain brainwaves right because once you start resting and sleeping you go to alpha state and then that good energy goes in your mind. So affirmations in the morning meditations at night throughout the day taking deep breaths and kind of shutting down and refocusing because you may have really really bad news all of a sudden but then in 10 minutes you get listening and points in front of a cellar and you're got to be on and sharp and happy for them and excited you gotta you gotta shut that off put it aside and move forward.

[00:27:33.900] And so I do a lot of training from whether it's Anthony Robbins Zig Ziglar I mean all the great speakers of all time I listen to them all the time. I remember when I was commuting and I was you know 18 19 20 commuting to work every day I would have an hour to three hours in my car and I thought I don't go to college I barely graduated high school. The car will be my college education. So all I did for and even to this day I don't listen to the radio I don't listen to music I'm listening nothing today but podcasts and interviews and you know now no more C.D. but you know I listen to educational things it will help me build my business improve my marketing do better videos improve my mindset whatever it is I need that day or during that day I just I my car still my college education and that will go on forever.

[00:28:23.480] And I think that's part of why I've been successful because I'm. I love to learn and grow. And even though doing this thirty two years I'm constantly learning and growing. That's why even after interview I can't wait to have lunch with you and learn from you and hopefully I can share and help you know help you learn from me as well.

[00:28:37.970] And I think that's very very important to just listen and to understand that the most successful people in the world are successful because they're listening to how others got there and they're following the instructions of others you know they're seeing that OK somebody has already done what I want or at least has done some aspect. Let's do some aspect of this person that person whether it be in the form of a podcast a book right self knowledge is super important because there's so much that's readily readily accessible out there. That's you know if you're not in a place where you want to be right now you need to look at some of the current things that are taking up time that are not getting you one step forward that are not getting you closer to your goal one of the things that you talked about was the subconscious.

[00:29:31.040] So the biggest thing that I talk about coming from a intelligence background is getting the brain to work for you. Right. So when it comes to social media I'm huge on all the things that social media can do. But really what I'm focused on is getting social media to connect with somebodies brain and getting it to connect in a way that's different than the way other people are doing it. It's not necessarily a right or wrong way. It's a different way. And if I can enter the brain in a way that's different than other people then I can plant my Brandon in their brain I can plant myself into their brain and I can plant different things.

[00:30:05.960] And it's not because of you know the best social media ads and all these different things right. That a lot of people come to me for it's doing things definitely I'm in when it comes back to the mindset you said you know you're listening to music and you're just allowing those thoughts and those ideas in all those things to just plant into the subconscious so then that way when you are doing or when you're out at lunch or when you're talking to somebody your brain is actually working in a in a way that's a little bit different you know than it would have if you're just sitting at home all day watching television and filling your your brain with things that are you know if you're watching the news and you're just seeing all the bad things that are happening in the world then you're not going to be thinking about the things that a lot of successful people think about it.

[00:30:49.520] And as an example about that. So for so we talk to you talk about a lot of things so for some persistence and perseverance and never giving up is always the case with news and media I don't ever watch the news read the news. None of that. I mean sometimes things pop up on my phone. I felt this way. I mean I don't want to have any negativity right there's enough negativity in the world if something really bad is happening. Someone's going to tell me or I'll see it on social media right.

[00:31:13.460] I don't need to wake up. I mean Sonny Bill wake up in the morning they turn on CNN or ESPN CNN NBC or whatever and it just it's all negative stuff. And I just I don't want to hear any of it. I mean how am I going to wake up in the morning here the economy's crashing and this is going bad and this is going bad. I've got five listings I have to sell. People that have to sell their homes for whatever reason they have to buy. It's not going to.

[00:31:33.470] That's not going to forward them and help them. I've got to just figure it out. So I don't listen any of that negative stuff and I'm always testing trying and experimenting always. I really enjoy that.

[00:31:43.250] So with the social media journey in that particular video journey it was I think was 2009. Tom he had a mastermind summit in Palm Desert. He brought Gary Vaynerchuk out and you probably weren't there at that time. And Gary came and I'd never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk before but what he said made sense and Google had just purchased YouTube is like you guys got to be you have to have a youtube channel and you start doing videos. And I was this single and these any we I'd met him so he's like well you're Mr. Beverly Hills your life sells a rich and famous in Beverly Hills you need to be a deejay for content in your community.

[00:32:15.800] Well just those seven words really hit me. I'm like deejay for content. What does I mean I take different records and I spend that and put it out. Right. So that's in my mind I'm like OK I'm in Beverly Hills I can start doing videos because at that time it was mostly the written blog on the Web sites because Web sites were big in those days and I was all there and I was not a writer I would go to parties and events take photos and it would take me maybe two hours three hours to write a three four paragraph Blog.

[00:32:40.490] And I just I'm not a writer. And those voice things where they talk in the computer and it transcribes it that wasn't working very well. So when he said video I thought that makes sense to me. So I went out that afternoon at the end of the day at 5:00 but he went to Best Buy about my first video camera the flip cam went back to the hotel room my assistant was there I did my first video and I said why am I here in the middle of Palm Desert middle of August.

[00:33:03.640] So it's a hundred eighteen degrees and I said I'm at a conference to learn and grow and educate myself and help my clients you know sell their homes quicker for better prices and better marketing and so that was my first video and that that particular format really worked for me. It was natural. I'm a I'm a one take video person like all the TV shows I do and all that. Typically it's one or two takes in most cases. I don't like scripts I just speak from the heart and come from the heart.

[00:33:28.250] And that really made sense to me so I just started doing videos and just doing more and more and more and I think it was about four years into doing videos talk about consistency and I done but eight hundred videos at that time. And Tom was my coach and I said Tom I've been doing all these videos I had like eight hundred eighty videos online but it's not monetizing because to me if I'm going to do something in particular a business world I want to be able to see results financially from that endeavor. And nothing was happening just keep doing what you're doing keep doing what you're doing.

[00:33:55.370] It's going to happen. And I think it was 30 30 days later maybe 60 days later I got this random phone call like being ready I'm at the office my assistant. Like maybe nine thirty in the morning my assistant says this lady I'd like to talk to you. We spoke on the phone for 45 minutes. She'd been looking for a home with another broker in my company for a year and a half wasn't finding what she wanted she wanted to spend around 10 12 million to buy and then she was in a seller house for five million.

[00:34:19.550] And so we talked about what she wanted in what she was doing and I said Well how do you find out about me. I saw some your videos. I said Really. I said which videos. You said I said two videos. And you said which ones. You said I said you're driving to her Bel Air and I saw your helicopter tour. So what made you call me from those videos. I said well you were very honest. I said Well how so. She said you're driving to a bill we were about to buy a house in Bel Air.

[00:34:42.590] And you talked about it being a canyon area being very rustic and close to Beverly Hills and a very you know forest kind of community. But you said if you're a sun lover it's probably not for you because you're in a canyon so the sun will rise three or four hours later in the morning and we'll set you four hours earlier in the afternoon and we're about to buy this house. We went there at 3:00 in the afternoon there was no sun at the pool and should the second reason I called you as you said your helicopter tour video did you spend that much money and a helicopter tour you spend money to market my house so long and short of it she says My husband wants to meet with you in person to interview you as our buyer's agent.

[00:35:17.650] I'm like I'd never been interviewed as a buyer's agent but I figured OK potentially ten twelve Mandela purchase five million dollar sale adequate. Eight thirty at night to his house to meet him and he's a very very big lawyer a partner and a major real estate law firm that has several offices around the country. And so I went into law you know lawyer style outfit three piece suit pinstripe with the tie the whole thing yellow legal notepad and I sat down I said Do you mind if I take notes and I open the notepad sort of taking notes and I said ask him lots of questions that half an hour and ask him.

[00:35:49.960] And he answered everything I mean big time lawyer he answered every question it was a very specific about what they were looking for what happened and all that stuff. And I could feel it was right and I said I kind of put my notepad Dennis said I like you and I think you like me Why don't we just get started. And I just kind of just kind of made it casual just Christof. My wife decided to hire you the first time she spoke to you on the phone and I kind of laughed and I said Then what am I doing here for this interview.

[00:36:13.950] I just wanted to meet you in person and we got it started and 30 days later they bought a house for just over 10 million and I sell it. So between the house he bought I sold the house for four point four. Then a friend bought for me for five million and I've done three other deals so we did like 26 million dollars in sales. Twenty two million of it. The first 90 days after we met and the others over time but again from videos. But it took four years to start monetizing and that was the first monetization of video so I knew the video was the right platform.

[00:36:45.400] I kept doing it. Tom said keep doing it. My wife said keep doing it and eventually like your wife said it wasn't just luck. It wasn't just was just a miracle. It was it was many years of hard work and time that brought that opportunity to me.

[00:36:59.300] What I love when I'm talking to other people is when I ask them questions that revolve around how they are helping other people how they're putting their goals and their needs at the top of their their checklists and not worrying about all the things that are you know coming in front of them from a daily basis whether it be from the news or a new program or a new something that's going to take away their time from doing what they love when they talk about helping people. They start what I would call ranting off and they start smiling and they start having good expression.

[00:37:33.500] And that's exactly what you just did if you didn't notice it. But what's great about that is you'll know you're doing the right things and when you start what I consider lighting up like a Christmas tree. When you start doing the things that excites you that give you that natural energy that do all of these different things and you don't know exactly why it's happening and why you're doing all these things now but what you do know is that you're doing the right things for the right people you know and what you talked about when it came from social media is that you.

[00:38:01.400] The thing that came across was more so the fact that you're just telling the truth and the reason that you were telling the truth. I'm going to assume is that you don't want somebody to move in to a canning area that you know three months later they figure out that there's actually no sun here. Then they call you back and they say hey look this was a terrible investment for me and it's all your fault right. I think that you know telling the truth is super important and another thing that you previously said was everybody is not going to be the perfect fit for you.

[00:38:30.710] Exactly. And you have to be able to know that that person's not going to be a good fit because one it's taking you away from your goals it's taking away from your family. It's adding some stress or anxiety that you know that you just do not want into your life. You know I think too many people are saying yes when they should be saying no it's sometimes what would you give as a piece of advice to somebody that just says yes to everything.

[00:38:54.980] Well that's this for me I don't want to judge you but it's only the wrong decision. I quite often say no when it's not the right fit the wrong neighborhood the wrong energy with the client. There's many reasons why I'll say no. And sometimes just having more free time I mean making money in all that's nice but does making you know when I was young and starting out all I wanted was material things I wanted the fancy cars and all the jewelry and expensive clothes and the fancy house.

[00:39:19.970] And luckily in my life I've pretty much achieved and been able to work hard to be able to buy the physical material things that I've wanted. But now being almost 51 years old I realized all those material things are nice and lovely and I do enjoy them I'd rather have them than not have them but they don't give you fulfillment or happiness if anything they can be the opposite.

[00:39:42.080] You buy something very expensive and wonderful and the first our tour dates really exciting you like Oh my God I can't believe this diamond watch or or piece of art I bought. But then all of a sudden that that excitement wanes up very quickly and then you want something you can never satiate that desire. You always want something bigger or better more and more and there's nothing wrong with that if that's what makes you happy and excited. But it no longer excites me like I thought it would. My whole life it just actually becomes more problems because when you have expensive things you have to insure them.

[00:40:11.870] You have to worry about them you worry about losing them or getting them stolen or you know things happen in life. And then all of a sudden that thing you worked so hard for is gone and it's a material thing. But things that you work very hard for that are not going his love and relationships and kindness and doing things for others. So you talked about you know kind of helping others and doing that. I'm glad you brought that up because real estate is great and I love what I do. But doing things for others is like you talked about what you do is probably one of the most fulfilling things for me in my life.

[00:40:41.750] I when I was young my father divorced my mom when I was three years old. I didn't really know him my stepfather and I didn't really get along. He and I were like oil and water.

[00:40:51.380] I had big dreams of being rich and famous and not really famous but rich and lived this extravagant life he was a very kind of plane down earth kind of guy and he's like well you should just go back grocery stores at the supermarket and you know you've got to go to school you've got to go to college you to wear jeans and tennis shoes and T-shirts. That was not me I was not a jeans tennis shoes tee shirt kind of guy. So we fought a lot because I had different vision than he did but I didn't have support.

[00:41:15.620] But at a couple teachers my junior high school art yearbook teacher and then a couple of teachers in high school that even though didn't get good grades even those smart I just didn't like to study. They believed in me and they knew they'd say I don't know how you're gonna do it but you're going to make a success of yourself. So just those words made a difference. So once I started becoming successful I all of a sudden you know when you ask for things when I was young I started working with the I Have a Dream Foundation I thought I had these couple teachers that didn't really mentored me but they even though I had no support around me personally these teachers were supportive.

[00:41:48.260] So I thought why can't I help other young youth support them in their dreams. So I became a mentor for I have a Dream Foundation which I really loved and to this day the youth I helped. I'm still friends with and they're adults and this stressful and I'm hopefully was a part of that but then I got the opportunity. Maybe 14 years ago a friend called and said there's a homeless shelter in Hollywood called Covenant House and they're looking for a new board member. And would you go talk to him and see about it.

[00:42:12.220] So I didn't know anything about it didn't know anything about homelessness or homeless youth in particular. So I went there to meet with them and they said Would you join the board. And I thought well and I talked to my wife about just look instead helping one or two one on one as a mentor which is great as a board member with your connections you can help a lot more by fundraising you know developing things and all this kind of stuff. So. So I joined the board and my first job the first day on the board is like OK you got to help us open up a shelter in Oakland.

[00:42:39.310] I'm like What. So anyways I basically found helped open the shelter in Oakland which we now have which is great. We now have two facilities here in California. And I was the chairman for the big gala where we raised I think the first time we raised five hundred thousand one night at a charity event but I'm still involved with Covenant House and one of things I love to do more than any Look I love a nice lifestyle of a beautiful home and a nice warm bed. Every year I do a sleep at where I sleep on the streets of Hollywood to raise money for homeless youth and awareness.

[00:43:10.090] And this would be my fifth year I think in twenty nineteen maybe six years so this last year I did a team for the first time I had six people joined me this year our local president is gonna be with us which is from cola banker which is amazing. So I hope to have at least 20 or 25 people Jonas and sign me up. Yeah. Wonderful. And it just it's just one night sleeping on the streets just to remember the first time I did it is the point is to try to understand just for a night what these youth are dealing with.

[00:43:39.070] And it was very difficult but these kids come here with a dream and moving to Hollywood and becoming an actor or celebrity becoming rich and famous. That's their dream and they come here at the bus station and the drug dealers and the prostitution rings and now the child slavery rings are all there to find them. And it's really sad what happens but I figured if we can help these kids get off the streets and help them because I believe a lot of charities and helping people get water in Africa and food around the world that's important but to me I was born in this country I I'm an American.

[00:44:08.410] We got to start at home first I believe. And you know Hollywood is literally five minutes east of Beverly Hills and that's the hardest thing for me to fathom is that Beverly Hills is one of the most wealthy and prosperous communities in the world and yet five miles east of you know even five miles there's so many youth on the streets that have nothing they'd have to resort to prostitution selling drugs whatever they have to do just to survive. So whatever I can do to help them that gives me the most fulfillment in life.

[00:44:36.610] I have to say that's really enjoyable. And and by doing that I have gotten a lot of business from it. I never even thought about it when I started helping. I did it to do the right thing and help them.

[00:44:47.680] And a lot of wonderful things that happen to me because I've gotten so much more benefit out of helping the homeless youth than probably I have given to them in my mind you know so and I think that's the exact same thing for me is that you know the thing that excites me and makes me do the things that I'm doing now is the fact that if I can help somebody else in their lives get to a place where they want to be then it's super rewarding in going back to people that are just continually saying yes to things as if that's taking you away from the things that you're super passionate about.

[00:45:21.790] Whether it's helping others whether it's your family whether it's all of those things you have to really just look and say Is it really worth it. Is it really worth you know me staying up every single night with so much stress and anxiety and I can't even sleep because I'm thinking about how that person cussed me out today because he said I was the worst person in that now I'm the worst agent. He would never work with me again and the Astros falling apart. All these things are happening right. You attract the right kind of people and it starts from day one of setting clear expectations of who you are what you stand for right and if that just doesn't match with the person sitting across the table from you.

[00:45:59.620] You just have to be willing to say no.

[00:46:01.670] And I think one thing that I that is one of the biggest challenges I have to face every day is when things don't go the way you expect them to or hope them to or something goes sideways is or like you said someone says you're a bad agent or whatever I mean that can happen anyway it's happened to me. You have to let those things go. You have to really just you know they're having and this has happened maybe twice or three actually three times in my career I was involved with a deal with a client and they called me and kind of told me often curse me off and I was like where's this coming from.

[00:46:27.760] Right and I was kind of shocked and at first I was kind of the inner child is hurt and I'm like I'm really good. What did they do wrong. And I'm like No it's not me. They're probably just having a bad day in every case the next day they called me it's I'm really so sorry. I was having a problem X Y and it's never me.

[00:46:42.840] They're having other issues and I happen to be the sounding board that time so. So whenever there's a problem or something upsetting I think the quicker you can let go either you fix it and solve it. Politico it's one of the two and most times just certain things you can't fix it just let it go and not give it any energy. If you're giving energy to that negativity and those bad thoughts or what they've said you're Greek you're recreating that or building it in your world. Because whatever we think about comes about.

[00:47:08.720] Like that old book by James Allen as a man. Think it's such a simple concept but whatever we think about comes about. If you're thinking all day long about the negative things and the bad things or things that have upset you you're gonna create more of that in your life. So those things do happen to all of us sometimes multiple times a day. I notice it. I try to fix it or take care of it or put it aside and focus on what I can do and who I can help.

[00:47:30.500] I'd like to give a great example. I'm always passionate about providing value and just seeing other people smile to me is is super awesome. And every morning if I'm continually in that into my brain then it just naturally happens whether I'm at home or I'm away. We are at a real estate conference and I woke up in Facebook paying me a different birthdays that were happening for the day and I saw Christopher's name pop up and the first thing that I thought of was everybody's going to tell him Happy Birthday on this post.

[00:47:59.840] I'm going to walk downstairs I'm a buy my birthday card and I'm going to go hand deliver it to him because I know that's doing things a little bit differently. It wasn't to impress you it wasn't to do anything other than to see you smile. And I handed you the card and we actually have it filmed and you were just shocked and surprised because I'm assuming not everybody in that entire stadium or audience you know handed you a card and it's sometimes it's just the simple things. That was the only one.

[00:48:27.500] There you go. Well one of the most important things that Deepak Chopra talks about which is always in my mind mind appreciation attention and affection that just should be a rule of everyone's life. And you know everyone craves those three things right. And whether it's a client a friend your loved one your spouse your sister someone on the street a homeless person. You know I talked to these homeless youth and you know when I and I really we we have Thanksgiving together we sit down and I really try to delve into how they got where they are what's important to them what would have what helps them get out of their state of mind.

[00:49:01.100] They said you know sometimes when you're homeless on the street people just walk and they just kind of. Don't you want to talk because you're afraid if you look at them again they're gonna ask you for money or something right. They just want someone to just say Hello how are you today. Just attention affection and appreciation. So I keep those three A's in my mind all the time and the WAFL. What's in it for me. So when I meet people I'm asking. What's in it for them and how can I give them attention appreciation and affection.

[00:49:26.510] It could be a small little thing. They'd be just bringing someone a flower from your garden. It could be like you did bringing me the card or like with you know with birthdays on Facebook. Thank God we have Facebook to remind us nowadays. Yeah you can send a little happy birthday and happy birthday with a photo or you can do a video a personal video takes you 40 seconds 30 seconds. I try to do it every day but at times you get caught up in my business and I'm like oh I should do it and then Elvis and six o'clock at night.

[00:49:49.940] I haven't done it but it's just giving someone the attention and kindness knowing that you're thinking of them and you care about them because you never know when they really need that and you you could be doing it right at the moment are they really really need someone to know to know that someone cares about them because they could be having a serious problem with something or a serious illness who knows. So always give love in those things and I think you can't go wrong.

[00:50:11.960] So wrap it up here. I think that for anybody listening that jump to this last minute or so to get successful and to be successful you have to work hard. You have to believe in yourself and believe in the things that you're doing. You have to do the right things for the right people. And you don't have to do everything and sometimes it's doing just those simple things in and doing them from a sense of how can I help this person. Right. Those are just the things that you need to do and I think that wrapping up here.

[00:50:43.820] Is there any other piece of advice I know we've kind of jumped all over the place. I know you know. Is there anything that you would you know that's that you're passionate about or maybe something that's triggered based off of our conversation that you want to.

[00:50:56.210] Well something just came to mind is always kind of notorious for so always keep your mind mind eyes and heart open for miracles and opportunity. If you're in a negative place thinking negatively or or too much in your own head you won't be able to see the opportunities that are out there. So you have to keep open to those things because they are out there all the time we have to just be able to have a clear enough mind and an open mind that we can pay attention when those things around us that like with the particular activating sensors.

[00:51:28.430] Yeah. So if you have that mindset of where's my next opportunity where's my miracle today are you my next miracle you my next opportunity. So kind of when I meet people I'm like It's like a new introduction if something nothing is random in the universe.

[00:51:41.420] I really think that everyone you meet every situation there's something in that that you need to look at and try to discover what that is. So but if we're too caught up in our head or being upset or negative you're not gonna even see those things and be like Oh. But it's sometimes there was an old thing that that I was told play the perfect when opportunities come your way say yes. Now it's very different than our saying no we talked about earlier but it's kind of the same thing on the reverse.

[00:52:05.340] Sometimes you get opportunities or people ask you to do things like oh I don't want to do that. But then I kind of think about it in a more open way. You know wait a minute the universe is offering me something here. Why don't I try it and see what's down that road like you see there's no cheese down that tunnel. And maybe there's a lot of cheese down that tunnel. So you know I think being open to opportunities as well as another important aspect for everybody listening.

[00:52:28.920] Where can they connect with you if they have questions if they just want to see some of the things that you're doing. Or maybe they just want to you know start selling luxury houses overnight.

[00:52:39.160] So thank you for asking. First of all so probably the best way over my Facebook has been for for a long time so you can follow me on Facebook. You send me a friend request I will send you to my business page but my business page is mostly business it's not so personal. Instagram is a great way you can follow me on Instagram. There's no limit there so that's really got everything I do is on Instagram IPTV. Also my YouTube channel I Troy any video I do it goes on YouTube.

[00:53:02.790] So there you go and you subscribe which is great cause and you can see kind of its all over its parties its fun its mindset things its. I'm doing more and more like day to day like actual activities like how do I sell a house or a market a house we're doing more and more of that. So look just Google my name Kristoff. You'll find me all over the place. Don't look for the fake profiles because there's a lot of them but. But yeah. Find me a little place. I do try to respond to all the comments that I get.

[00:53:29.220] I like to interact with people that follow me because I really do appreciate that and I like getting to and I met a lot of great friendships from social media which has been nice just people just randomly follow me and the ones that make friends with are those that talk to me and chat with me and and I'll be honest dinners and birthdays I'll like delete people cause I'm like Well who's this. The birthday popped up. I never see them on Facebook. They never communicate. I don't see their posts by you know so.

[00:53:52.200] So I think it's a pretty full on social media try to to try to talk to people and communicate and and be social. And and second it's like an online cocktail party and you know you need to talk to people.

[00:54:04.800] Awesome. Well again we're super appreciative of your time. We're grateful for you having us here and again for those listening make sure that you connect with Christoph it's Christoph Chou C H O. And we will see you guys next week.

[00:54:18.030] Thank you Thanks Jonathan for having me. Thank you. Oh thanks.