"How To Find Your Voice In Life" with Coach Micheal Burt

If you have to google “what to post on social media,” then you probably shouldn’t be posting.

These posts are your voice; your way of getting your message out to the people who need to hear it. But when you are searching for what to say, you’ve got a problem.

Why? Those pre-made; pre-written posts won’t make an impact because they don’t come from YOU. It isn’t your voice; your story. It’s someone else’s message, under your name.

So how do you learn how to tell your story? What should you be posting on social media?

Right now: pull out your phone! What are you doing? Take a picture of that! It’s what you need to be sharing, and telling people. You don’t need a fancy message that someone else has given you.

Take time to find your voice, and what is unique and special about you.