How Video Can Change Your Business | #REalAdvice 19 with Chris Kwon


So often, it feels like a huge part of working in real estate is constantly chasing people. But what if it changed, and people started chasing you? What if they even met you halfway? 

That’s what happened with Chris Kwon when he started using video in his business. Three years ago, Chris decided that it was time to make time to create video for his business. 

He picked up a camera, and hit record. 

More than a hundred videos later, he’s not out constantly chasing leads - now, qualified people are coming to HIM looking for him to help them. Best of all, they already feel a connection to him because they have seen his videos, and are ready to work with him.

Video will not make you an overnight success: but it will put you on a trajectory that will completely change your business and how you serve your clients.

Chris Kwon is here on this episode of #REalAdvice to give some of his best tips on how you can use video to bring people to you!

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Chris Kwon. He’s a family man from California who decided that he was done constantly chasing leads, and started creating video.

Highlights of this episode: 

  • Important to remember: when you make video, you have to step back and look at the big picture. You can’t focus on only one metric. Videos have a far reach!

  • Make a plan for your video - if you aren’t seeing success, evaluate your distribution and optimization. Make sure that you know the algorithms for each platform you use.

  • Chris makes a video for every single listing, and tries to find ways to have multiple videos. Some houses could support a 20 minute video, so he breaks it into smaller videos and uses them to increase promotion opportunities.

  • As with most social media, consistency is key. Video will not make you an overnight success.

  • There’s no magic pill; no magic camera; no magic resource tool. In fact, simpler and smaller is better! 

  • If you’ve made a hundred videos and are not seeing results, get in touch with us at the Hashtag Agent: we’ll help you figure out what’s going on!

  • If you only learn one thing from this episode, put yourself in the best environment to achieve the results you want. If you’re passionate about using video in your business and getting better at it, spend time with people who are using video! They will push you to new levels in your business, and help you feel comfortable with your strategies. 

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Full Transcript

00:00 You don't have to do video. I did video because I found a lot of benefit from doing video and then accomplish some of the goals that I wanted was not to go out and chase people. I wanted people to meet me halfway or you know, seek me out. So I think, um, you know, you have to decide like, hey, if it's videos for you then great video is not for you, then don't do it. Right. But um, do the benefits of doing video outweigh, uh, you know, everything else for me was, that was like a no brainer. Right? But it can be different for everybody. Everybody else. I just wanted to create a better business for myself that was easier and I accomplished that through video and I know that it works. Welcome back everyone. Today we have Chris Quan Full Time Dad, husband and estate agent who's been in the business since 2012.

00:41 He's a journeyman who said the opportunity to work at six different real estate brokerages and is currently using video as his primary medium to share his journey. Yeah. And exactly that. An online resume. So your bio, your about section, all these different things, all this different texts, it only gets you so far if you were able to just do a two to three minute video as well with your bio, like you said, not only are your potential clients seeing it, but potential agents as well. And actually not a lot of agents do that. Um, so you know, when you're referring clients back and forth, it's obviously great to look at reviews. It's great to see that they're active in selling some properties. But to take that next step to say, okay, let's watch the video of who is Chris Quan. Then they go, wow, I feel like I know the guy already though.

01:30 Well that's a much easier referral and if there's not a referral to be given at that point, uh, later on, on the future, should that arise, they think of you. They don't think of, let me see it. You know, I read his bio and he said he did this, this, this, that. They just instantly think of you because they saw you through video. Sure. For somebody that's doing video, um, and they're putting out video, what are some of the things that you're doing to, to track and measure? What are the different things that you're looking at? Are you specifically looking at views? Are you looking at, uh, comments or shares? What is it that you're looking at the most? So I'm actually kind of stepping away from just the specifics of each analytic. Okay. And I'm trying to look at it and it's kind of stepping back a little bit and looking at the entire picture.

02:16 And what I mean by that is that, um, so like let's say I put out an ad on Facebook or like a post on Facebook, you know, there's a view count if I boost it, where like what am I seeing there? How many people are clicking? Those are like specific analytics that people look at and maybe a only look at, right? And then they go, oh, you only got two clicks. We got three clicks and only got 500 views. But then beyond that, like, okay, like two months from now, like how did that affect me? I like, what about all the other people that aren't liking commenting? Like how did that, did that post actually get me business? And I think there are a lot of people out there who don't like or comments or say anything about your stuff, but know that you're doing business.

03:01 And so those are, even if you're not doing business, if you put that out there as if you're doing business, that perception can definitely change for sure. A lot. There's, there's that thing where you a, in the industry, you fake it till you make it. I've got no problem with that because you know, you've got to start from somewhere. As long as you're good at your craft, you're getting better. I've got no problem with that because you know, obviously you're doing what you can in order to get the business. Uh, so, but if you see a lot of people, a lot of people do start off that way, right? They maybe have only like two, three, four sales in their bell or maybe three or four years in the business or whatever and put online, they look like they're doing a ton of business and so will that will, that will transpire into more business.

03:44 And then three or four years from now you'll be the expert. Right. I'll never, never remember where you were three years ago, but you've got to start somewhere. So are you looking at views the most? Is that I'm looking at the whole thing. Like I, I've never been a person to just sit and stare at one thing. I'm always like, oh, I had this analogy about this the other day. Somebody was talking to me. I said something like along the lines like, um, if you had like a dam or some matter, I forget it was if you had a dam and there was obviously water going into the dam. I didn't want to know how much water was going into the dam. If I just knew that, I don't even know. I can't remember how it went.

04:29 But no, I think what it was for me is like, I just want to know that the Wa there's the stream is moving in the right direction. And I hear what you're saying because you know, there's been a lot of times the agents come and they say, well you're doing this, you're doing that. How many leads did you get? You know, from this specific video how many leads or messaged you, how many, and that is actually impossible. It's so hard to do because you don't know, okay, was it the 20 seconds from that video and that 10 seconds from this now video that actually got them to think they know me. So when they got the postcard, they, they knew me, then they worked with me. Well how do I really track that back to this and this? And I think that, like you said, it's too hard to track specifically.

05:19 Okay. He amounts of leads to x video. Unless you're running a video ad, you know, with the objective of, of lead generation, I guess you can definitely track that. Um, I think it really just comes back to using a fish analogy. The more bait that you put out into the ocean, the more opportunities you have to catch a fish. Right? So I, you know, when I started doing Facebook ads, I was very focused on the leads that came in, right? So you run a Facebook ad, okay, how many people contacted you? How many people signed up, how many put their information down. And I was very stuck on, okay, how many leads did I, that $10 booster, that $20 boots kept me. And over time, you know, I was thinking like, hey man, I only got like two leads from that one ad and I haven't got two.

06:04 And I didn't really think about the long term of it. Right. And so obviously your goal is to get the information, obviously somebody to put a footprint or a, you know, on on net that you put out, right? So obviously you do the Facebook marketing and you understand it. So when somebody, you know, obviously likes it's, it's there, that's your footprint, right? There's, there's, it's basically their thumb print on on that and you can re target them, right? So that's, you know, tactically if you wanted to use that. But if you do that ad after ad after ad after ad and you do have the right things in place in gender, social media marketing, and you re target them over time, like whether that, that lead is dead at that point. It could be something that works out six months from now or a year from now.

06:48 And so, um, I just think you got to think longterm. Well, I think what you have to do is think, how can this valley, how can this video create value? Uh, and it, and it's much more than just a specifically to a listing. And that's why, you know, when you're talking about the community, when you're talking about your brand, when you're talking about the different people that you work with, the different events that you go to, you know, you allow somebody to interpret that the way that it fits into their story. And it's not necessarily that everybody on social media is buying or selling your house because we know that is not the case. Or, uh, we'd all be very well off, uh, very instantly. And I think for anybody that's listening that thinks, oh, I have just, you know, I have x amount of Facebook friends, I'm going to do great in real estate all.

07:32 Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. But I do think that if you can create value and actually give the value out through video, um, then again, it can apply to multiple industries. It can apply to multiple types of backgrounds because they not only see you as the video person, but hey, I actually learned something or I actually learned a specific tactic or tip or hey, you know, they talked about mindset and I didn't even know what that meant, but they just said that and I just went and I read this book and well actually, you know, that kind of came back to you and they think about that later on down the road, which can you track that? Not really. It's so hard to, to be like, oh, this ad produced 10 sales. Right. I don't think that's possible. I think you, obviously you do your numbers at the end of the year and then you obviously understand how many ads you put out and then you could track it kind of that way, but it would take a year for you to, to really do that or maybe a three year, you know.

08:28 Um, so you talked about having a plan for video. Um, do you have a specific plan around the video as far as how much video you want to do? Um, what types of videos that you want to do? Can you talk a little bit more about that? Yeah. So, um, for every listing, obviously I do every single day. That's a, that's a, um, non-negotiable, right? So every listing that I have, I'm making a video. Every buyer sell that I have, I'm making of somewhat of a video. I can't really make a like a property video, but I can make some social media pieces for it. And you know, so, you know, put it out that way. So I made that rule probably about two years ago, right? So, um, every single listing it's got to have a video. And so regardless of whatever type of video it is, I just need to make sure that it's consistently out there.

09:14 Just like if I were to go print a property flyer, it's just a nonnegotiable thing. Like I need to go get a property flyer and then I also have to have a video that gets it's, so that's a rule that I've had and I'll, I'll, I'll continue to have a, for a lot of folks in, you know, I don't know if that's necessarily the case, right? So they make one video and they go, okay, cool. Maybe one video you gotta make more than one video and then how can you turn that one opportunity? So the thing that I'm working on with my coach right now is how do I get a one listing and turn that into three or four transactions? Right? So same thing with video. Like if I'm making one video, if I, that's my, that's my number one rule. How can I turn that into three or four pieces, right?

09:53 Three or four different marketing pieces. Obviously that video could be something you could use it in and enter the year piece. You can do it every quarter, um, you know, every two, two months or whatever. But, um, repurpose your content, you know, for, for those folks, let's say you only got one listing, right? Make four videos out of it, you know, just shoot different parts of the house. But, uh, so that's something that works that I've been working on in terms of video for me, and then creating your social media marketing pieces, right? So, um, and then there's no magic. There's no magic pill. I think you just need to be solid. Like you just need to have some type of rule and stick with it. Um, I think everyone's trying to make their videos fun and I think that's cool. But I think you have to be just consistent.

10:39 You just have to be solid with whatever your plan is and you just set rules for yourself. If it's gonna be one video per listing, great. If it's gonna be two great, but um, get it out there. And so for me, I don't think I do anything crazy. I just naturally think of, oh I can, how can I make this new interesting. And you know, so every video's a little bit different. It's more of a creative process for me as opposed to anything. But I would say those are my number one rules. Just to end. You said that there's no magic pill. Do you mean there's no magic camera? There's no magic resource tool. Um, I mean there's stuff, there's definitely stuff that I'd go and buy. Okay. Cause every new gadget that comes out, I'm like, oh cool, I could use that for this matter that night.

11:19 I have a bunch of equipment at home that I don't necessarily use. I always tend to go back to the things that are the smallest, the most ECSU is the easiest that can, things I can just fit in my backpack, I'm easier to travel with. And for me that's simplifying has been the easiest thing for me. But I use my phone quite a bit. A lot of people have phones. I mean the phones these days are so good. So use that. If you're starting off, um, then maybe, you know, you haven't go pro here, you've got the EDD, you've got probably an eight, seven, three or something. These are all good quality cameras, but really all you really need is one. Yeah. You think it and honestly if I think I got rid of all my cameras and just started using one, I think that would make, I would probably shoot more video.

12:02 I probably would just because I wouldn't have to think about what camera am I using today, what Lens Am I gonna use? Um, you know, what might, should I put on this, what tripod shit. It's all like crap that I, that I have to deal with that most people I'm sure deal with another way, shape or form. But that's for me, cause I got the Sony, um, and then I went shark diving. So I bought the GoPro seven and then, you know, going on other family trips, I'm taking this Sony. Then I'm like, ah. It was a lot nicer to just to carry the GoPro. So then next I'm just carrying the GoPro, just carrying the GoPro. Then pretty much for every personal video over the last few months have just been through the GoPro or my phone. Why is, I don't want to worry about the camera and the tripod and the lights and this.

12:45 I actually want to spend time with my family and capture the moments in pretty much close to the same quality. There's tons of different things that she could do, but like you said, if you just keep it simple, then you do it. And if you do it, then it can lead to other things when you're creating video. Um, so what's a piece of advice for somebody that already has been doing video? There are a hundred videos in like you recommended. Um, they're not necessarily tracking something because they understand that there's a much bigger picture. However, there are a hundred videos in and they're not really seeing any traction anywhere. What, what will, what would you say to that person? I'd be surprised. Oh, okay. Okay. The answer. I'd be surprised if somebody didn't see some traction from that. So probably they haven't created a a hundred videos is what you're saying.

13:36 Yeah, that'd be, that'd be really different. It'd be all based if they created a hundred videos in the question be how you're distributing your content. Okay. Are you doing, are you optimizing it? Are you putting it in places that you need to, when you say optimize, is there something specific that you would say they should be doing? Obviously you want to have some knowledge of, of how the algorithms work in different platforms. You know, the best times. Suppose what content people like. You do have to be aware of the analytics. You don't know. For me, I don't have to get down to the specifics of each post, but you do have to be aware, okay, I got this many likes or this many posts and you see a difference. Right? I know that I get more likes and more attention on things that are family oriented, that don't have anything to do with real estate, then vice versa.

14:18 So, um, you know, the thing that, you know, I, I talked with with Jason Pantana and was like, how do you incorporate both to where, you know, you can incorporate your personal life in, you can, you know, sprinkle in a little bit of your business in there and still get the pretty good, pretty good attention on him. So I'd be surprised if somebody were a hundred videos in and they were comfortable in the camera and you know, they've been doing this for a couple of years and didn't see any, any traction from it. I'd be very, very, um, because there are tons of people that are doing video right now that have put up that earn Zack situation, that are completely different personalities that put out different types of quality, like your Christophe Choo to your, to your, uh, Tim Macy's to me too. We'll have all different styles, but I can tell you we all have probably several hundred videos out there and on some degree we're all very successful and we've done a lot of, a lot of business from that, those opportunities.

15:19 But we're all very different, right? We all attract different people, right? We're all different personalities. So, um, is that the secret sauce? I, uh, I'd be until proven otherwise. I think that is, so if anybody has recorded a hundred videos and that's listening and you haven't seen anything, I'd love you for you to shoot us, shoot us a message, I'd love for you to be that person so we can dissect it and go, what the heck happened? Right. But I, I'd be very surprised if if that wasn't working then it's just a matter of like, okay, how are you putting out the content? Who, like how do you, how do you get it in front of the right people? Right? Because somebody is going to like you out there. There's too many people out there and not for somebody not to, to like you. So, um, yeah, I'd be very surprised.

16:05 We kind of just jumped into talking about video. Um, and there may be some people that don't know who you are and for those people that are listening, uh, could you briefly tell us, uh, who Chris Kwan is? I'm just a normal real gun. I mean, I, somebody asked me the other day and they asked me, can you send me a two to three sentence bio? And I was like, what? I go, I go to my Zillow page, copy and paste this, or where can I go and find something that's already been printed about me so I can, and I always just like, I'm just a normal guy who just, when I look at, cause I like making video. Obviously there's the conversation that we're gonna have. I like making video. And for me it's just the way I look at video is I'm just sharing my perspective of the world through the camera.

16:54 That's it. Like everybody's perspective is different and I just use the medium for me is a video camera. Other people could be, you know, a pencil, it could be crayons, it could be, you know, through Photoshop or whatever it might be. My medium is just using the camera and video. And so the way that I want to, that I perceived the world, I just want to make sure that, that I show people like, Hey, this is who I am. And so I'm just a normal guy. Um, you know, I've got two kids, I've got a wife, I've got great friends, I've got great family. Um, you know, I've had good things and I've had bad things happen to me. Um, I'm no one special. I'm not super rich, I'm not super poor. I've worked to get where I'm at. I'm a hard worker. Um, and um, I enjoyed just the simple things in life. Now I like spending time with my family. Um, I don't party like I used to college, just no need to. Um, and I just like being simple, right? And just, I'm a, I like ice cream. I like sweets. What's your favorite, favorite flavor? I like them all. That's a problem.

18:00 It's ice cream. I send her my way, you know, whatever it is. And so, um, and so for me, like I'm just a real estate agent who just found a niche, I guess you can say. And everyday I'm just kind of working to try and get better, to make my life a little bit easier. Um, I don't want to be a real estate agent forever. Like, I don't see myself doing this when I'm 50 or 60. I want this is like, this is like a, um, this is just a place for me to just hang out for a little while and then I'm going to go find the next thing. And so I'm using real estate as kind of a vehicle to help me figure out what that next thing is. I don't know what it is, but, um, while I'm doing it, I just want to be as good as I can be and then move on to the next thing, whatever it is.

18:49 So maybe, who knows, maybe I'll still be in real estate, but I won't be selling like I am now. I'm may have a team, I may be running something different, but it won't be my main source of income or the thing that I do every single day. So I figure if I'm going to be here and work as hard as I can while I'm here and then, yeah, so for somebody that's listening, uh, and they just popped on 40 minutes in, they haven't heard you talk about, uh, anything prior. Um, when it comes to video, they don't know who you are. Uh, but they're seeing a headline that says the best piece of advice, uh, that you would give to somebody regarding video. What would be the best piece of advice that she would give to somebody in the video spectrum?

19:34 Um, I say this with everything. Um, in terms of company, real estate, coaching, life in general, you just need to put yourself in the best environment that you can put yourself in. And that could, so when I look at the company, right, it's this wonderful company that we belong to. I looked at all my options and I figured out what's the best place that I can be that will, that will help me get to whatever goal that I want. Right? Woohoo. Can I surround myself with that or likeminded, um, that has the same vision as I do. Right? And so that for me was the reason why I came to this particular company. Um, coaching, right? So we were, we were coaching before, I'm still coaching now. And you know, when I wasn't coaching, I was like, you know, kind of doing everything on my own.

20:25 And I was like, how can I be surrounded by other people that are doing amazing things so that they can influence me to do some something amazing. And so same thing with, you know, friends and family, you know, I understand. I have met a lot of people in my lifetime and there are certain people that, that I definitely want to be around, right? They're just good people. Just want to surround myself with the best people possible. Um, and there's some people that don't necessarily, that aren't on the right path that I go, well, you know, maybe I need to sacrifice our relationship a little bit of a step away from it in order to, to, to be in that environment that I want to be in. And so in every single aspect of that, I, I look in and go, how can I put myself in the best position possible?

21:05 So when it comes with video, I think it's the same thing. I think you need to be surrounded by people that, um, that are, that are doing video and that can push you to be there. Right? Whether it's through or if you're just an online person, put yourself in some groups. Get very associated with that group. Get to know the people that are in there and you know, ask questions, have them have people push you to do, to reach your goals. Um, it was funny, I went to a video youtube video conference a couple of years ago and that was kind of around the time where you know, you know, you know youtubers, they have their camera in front of your face. It was crazy walking around. Everybody had a vlogging camera in front of their face. It was just so normal after two days of that, like if I was walking through like the hotel and I had a camera in front of my face, I felt like I fit in like I was.

21:58 It was just a very normal process. Whereas when you go out and you go into the shopping center and you're the only person with that camera in your face, it feels really weird. So that's why I think it's so important to be surrounded by other people that, that are, uh, that are, you know, similar to what you want to accomplish or people that you want to be around cause it'll influence you. Totally infuse influence. You, there's going to be a lot of questions I'm sure regarding video, regarding other things that we discussed. How can people best find you and reach out you should they have a question directly for you? Yeah, I think the best way for me to get in touch with me is through Instagram. Obviously with the Instagram platform, it's so easy. Um, and uh, Chris Kwan, realer, c h R, I s k w o n. [inaudible],

22:44 um, is my handle. That's probably the best way to reach me. Um, Facebook has began. I just, it's been tough to get ahold of me, but I think Instagram is probably the easiest way to, and um, you know, that's how I got ahold of you. Yeah. That's how I got when I was downstairs trying to call you. I was like, Dang, I don't even have his number, so I don't wanna get in touch with them all. I'm going to message them on Instagram, man. There you go. Sweet. So, uh, I definitely want to thank you for your time. Uh, like you said, video is something that can definitely put you in a place that you want to be, that you're not currently, uh, however it's not going to be, uh, an overnight thing. You have to think about it in the longterm. You have to not just solely focus on some specific stat or, uh, analytic.

23:33 You have to really look at the big picture in, you know, if you keep overthinking it and overthinking not only just the analytics, the camera, the tools, the resources, the way you look, you're just never going to do it. So really at the, at the heart of this, uh, correct me if I'm wrong, if somebody hasn't created a video, the easiest way to do that would be to pull out their phone and hit record. And that's their first video. Is there anything else for somebody listening that you would give as a last piece of advice to somebody that they're either doing video that or they're thinking about doing video, they're on the edge and they're waiting to hear this last piece of advice. Um, so I don't know, and, and it's, it's not a trick question. It should literally be back to just do the video or hey, you know, I, I asked Kyle the question yesterday about building a team and I asked that, that the exact same way and he said, look, there's phenomenal teams out there.

24:35 However, building a team is not for everybody. And if you're only doing it because you think you're going to be like this person or you want to be like that person, but you would hate, you know, building a team, don't build a team, you know, there's tons of other models that you can do. Would you say that's the same thing and when it comes to video, you don't, I don't think, you don't have to do video. I did video because I found a lot of benefit from doing video and then accomplish some of the goals that I wanted was not to go out and chase people. I wanted people to meet me halfway or you know, seek me out. So I think, um, you know, you have to decide like, hey, if it's videos for you then great video is not for you, then don't do it.

25:13 Right. But um, do the benefits of doing video outweigh, uh, you know, everything else. For me it was, that was like a no brainer. Right. But it can be different for everybody. Everybody else. I just wanted to create a better business for myself that it was easier and I accomplished that through video and I know that it works. So yeah. Sweet. Well we appreciate your time again, Chris [inaudible] connect with him. Chris Quan realtor and a, the best way to get ahold of him is definitely through Instagram direct messages cause that's exactly what I did. Yeah. Thank you. Alright, cool. Hey everybody, this is Jonathan Hawkins. Thank you so much for staying until the very end of this podcast. I definitely appreciate it. As always, make sure to reach out to me via social media at Jonathan Hawkins official. Send me a comment, shoot me a DM. If you have any questions, you can also comment below. Thank you so much. Don't forget to subscribe below and remember who you hire truly matters.