Building A Business On Relationships And Continual Learning | #REalAdvice 24 with Jason Will


What would happen if you stopped chasing clients, and started attracting the right clients through relationships?

Most real estate agents find themselves almost trapped in a cycle of endless cold leads. Rinse and repeat. Cold call after cold gets exhausting!

It works: there’s no doubt about it. But does it help you build the life that you want? Real estate agents that are in a cycle of chasing leads find themselves burnt out and exhausted, and don’t last. 

Instead of working harder in that cycle, pursuing relationships creates a business that is built to last. 

In this episode of the #REalAdvice podcast, Jason Will and I talk about how he realized that he was chasing leads, and running towards burnout. When he made the crucial pivot that completely changed his business, Jason made his team the number one real estate team on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We also talk about vulnerability in business, and how Jason works on his mindset each and every day.

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Jason Will, the man behind the number one real estate team on the Alabama gulf coast. Jason is the voice behind the Impact Agent podcast, and has launched his real estate agent coaching business.

Highlights of this episode: 

  • Jonathan introduces Jason Will and his business.

  • Jason shares what he did to take his team to be the #1 team in the Alabama Gulf Shores. 

  • It’s all about the pivot: moving from chasing leads to pursuing relationships.

  • Making shifts is difficult: you’re changing everything you have known and exchanging it for something you’ve never done before.

  • You have to change yourself to make things better. 

  • Work on becoming a ‘team of interest’ to attract people to you; the kind of people who want to work with you.

  • Creating a business and life that you love requires some upstream swimming: it goes against what people know how to do.

  • Many real estate agents don’t ask for leads from their relationships because they are embarrassed or afraid of rejection.

  • Jason started with chasing leads instead of relationships because he was afraid he had damaged relationships in his past. Turns out, a lot of that damage was just “in his head” and when he was able to move past the voice in his head telling him he wasn’t good enough, he was able to connect with people and develop deep relationships and see tangible, fiscal results in his business.

  • “I’m really good at generating leads … [but] I was hiding behind the computer.” ~ Jason Will

  • Become a learning-based agent, and you will see change! Focus on continual learning and implementation of what you have learned.

  • A relationship-built business will withstand hard times and natural disasters: Jason recounts an oil spill, when many people were afraid to buy on the Gulf Coast. 

  • Jason shares about the Impact Agent Conference, and how he created that event.

  • Networking in real life is where collaborations and relationships are built. Go to live events anytime you can!

  • It’s ok to realize that you are not the best at everything: sometimes we all need help to accomplish our goals.

  • If you enjoyed this podcast episode, make sure that you go register for the Impact Agent Conference in New Orleans!

  • Jason shares how he works on his mindset, and how his life has shaped him. Your past is perfect, because it has gotten you here, right where you are meant to be.

  • “Sometimes you can’t see the big picture because you’re inside the frame.”

  • Remember, there is a lesson to be learned in every failure.

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Full Transcript

Jason: 00:00 Yes, I was getting worn out, just drained mentally and physically from the lead generation and the constant, you know, coach Burke talks about it all the time, how it takes more energy to convert a new relationship than it is to nurture an existing relationship. But it's the, it's the concept of building an undisrupted business. If you're chasing leads, that means your, you're chasing new relationships. Those, those lead sources are going to dry up in times of economic hardship, environmental disasters, things like that. But you've got these relationships. If you've got a business is built on relationships, in my opinion, it's undisrupted pl. So I'd say that's part one. And then part two is scale. Like these teams that are doing 100 million, $200 million from transactions a year, they're not chasing, they're attracting.

Jonathan: 00:55 Jason leads the number one real estate team on the Alabama Gulf coast and it's the CEO of Impact Agent, uh, coaching and Events Company for real estate agents. He specializes in helping team leaders build profitable teams on the foundations of culture and accountability. All right, sweet. So today we are with Jason will, we are still in Dallas. And before we jump into today's episode, Jason, for everybody listening, please tell us who you are, what you do, what you love, what you hate, what you believe. Oh my God. Just tell us who you are. That's on that 20 minute intro, man. That's, that's too short.

Jason: 01:31 Oh really? Okay, good. Well, uh, just let me know. Just tap my foot if I run too long. But um, hi everybody. I'm Jason will, I run the number one real estate team on the Alabama Gulf coast and um, post launch of our first live event impact agent conference. I launched a coaching business. So, um, just kinda kinda feeling that out at the moment, but that's, that's what I do.

Jonathan: 01:58 Sweet. Outside of real estate, what do you do,

Jason: 02:01 man? Not a whole lot. Um, you know, I uh, am a obsessed with content creation and you know, just furthering, uh, as coach Burt would say, my, my, my person of interest level. So, uh, just consuming content, podcast books, just webinars, anything, get my hands on. I'm working on two book projects right now, so I've got a lot of irons in the fire. Um, but as a family we love to travel, so we do unplug and uh, and, and travel quite a bit. We take, you know, over four vacations a year. So traveling is what we love to do as a family.

Jonathan: 02:42 So in order to grow and in order to produce this team that you stated was the number one on the Alabama Gulf coast, correct? Correct. What, what would you say your thing is like, are you guys good at cold calling? Are you guys good at door knocking? Are you guys good marketing? Like what is the thing that makes you guys stand out? I'm sure there's a lot, but what's that main thing that you guys want to focus on?

Jason: 03:07 Well, we're at an interesting time right now because we have been a power dialing team since inception, which was late 2010. Really started getting our wheels turning early, early 2011. But we're in a shift right now because we had been chasing business for the longest time. Um, when you've got, you know, four, five, 600 new leads coming in a month, you really don't have time to love on your, your Soi. And we're, we're just constantly trying to, you know, convert these leads into relationships and we haven't been loving on our people. And it, it's, we're going through this very difficult mindset shift because, you know, my agents are required to spend a certain amount of time on the phone. It's speed to lead. It's all that stuff that, that any of these a real estate team owners have heard before, you know, that we preach and that we hold them accountable to.

Jason: 04:08 And, uh, it's caused a great deal of burnout and even burnout within myself. So, you know, I am starting a coaching business, but I have been coached since I've been in real estate. And sometimes, um, you know, even if you consider yourself coachable, some of the things don't stick. Uh, you know, it takes a while for some of these things to kind of finally sink in. So we're into attraction mode right now and stop chasing the business. So we're, we're taking money away from Zillow. Uh, away from all these paid leads. Like I was just, you know, I had a group of mentors when I got started and you know, it was Kinda like, it evolved into this fun game where we would see like we were constantly texting each other and talk on the phone where was the next shiny little object gonna come. And we were struck a check and it was just all about leads. It wasn't about relationships.

Jonathan: 05:04 Mm mm hmm. Don't get me started on that.

Jason: 05:06 No, I heard that a lot before. So, um, so that's where we are right now is we're pulling all that money back and we're putting it into um, you know, client event parties and charitable things and philanthropic things and supporting our local schools. And you know, that's where our right.

Jonathan: 05:23 Sweet. And I love that you're being very transparent and, and for people that are listening, you have to realize that it's not always in your best interest to always talk about everything that you do. Good. As much as you don't want to talk about the things that you do bad, because if he continued to just cover that up, you're never going to get better. And what Jason just said was the, the thing that we're best about is actually we're changing things to make ourselves even better because we've noticed that we've been going down this path of leads, we've been going down this path of different things. And really we need to realign ourselves. We need to get even better. And even the number one team people is doing things and changing and focusing and tracking and measuring why to get better. And a lot of people don't do that when they get to be the number one team or when they become the number one agent or really at all.

Jonathan: 06:18 So I think that it's very powerful that, you know, when I asked you the question of what's your best thing, you basically said our best thing is, hey, we're gonna get better and we're going to focus on it, different things, but we're really going to just realign ourselves back to relationships, back to becoming that team of interests, back to just attracting the right clients. And the reason that you want to do that, correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason that you want to do that is you want to work with people who want to work with you. And the reason that you want to do that is because you want to create a business and life that you love. If you're working with people that don't like you, if you're working with people that don't agree with you, if you're working with people that don't look like you and act like you and dress like you, they're not going to give you a referral. It's just a onetime shot and then you're on to the next. So you're in this continuous chase mode, which is very hard to be in because if you continually chasing, well, if somebody doesn't take the debate, where's the next piece of business coming from?

Jason: 07:21 It really is against the grain. You know, you're swimming upstream constantly. And it really, if you wouldn't like total transparency, it goes back again. We want total transparency. All right, well it goes, it goes way deeper than that because you think, um, most real estate agents are embarrassed to ask for business from people that they know, like, and trust or people that know, like, and trust them. So for me, you know, I always wanted a way to passively grow my real estate business because I, you know, I didn't have a very good reputation in my town. So just kinda like the class clown, the kid that was always drunk at the party, the parents, you know, word travels fast when you're kind of like the problem child or your community. So, uh, and that just continued through college through graduation, you know, burned a lot of bridges, didn't get invited back to a lot of houses, that kind of thing.

Jason: 08:24 So for me to figure out that, hey, you know, I'm great at, at, at, at selling, I'm great at building relationships, but I've ruined a lot of relationships in my past. My past is not the greatest thing. So I was like, wow, I can be successful in real estate by building new relationships. And it's kind of starting with a clean slate. So I built a really successful real estate business around all these new relationships. And the thing is, is that a lot of that stuff I just told you was in my head. You know, the people, the judgments and all that stuff, they're like, he was just a kid. But see it kind of stuck with me and I just carried it with me. All that insecurity moving forward and I was just kind of, I was hiding behind the computer. I'm really good at generating leads and it became an obsession of mine. And, um, you know, luckily through coaching and mentors and connecting with different people, we're, we're making that switch back to relationships. And I can already feel Jonathan, like a lot of this pressure coming off me.

Jonathan: 09:28 Good. That's great. I'm glad. And, um, you know, for anybody that's listening, you know, even if you're in the same industry, there's, there's ways that you act that are different than the next person. There's things that you're better at than the next person. You're not all in competition mode. If you're, if you're running the same type of real estate business, if you're running an insurance business, if you're running a mortgage business, whatever type of business that you're doing, stop looking at people as competition and look at them as a person and try to figure out how you can even help that person because guess what, in return, they will help you. So those relationships are huge. And I want to get into, um, something that you talked about, which was you're really good at generating leads. And I'll ask the first question and see where it goes and then we'll go to the next question. What, what would you say is when you're generating leads and let's say there's a real estate agent listening, um, you know, what's something that you do that somebody else isn't doing that they should be doing?

Jason: 10:28 Well I would say the foundation of that would be just being a learning based agent. And I would define, and you know, if we get to talk about the impact conference, we'll, we'll come back to the learning based issue that I think plagues the real estate business. But I started, um, following a guy by the name of Ben Kinney. I was in, I started my real estate career with Keller Williams and Ben Kinney was hosting Webinars, new, all these things and was talking about Internet lead generation. So a learning based agent by my understanding of the definition is an agent that is con focused on continual learning and implementation. It's those two, those two key things. So I think, um, agents that have an issue with lead generation, they're, they're not learning based. And that can be just knowing what to say, you know, knowing what to say to the people in your phone to generate an appointment. But it can also mean where do you go on the Internet, what Bait do you throw out that's gonna attract a lead? And what kind of technology do you need, you know, to, to hook that lead into your, your CRM or your database. So that's where it started for me is, is, you know, learning how to, to to attract these leads, getting them into the database and then learning how to convert them.

Jonathan: 11:49 So a lot of people are chasing Liens, uh, myself included, have been there. And I think the reason that we've gone down this path is because we become good at lead generation. However, we neglect the relationships when we do that. The things don't work for us in our business and our lives. What's a change that you've made and a piece of advice that you would give to somebody that is solely chasing leads, generating leads, focused on leads. What's something that has happened to you where you say, you know, if I were to go back and Redo this, I would have done it this way instead.

Jason: 12:27 Yeah. I just, I really feel like that. And of course there are exceptions to every rule, but I really feel like there's only a certain amount of time that you can trace that you can chase, excuse me, before you start attracting your, I was getting worn out, just drained mentally and physically from the lead generation and the constant, you know, coach Burt talks about it all the time, how it takes more energy to convert a new relationship than it is to nurture an existing relationship. So, you know, for me though, I think the big thing is, is I went through 2008 so I was a realtor, got my license in 2004 so it was really, really good for awhile. I mean, when I got my license, literally you could host a couple open houses a weekend and make a really good living in real estate. Um, but 2008 happened.

Jason: 13:23 And then where I live on the Alabama Gulf coast, we had the oil spill in 2010 and I don't care how scared real estate agents were when the collapse almost seven in 2008 they didn't experience the oil spill, which was like the phones stopped ringing, man. They, they thought literally that there was going to be oil coming out of our kitchen sinks. You know, when that whole, uh, uh, I mean, you saw him, you probably saw on the news, you know, just hundreds of gallons that will stone into the Gulf. So, I mean, people are like, everybody's going to move. Nobody wants to move there. It was just a disaster. But it's the, it's the concept of building an undisrupted will business. If you're chasing leads, that means you're, you're chasing new relationships. Those, those lead sources are gonna dry up in times of economic hardship, environmental disasters, things like that. But you've got these relationships. If you've got a businesses built on relationships, in my opinion, it's an disruptable. So I'd say that's part one. And then part two is scale. Like these teams that are doing 100 million, $200 million in transactions a year, they're not chasing, they're attracting.

Jonathan: 14:37 So let's flip the script and let's talk about the agent achieves me. Impact Agent Conference that you hosted in New Orleans. Let's talk about what you're doing on the coaching aspect. Um, and first off, I'd like to thank you for inviting me to New Orleans. That was phenomenal and I think that there were phenomenal relationships that I made because of that, which go back to you. I was actually, um, talking with Bradley flowers and goes, how did, how do you know him? And I said, well, let me, let me trace that back. I know him because he was in coaching with me. However, I really became to know him because he invited me to come to New Orleans and I really started to know him because now I understand what's working, what's not working. The good, the bad. That's when you really start knowing somebody. So I appreciate everything that you've done for that conference.

Jonathan: 15:25 And uh, I know it wasn't easy and I know it's still not easy. No. And I know that there have been probably some nights where you are kicking yourself. There's been nights where you're regretting what you did. There's been nights where you're like, man, am I going to keep this thing going? What are you doing at this point? And you might not be doing anything, but what are you doing at this point to push through that, to fight through that, to see the light at the end of end of the tunnel, to realize that, hey, you know, maybe there is something there. Maybe if I just make that one connection, we can really vamp it up. What, what, what are you doing right now to try and push yourself through that? To See the light at the end of the tunnel? Because I know it's, it can't be easy.

Jason: 16:10 It's not, I mean, you know, it was, we, we um, what is it Cody Gaskins that puts on 8% nation? Yeah. So we, I heard him say, you know, um, that putting on 8% nation's the hardest thing he's ever done in his career. And so I know like when he says that, I know exactly what he means because putting on an event and spending $100,000 or a $150,000 on speakers, and then, you know, signing a big, you know, a, an additional, $150,000 contract with the hotel and, and, and, and all the stuff that goes into that, um, you know, it's, it's, uh, it's sleepless nights. It's a lot of stress. It puts a lot of stress on everything else is going on in your life. And, uh, especially when you just, when you're doing it the first time and you don't know what you don't know.

Jason: 16:59 And, um, you know, I, I, it's funny, he's, when Cody was telling the story about how 8% nation came to bout, it was at 10 x and that's where it happened for me, you know, and at the same Tenex, two in Las Vegas was when I want to put on an impact agent conference and that's where 80% nation was born. So it was interesting to hear him say that. Um, but I'm a conference junkie. I believe in live immersive trainings. So I know the trend right now is kind of starting to go towards, you know, these virtual summits and things like that. But I just feel in my heart that this is where the real stuff happens. Like the really good stuff happens when we all get in a room together and start collaborating and networking and building. I mean you miss all that. You miss all that at a virtual summit.

Jonathan: 17:52 It's the exact same reason why I was telling you earlier that my podcast is now in person because people answer things a little bit differently in person. You can dive deeper in person, you can really understand and feel what they believe, what they don't believe in person, where at least for me, online podcasts, I just didn't get the same out of the person and the relationship wasn't built very well. It was kind of, that person was on my podcast and that's pretty much all I know. But when I sit down at a coffee shop with somebody and we do a podcast, we walk away with that and we're like, Ma, most people don't sit down with me at a coffee shop and do a podcast. You know, we're, we're growing on a much deeper level, which like you said is because it's, it's in person. So what we need to do is we need to talk about what we're doing for impact agent conference too.

Jason: 18:45 Right? So I'd never really got to that part of your question.

Jonathan: 18:48 And then what we need to do is go back to that first question.

Jason: 18:53 So you know, I, I'm in this kind of this limbo period right now where, um, um, analyzing and probably over analyzing, um, impact too. Um, I really feel like from impact one we learned, we learned so much. But one of the things that I think was probably one of my biggest takeaways was that, and we surveyed agents that came and they said, I wished there was just, there was just wish there was more networking. We had all these networking things going on. But I think if you had a conference, you know, like this, whether it's 8% nation or anything else that uh, any of these big conferences in men or anything else, if you had a way to force agents to network, if you had to get 'em in a room or get him at a table and the head to talk about what's working, what's not working, um, it can be powerful.

Jason: 19:43 So right now what I am, you know, hopeful is that, um, you know, that I will find somebody that is willing to, I need a partner is what I need. Um, you know, I need somebody that has connections and contacts and knows how to guide me, to mentor me or to just, uh, to be a business partner with me to take this to the next level. So I think just like Cody sees that, you know, the insurance industry needs 80% nation. I feel like the real estate industry needs, you know, impact agent conference, a conference that is just dead set on evolving, you know, figuring out what are the, the, the missing pieces and what are the gaps into the rest of these conferences. Cause I kind of see them, I kind of see, I go as a conference junkie, I go to a lot of events and I'm like, here's my big takeaways. You know, here's how it could have been better. Um, you know, some of it I like, I feel like Inman, I love Inman, but I feel like if you're a new agent in the business, that's probably not the best conference for you. Um, so it's those types of things. But, uh, I'm passionate about the, the impact agent brand and building not only impact agent conference but impact agent retreats and masterminds and all that stuff. Just like, um, you are with Hashtag agent. Um, but I, I know that I can't do it alone.

Jonathan: 21:09 So what we need to do, people that are listening is we need to make sure that's anything that Jason is going to do is going to be successful. What he's saying is that he needs help. And again, that just another transparent being vulnerable, but understanding that sometimes you can't do it on your own and sometimes you do need help from other people. Sometimes those people are smarter than you, which is a lot of times because we're not an expert in everything. Although we'd like to be and you know, I'm the type of person that, you know, I have to, you know, jump out of my shell. I have to, you know, step over the line to realize that even if I can do something better than somebody that's taking time away from something else, if I am trying to do everything and be the best at everything, will, I'm really not the best at anything. And, uh, I think in order for us to really do something, uh, well here, what would be cool is on this podcast, what we're gonna do is we're going to create a landing page. Okay. We are going to make some snippets. This is probably a snippet of me saying and we're going to make some snippets and we're going to drive traffic to a landing page to preregister for impact agent conference to where we hosting in New Orleans.

Jason: 22:26 I'm open, but everybody seemed to really love that venue.

Jonathan: 22:29 We love to new, we love to New Orleans and we need to change some things and make some tweaks. So we're going to talk about that and I'm going to connect you with some other people to do that. But for those that are listening, if you came to impact agent one you enjoyed yourself, you, you experienced what you wanted to experience, you took something away and you implemented it. If it's impacted you in any way, I want you to put a comment underneath this post. I want you to share this post and I want you to go and preregister for impact agent to, we'll put all the details out. But the only way that we're gonna do that is if we get the preregistration is for impact too. So if you like what Jason's doing, if you believe in his mission, Jason and Diana, if you believe in their mission, if you believe in everything that they've done for us to put on a conference to help us to do things for us, then let's help him in return.

Jonathan: 23:28 And again, at the bottom of this podcast, make sure that you look into the notes and we'll put the details there at the bottom of this post. Look for the information and let's, let's, let's do something. And if there's anything else that I can do to help you, let me know. And we're gonna, we're gonna do that. And I know I went kind of on a tangent there and we'll kind of probably separate some things and edit some things and whatnot. But you know, it's, I just think that, and I, and I was talking with Evan Steward about it and I said, look, we, you know, cause the guy put on a phenomenal conference for his first conference in 2000 people there. And I told him that, I said, dude, there should have been a thousand people here from the speakers. The experience, the, the a, the everything that you had on like this was put on legit.

Jonathan: 24:14 You know what the first thing you said, the team that I hired put this on there are phenomenal. And I go, I know somebody who can use a phenomenal event. Who are they? So I don't know, but we're going to connect you. So, OK, let's, let's, let's kind of jump back on script and we'll not really unscript cause there is no script, but it hell, the script, one question that I've been asking to the last few guests was a question that was asked to me. And it's great because if you prepare for the question, you ask it differently. So we're sitting in a coffee shop, okay. If somebody were to walk into the door, person can be dead or alive, but let's say that they can walk into the door. Um, who would you want to have coffee with and y that are alive? Number one person.

Jason: 25:08 Well, this is going to be like, probably like, just this is totally outside of the real estate industry. That's perfectly fine. Um, but I would, I would probably say, uh, Robin Williams and y just, I mean, I feel like he's my favorite. He was my favorite actor or it will always be my favorite actor. Uh, unfortunately he is no longer living but just grew up with him and admire him and just fascinated by his brain. If you want to just talk about having a conversation with somebody that you'll probably never forget. I mean, this guy, I mean, I just can't imagine I would walk away from this conversation because he's not just a funny guy. I mean just really insightful, brilliant. Um, you know, obviously very creative, but he was, you know, in some of the most dramatic roles we ever, you know, saw on screen and, and ones where we walked away and our face hurt.

Jason: 26:06 So I would imagine there would be this kind of turmoil of emotion sitting down and talking with him because, you know, I would want to ask him a lot of questions, but if you haven't seen the documentary that they did, uh, about him and his life and just, um, just the struggle that was going on with him internally. Um, lot of self esteem issues, you know, um, a lot of the things I think we all struggle with, but you look at somebody like that and you think that person is amazing, like Scott it all together. But man, was he the hottest mess. We're one of the messes on the planet. But, um, yeah, it's, that's a really tough question. But, um, you know, I think it's on my mind because my wife puts quotes on the mirror for me and little inspirational things all the time and uh, she knows how much I love him and, and, and uh, just put one up there recently, so he's been on my mind.

Jason: 27:02 What's your number one regret in life? Oh Gosh, this is, uh, this is going to be a, an easy one. I think for me, but, um, you know, it's really, I let myself off the hook probably way more than I should because all of my big regrets in life have led me like right here to this table. And so I just, it's almost unfair, Jonathan, that I, you know, because like I've kind of alluded to the fact that I've had some issues with like substance abuse and things like that, and just was never a good student and never appreciated what I needed to appreciate and all the opportunities I had. I mean, with the, the childhood that I had, the resources that I had, you know, I could have gone to any school, gotten any education, I wanted, done anything. I could have been anything if I had to put my mind to it.

Jason: 27:56 But, you know, I was just like fascinated with like catching a buzz and girls that was like, you know, there wasn't anything else in life that really, really mattered. So, um, you know, my wife and I were joking the other day, um, talking about like how we met and all that stuff. And so she recalled a memory where we were working at the same restaurant and she came in one day for a shift and she saw me hanging through the ceiling, like they'd sent me up, you know, uh, into the attic of the restaurant to get bar glasses. And uh, you know, like I had gotten high before work and as soon as I walked in, which would have been fine because I'd been high at work a bunch of times. But when I walked in this particular afternoon, the manners like, Hey Jason, I need you go up to the attic and get some bar glasses up there.

Jason: 28:47 And I was like, man, this is not a good time. But it made for a, a funny story to see me like come crashing down through the ceiling. There's a older couple over here eating ribs. It was a barbecue place and yeah, exactly. And they're just like eating the ribs, looking up, going, what is he doing? Um, so that's just the kind of, and there's stories after stories after stories of people that know me, that's what they remember is some, a time where Jason fell through the ceiling or you know, um, wrecked his car or just did something completely off the wall and stupid. Um, and uh, and so it's hard. It's hard to think about, you know, all the money and time and effort and all the people. I just, uh, disappointed in my life, but it, it's, it's why I'm sitting right here. It's why I met my wife. It's, you know, in my wife has totally changed my life and really helped me, um, become the person I am today. So,

Jonathan: 29:52 so what would you sum that up in is when I say your number one regret is that word? What, what's that word? What's your answer? What's the one word?

Jason: 30:00 Oh, right. I keep alluding your questions. Um, you know, it, it goes back to, um, if I had to put one word on it, I don't know, but it's, it all, it all stem from, from insecurity,

Jonathan: 30:15 insecurity. There it is. And I'm glad you, I'm glad you have some.

Jason: 30:22 Well, I was just going to say, I mean just that is been the theme of my whole life and that's why I'm on this path of like self development and just can't get away from personal growth.

Jonathan: 30:34 And I think it's huge that you're saying that. And hopefully this podcast will help you even more because you're be, I guess we have like a vulnerability transparency episode, but it's good because it's, it's going to help you break through. And what's great about it is sometimes you can't see the picture because you're inside the frame. And for me, I'm sitting here thinking, man, man, this guy's done phenomenal things for me. This guy has done phenomenal things for other people. There's guy has done a lot, but you're seeing it differently. However, like you said, we wouldn't be here sitting and doing this. Uh, some of the connections that you know, I've texted you now with, that would've never happened because we wouldn't have known each other. Who knows what that might lead to? Who knows what me telling you about this event team could lead to like, there's so many different things, but when we look at it from one perspective, we don't see everything else the way that it's actually happening.

Jonathan: 31:35 So for me, being an Intel officer, I've, I was always trained and that's kind of why my brain works this way now is sit back, relax Jonathan, and think of what they're thinking in a different way. So when you're talking about, you know, I fell through the ceiling, but that's how I kind of met my wife. I hosted an event that didn't go as, as planned. Um, but I want to do better. And you're thinking of these things and you're regretting different things. I'm thinking of, man, this guy's phenomenal. Like we gotta get this guy seen by more people. We got to get the event to more people. We got to do more. And I think for you, you have to realize that what you're doing is good enough. You just have to see things a little bit differently. Because if you can see that, you know, and, and if you can accept that what you've done is good enough, then you don't have to worry about everything else and doing all this and Oh, I heard this event did this, so we're going to do that too.

Jonathan: 32:35 Oh, I heard like we should get this person like you're, you, you, you gotta realign your focus and anybody listening you should do the same thing if you're going through this as well because you've probably done 50 different things that we don't know about, a thousand billion different things that we don't know about that we would be like, man, this is phenomenal. This is great. And I think for you, this is kind of me like coaching the coach. You got to, you know, you got to take a step back and realize that there are people and there are, there are impactful moments that you've already had that you need to build off of rather than going down a new path rather than restarting again. Like you've already realized, okay, I can make some different changes. You've already realized that I need to make some different changes. You've already realized that things might not have been the way that I've envisioned them, but you've already kind of went through those downtimes.

Jonathan: 33:37 So there's only one way to go right now. And I always tell people, you're either moving up or you're getting up, but you ain't falling down because if you're falling down, then there's somebody else that's going to take your spot. So I, again, I go on rants when I get passionate about something, but I'm really passionate about helping people. I don't know if you know this about me, but in 2011 president Obama gave me his call to service award for being the number one volunteer in the United States. I am passionate about helping people because I never had anything growing up. If somebody were to have put as much in me growing up, it would have been phenomenal. But I'm glad they did it because now I am passionate about helping people. I went down a path of success, accolades. I love this. It's Pat Jonathan's back.

Jonathan: 34:26 But that didn't fill my void. What fills my void right now, sitting at a coffee shop, filming a podcast. Like how can I help this person? So whatever I can do to help you, you let me know because I'm super grateful for you putting me on your stage. Um, and I'm super grateful for, you know, you just being transparent with me. We're in, a lot of people will come onto the podcast or a lot of people, not really on the podcast, but a lot of people I meet just, they're just, just continue to just, you know, just go through the motions, fake it, not really dive in, not become transparent. You know, when I asked that question, that's the first time I've ever asked about on the podcast. But when I ask people, what do you regret in life though? Like, I don't regret anything.

Jonathan: 35:07 I don't do this, I don't do that. And you instantly were like, crap. Like there's been some moments that have changed me in mountainous, not necessarily regret, but you're at least realizing that things could have been different. However, they've led you to where you're at now. And I think that if I keep going on this rent, we're going to be here all night, but what, what's a piece of advice that you have that you would give to somebody that has started, something failed, started something went 10 times backwards, started something didn't go as planned, but if you take this piece of advice, you can start taking these baby steps, which I'm hoping you're doing is you're taking these baby steps to realization that, man, we do have something here, man. We can make this like what's happening over the course of the last 48 hours, the course of the last month. That is like you said, I'm starting to see that, you know, I do have this connection or we can make these things work. What's, what's going on in your mind? I'm trying to extrapolate that. My question might not be as good as me saying what's going on in your mind.

Jason: 36:15 Yeah. I think it's, I think it's important for people to, who are listening to understand that the past is perfect, their past has perfect, your past is perfect, and that the stuff that was in perfect about your past is perfect because it got you here. Now. Impact agent conference was far from perfect. Um, you know, uh, I do believe that it impacted people greatly and I can't really see the good stuff. Like you said, you know, I can't, um, I can't recognize it. It's not visible. It's not tangible to me right now. It will be. It will be because of the fact that we're sitting here right now because of the unseen that I can't see in the future. But I think these people that, um, you know, that are trying things and it's not meeting their expectations. The only sad thing is if they give up, but they've got to learn from every, there's a lesson to be learned in every failure.

Jason: 37:21 You know, it's our greatest teacher. So if they're taking two steps forward and one step back, you know, what does that step back? What can, what can it teach them? You know, it's checking that ego at the door and going, all right, what can I learn from this? And then in terms of the vulnerability and the transparency and authenticity, you know, I don't know about you, but like I was raised, like you don't show emotion, you don't tell people what's going on, you don't let people inside your personal business. And I think there's a lot of discussion about that right now. You know, Bernay Brown and you know, you hear some names, um, h the book h three leadership is where it started for me, but then it just keeps getting re and reinforced by, you know, these other thought leaders that are talking about being vulnerable.

Jason: 38:08 But that's how you lead people. I mean, if you go in there, I'm, you know, you, we were in the Tom Ferry Organization together and I just can't tell you like how many events I went to where it was just about GCI and units and everything's rosy and I'm doing this and that. It's all a bunch of bullshit, you know? Um, and then you talk to somebody who left that person's team. I was like, that person's a fricking psychopath. Like they burned a bridge. When we went to left. It was the hottest mess. That team was just a disaster. And you're like, shit, that was fake. You know, we could've had a really meaningful discussion about how real estate teams are really like families. They're dysfunctional. I mean, that's a real conversation. So, um, you know, I, the first point I would make is, is for people to kind of give themselves a break because your past is perfect. It's about mindset. It's about your mindset about your past and your failures and mistakes and regrets and all those things. And then number two is that vulnerability is actually leadership.

Jonathan: 39:06 I love that vulnerability is actually leadership. And a lot of people need to rewind this episode and go through it a few times. Listen through the rants before you close off and just really just focus in on what Jason is saying because he is being transparent with you. He is leading by example when he says vulnerability is leadership. Well that's him being vulnerable. And that's him. Uh, also coming to the realization, just like I had that, you know, even if you do hit these GCI numbers, even if you do sell x amount of houses, even if you do this, does that really make you happy? Does that really fill the void of creating a business and life that you love? If it doesn't, there's some things that you need to take a step back on in order to create your breakthroughs, to have that business and life that you love. So I'm glad that that you touched on that, Jason. Where can people find you? Where can they connect with you and what is the URL of our landing page that we're going to be setting up?

Jason: 40:12 Well, I, I would say that I, I love, uh, Facebook. If you cannot find me on Facebook, then you're not looking very hard, but [inaudible] or you don't have a Facebook. Some people still don't have a Facebook. I don't know why that would, that scares me to even think about that. But, um, if some people send me a Facebook message, I do respond and I don't care where they are, where they're from, what they do. Um, if they want to ask me a question they can connect with me there. So Facebook messenger I think is the easiest thing to do. Um, you know, if you're interested in, in real estate coaching right now I have impact agent and um, and for real estate it's just Jason will real

Jonathan: 40:51 and what is our landing page for our conference?

Jason: 40:55 Um,

Jonathan: 40:55 what URLs do you got out there? Cause I'm Kinda, I don't know if you're like me, but I'm a URL junkie so I'm, I go daddy's just filled with you or just in case. Jason: 41:04 So I think we should probably do, um, you know like impact agent Perfect. Yeah. So impact agent we're

Jonathan: 41:12 going to set up a registration to preregister for the event. If we get a hundred people within one week, we'll then send you a free month of the Hashtag agents so you can get a free month of all of our content. Which is going to show you social digital marketing strategies from a completely perspective. Why? Because I think of things drastically different. When people come to me and they say they want leads, I go, okay, great, let's go do this instead because I can help you there better and make you more money. Because really if you want leads, it's because you want money. If you want money it's because you want to do something. So if I can show you, you can do that in a different way. Why wouldn't you do that? So we're going to give you a free month of the Hashtag agent if you pre-register for Jason's event.

Jonathan: 41:59 And then what we're going to do is we're gonna do a free free f r e digital deep dive with me personally. For every single person that prayed registers, you can do it online or in person, like Jason said, is the best thing to do. So again, go to impact agent preregister for impact agent to anybody that you refer to that site. They will also get that and we'll double the offer. So two deep dives with me and two months of the Hashtag agent. Is there anything else that I can do for you? And that's the honest question.

Jason: 42:36 Wow. I don't know. That's a lot. You've already done a lot. So I think we're probably good for now.

Jonathan: 42:42 All right, let me back off the offer now. I'm getting sweet. So make sure that you guys follow Jason. Jason, I know your time is valuable. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for driving from your other hotel to be here because I, you know, I'm, I'm glad that we're forming a better relationship and, and bond and you know, I do go to a lot of conferences as well, but it's these moments that really like solidify things in the future for me. As much as I would love to meet everyone and be the best person to everybody, unfortunately I can't. But I love people who tell it like it is, no matter what good, bad, ugly, and they're also willing to break down their own barriers to say, look, I ain't perfect. And I think that since you've had these different realizations over the last year, six months, five minutes, then you know, just talking about that to me, like I'll go to my guy and be like, dude, like we gotta get the next thing scheduled. Like who do we know that can do this when you, when you don't do that to me, I'm like, it ain't going to work for that person. Right. And it ain't gonna work and ain't gonna work. Why? They're not telling me the truth and if they don't tell me the truth that it ain't gonna work. So thank you so much again. Remind people of your handle on [inaudible].

Jason: 43:55 Oh yeah, we didn't do that. So it's at, yeah, it's at impact agent

Jonathan: 44:02 sweet at impact agent again, Jason, thank you so much. Thank you. And uh, awesome. Hey everybody, this is Jonathan Hawkins. Thank you so much for staying until the very end of this podcast. I definitely appreciate it. As always, make sure to reach out to me via social media at Jonathan Hawkins official. Send me a comment, shoot me a DM if you have any questions. You can also comment below. Thank you so much. Don't forget to subscribe below and remember who you hire truly matters.