Telling Your Story & Finding Balance | #REalAdvice 7 with Jordan English

What perception do people have of you and your real estate business?

Are you all-in with your business, or is this a side job for you? If people don’t see the work behind the scenes that you do, their perception of you and the service that you provide will be vastly different.

When you show up authentically in your business, and invite people to join in on your journey, their perspectives of you, and everything you do will change!

Jordan English knew at the very beginning of her real estate career that she wanted to show up authentically, especially on social media. Through that, she’s found her voice, and is excited to help inspire others in their business journey!

Ready to show up authentically in your business? Don’t miss Jordan English on this episode of #REalAdvice!

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Jordan English. She started working real estate in Pensacola, Florida with nothing but a can-do attitude and commitment to success. Today, she is building a personal brand based on helping women grow their businesses and find financial freedom for themselves and for their family.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Jonathan introduces Jordan and her business.

  • Jordan shares how she got into real estate, to help provide for her family - she was all-in from the start, and knew that she would have to tell her story on social media.

  • People’s perceptions of real estate agents based off their understanding of you and what you do can impact your business - that is a huge reason and motivation to turn to social media to share your story; share the value that you have to offer.

  • “You have to stop thinking that you deserve something and you have to just put out value. And the more value that you put out, more people are going to be attracted to that.”

  • “A lot of people think that they have to arrive before they start sharing.” That is wrong! Share the journey, and bring people along with you.

  • Being authentic with what you share builds rapport with people, and gets them invested in your story.

  • For those who are working the 24/7 grind, take time to figure out what is important to you, and sit down weekly and put together a calendar on how you’re going to use your time. Use your personal core values to define how you plan your time, whether it be health, family, etc.

  • Once you make a plan, stick to it! Use the do not disturb function on your phone; turn off social media notifications.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You will come to the point where you need an assistant. Yes, it costs money, but you are able to spend your time doing tasks that align with your core values, and help your business grow at the same time!

  • Jordan’s passion is fueled by her past, and her experiences. Her goal is to see women reach financial freedom and use their voice.

  • If you only get one thing out of this episode, Jordan’s one piece of advice is to find out who you are. Find out what sets you apart be yourself and be honest and authentic to your community and to your audience. That is what's going to fuel every piece of your business.

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Full Transcript

[00:00:00.060] So before we begin jumping into different questions and whatnot tell us your name. Tell us where you're from a little bit about yourself OK.

[00:00:09.220] I am Jordan English. I am from Pensacola Florida. And the co-owner of a real estate team to Keller Williams with my husband and I am building a personal brand based on helping women grow their businesses and find financial freedom for themselves and for their family.

[00:00:26.670] And that's through real estate or is that tons of other components of it and what exactly how is that shaped.

[00:00:34.680] Are you or is it's kind of a loaded multiple question there.

[00:00:38.650] So a lot of people were confused at first whenever I started pursuing this journey. They're like How is this related to real estate.

[00:00:45.360] I was like well it kind of is and it kind of isn't because anybody can grow their business it doesn't happen they don't have to be a real estate agent to relate to my content and the. But my examples are through real estate and growing our team and all of those things. But my advice can apply to any industry but real estate has opened up this door for me to be able to find my purpose in helping women through this way.

[00:01:10.980] And for me talking to women and in trying to motivate and inspire them sometimes it doesn't work just because one, I don't experience the same things that they experience and two, just sometimes you just have to see things in a different funnel.

[00:01:29.940] So I'm glad that you're here because you know I like bringing people in from different backgrounds that have different stories and they're not all good stories because you know there's bad stories but for whatever reason I think that you know having different people and having different background and having different stories allows this podcast and just everything that we do resonate with somebody that may not have resonated with somebody else so I'm glad that you're here. You know we were talking about your podcast and we were talking about some of the goals of it and you know you were reading the description of this one which was basically hey at the end of it it sounds like Jonathan is just really interested in helping people and just giving back and allowing the podcasts and everything that he's doing to just kind of reshape what some of those stereotypes are about agents.

[00:02:22.100] What do you think are some stereotypes that are talked about when it comes to the real estate industry.

[00:02:28.070] So some serious times that I have found is whenever. So for example whenever I met my husband I was on the pursuit to have an accounting degree and I did get that degree but I was also on the pursuit of being a CPA. I was a single mom and I needed the fastest track possible to have a very stable income for my daughter. And that's what I was in the pursuit of. Well shortly not shortly but eight months after Bo and I met we found out that we were pregnant and so in that last semester of college I you know I was doing internships and I wasn't able to get a job in the field that I knew I was going to be able to provide for my daughter.

[00:03:10.860] And so then he was like Just come help me just come work for me.

[00:03:15.010] And that was super difficult for me to do because I was a strong independent woman. I had been working so hard to be have a stable income for my daughter and that was super important to me.

[00:03:28.420] And whenever I told my parents that I was just going to go work for Bo they thought I was throwing my whole career away. They're like you that the market's going down it's two up and down you're not going to be able to have a good income. Realtors don't really work. You know all the things. And I was like I can make this whatever I want to make it. And I know that if I start something it's gonna be epic. So we just had to push past those stereotypes and all those limiting beliefs that people put on us and really push through.

[00:04:03.710] Sweet yeah I think that one of the biggest stereotypes is that agents don't do that much. They do it you know everything that's easy and everybody can do it and whatnot. And I think the only reason why people actually think that is because agents don't actually put out what it is that they're doing they don't actually show their audience that hey this is what I'm up to and this is the reason why I'm up to it. And this is how it can help you write a lot of a lot of agents are saying hey this is what I'm up to.

[00:04:39.820] Are you ready to buy or sell a house. Right. It's totally backwards. And so. So for those people and those agents that aren't you know doing some of the things that I'm advocating for which is telling your story what's what. What do you think is a good piece of advice to those people.

[00:04:55.720] So I'm a huge fan of Instagram in social media in general. Just side note I am a mom of two so I want to bring up an Incredibles to movie relatable comic that's like it's still in my brain.

[00:05:09.880] I have a three year old and we go to Disneyland all the time. So that's I. Disney movies I mean yeah I got the songs and I mean you check my iPhone I’ve got the - I got the Disney playlists I got the C.D. in my car. I know what you're talking. You got it. Yeah.

[00:05:24.040] So we have watched Incredibles 2 on Netflix probably 17 times since it was released on Netflix and in the beginning of the movie this mogul is like the reason why everyone you know thinks you're bad people is because of perception. They only see what other people want you to see and then they install these little cameras in their little superhero suits and they change the perception of the public to these superheroes. And I just think that is so relatable to Instagram Stories and social media for real estate agents because we have that ability to say hey here's what we actually do all day here is all the work that goes into what we do here is how we are different and how we put out into the world how we sell your house how we build that relationship why our clients means so much to us.

[00:06:15.520] And I know a lot of real estate agents kind of do this as a side hustle but for us and it sets us apart is all of our eggs are in one basket. This is like my husband and I do this.

[00:06:27.550] This is our sole source of income. Like it is the biggest thing. So I knew a long time ago that we needed to share that behind the scenes on Instagram LinkedIn Facebook that way people can know what we actually do and who we really are.

[00:06:41.740] One of the things you said was putting on a different outfit changes the perception.

[00:06:46.540] Have you heard of the ceramic cup story. No. Tell me. So it's it's very powerful. I'll tell it briefly for anybody listening. They definitely need definite No I'm not even saying you should go look for the ceramic cup and you're gonna find a story of a speaker at a conference that was speaking and he goes and he grabs his coffee off the table and he drinks it then he pauses and he's holding a styrofoam cup in his hand and he said You guys want to know the power of perception and the power of the vote.

[00:07:27.760] And the reason why people treat you the way that they do. He said I was on this exact stage a year ago when I when I was asked to be here. They flew me in a private jet when I got to the airport. There was a black car waiting for me when I got to the events. They walked me in. They took me on a tour. They gave me the best room available. And when I was about to go on stage they asked if I needed anything I said I'd like a cup of coffee.

[00:07:56.930] They went back and grabbed a ceramic cup and filled the coffee up. I went I did my presentation a year later they invited me back at that time I was no longer the secretary of defense. I had a book my own commercial flight. Course I took an Uber to the conference when I got there they asked me if I needed anything. I said I'd like a cup of coffee. They said there's some coffee over there and there's some cups right next to it. He went he grabbed a styrofoam cup you filled it up you went on stage and he spoke and he says people are working with you because of the role that you're in the.

[00:08:35.250] And for you to think that somebody is interested in buy or sell buy or sell buy or sell they're not interested in that. They're interested in your position. They're interested in how you can help them when I was no longer their secretary of defense. People didn't want me anymore. They wanted somebody else and somebody that fit that position. And I think that it's a super powerful story I again I probably completely mess up the story but what it what it means is that you have to stop thinking that people owe you something.

[00:09:09.830] You have to stop thinking that you deserve something and you have to just put out value. And the more value that you put out more people are going to attract to that. What are some pieces of value that you guys are putting out.

[00:09:25.490] So we have worked really hard to create categories for the content that we put out. We have art we share things about our family. We share educational items we share community building questions. We share what's what's going on in Pensacola. We constantly provide value in the ways that we ask people what they want to know. And you know in the conference that we just went to there is speaking a lot about like using jargon with your customers or with your clients. And so one of the things that we've been really hitting home on is really we've been making professional videos and explaining what these things mean and like for example what is it EMT.

[00:10:07.520] What is a WTA what are all these day accurate. And but people really if you've never bought or sold a home you have no idea what we're talking about. So we have really implemented an educational pillar to our content because we know that to be able to work with people that we want to work with they need to be educated. And so that's the biggest one of the biggest pillars of our content right now.

[00:10:29.840] There is a great commercial that's airing at least in my area right now it's for the mortgage company and it's a real estate agent.

[00:10:37.640] And it says hi welcome to one two three main street that people walk in and he goes Hey I just want to she says Excuse me I just want to let you know we do have two offers on the House one's an FHA one's a V.A. and one's got 30 percent down but it's conventional the rate just dropped. But you know if he goes with this type of loan maybe he'll do this. Oh by the way I also have the CRM and the ABC and the X Y Z. So that's the reason why I work with me and it in the commercial was like did it do you know what you do.

[00:11:04.390] Do you know anything of what she said. No. And I think that a lot of agents are the reason that they're talking that way is because everybody else is talking that way.

[00:11:14.210] And you know they need to realize that it's not about all of the accolades and extra letters that you have behind your name at least in today's days. It definitely doesn't matter what.

[00:11:27.230] What matters is hey there's there's two offers on this house are you interested in this house and the person then says Yes and you go let me sit down and explain exactly what the offers mean and how they relate to you and let's talk about your goals and let's talk about the things that we can do to help you. What would you say is a good piece of advice to somebody that's listening right now that says you know well how do I go ahead and just start doing things differently if I've been saying hey I've got this credential and I do this and I that's the only thing that I've been talking about I don't know how to do what you're telling me to do.

[00:12:07.760] What would you say to them.

[00:12:08.900] Well I think this completely relates to your presentation where you said to be authentic. And whenever people have whenever they don't know what to do because they've just been fed what to do from their broker from a team leader to set yourself apart be yourself. It's so hard to be other people. It's really easy to be yourself. So my advice to be is find out who you are. Find out what's important to you what set yourself apart and just put it out there. Let people get to know you. Go out and meet every single person you can.

[00:12:41.810] My brother actually just joined our real estate team and he just moved to our area and he knows no one and he doesn't know what to do or anything and I'm a very new team leader.

[00:12:52.480] So I'm like OK here's what I know you and I are very much similar. We have charisma. We are good people we're from the south. We have an accent.

[00:13:02.810] Go out and put your face to the name go out and meet people and say hey I'm Justin and I'm new here but I am willing to learn and go out and learn everything you can and take people on that journey with you say hey guys I just wrote my first contract and this is what I'm learning. Or Hey guys I'm doing open house this Saturday but just take people on that journey with you. A lot of people think that they have to arrive before they start sharing. I had a friend that was like I don't know if I would be a good guess on your podcast cause you know I'm not there yet.

[00:13:36.730] Not where I want to be. I was like my podcast isn't about that. It's about sharing the story of where you were and how you got to where you are now and where you're going because always telling stories of people that have so-called a right that's boring. Like I want to know what you're doing right now.

[00:13:53.430] And I think it's this whole piece of being authentic and you know really being vulnerable with your audience and saying hey this is where I'm at right now because people love that. And that builds rapport and that makes you look like a real human.

[00:14:07.320] We have John Sharp luck on the podcast a few episodes ago in one of the things that he was talking about was self reflection. Mm hmm. And the reason that he actually brought it up was because I told him that I think that a lot of agents are trying to have a phenomenal business which they are and they're trying to hit these crazy numbers and they're trying to do things that they've never done before which I hope that they had but their issue is they've put aside their family life and their personal life and they've put aside all of the things that actually make them happy and I asked him you know for somebody that's trying to have this phenomenal business and has this terrible life.

[00:14:45.840] What would you say to them and he says you need to have self reflection. You need to figure out what it is that you want what it is that makes you happy what it is that you want to do. Mm hmm. What would you say to somebody that's you know 24/7 working grinding out a billion hours a week. That's just nonstop nonstop nonstop you know. How do you get that person to stop and self reflect on their life.

[00:15:12.870] So I love this question because I did this in real time with my husband. So whenever we met he had been eight years into real estate. He was a single agent. He was balls to the wall. And whenever we came into the picture he saw oh my gosh I need to provide for this woman and her daughter. And that was motivation automatically. So he worked harder he worked longer hours. But guess what. I never got to see him. I never thought he would stay on his laptop till midnight.

[00:15:43.110] I'll go to bed by myself. He would wake up and be writing contracts. And while that's all great and you know he's bringing in revenue for a family revenue for a family and a profit for a family doesn't matter more to me than seeing him and eating dinner with him or being able to go somewhere on the weekend or be able to go on a trip in the sky not fall the whole time are gone.

[00:16:06.720] So when I told him is you really need to look at your life you know you're on it at the time. He's 32. He's like we're about to have another baby. You know we are about to have this life together and you need to figure out what's important in your life is it. And also there's seasons and seasons of growth and their seasons of travel and there's all these things but you have to figure out what's most important for you and for your family and really sit down with your partner or you know self reflect and say What does my we need to look like.

[00:16:39.420] Because I so I'm a big fan of tangible advice that you can actually do instead of like big dreams in what we did together is we sit down with our calendar every Sunday and we say what's happening this week in our family we have core values we have fun fitness family so and also our marriage is like a huge huge important thing to us. So we sit down on Sunday at the beginning of the week and what we put down her boulders or boulders are non-negotiable is like we will work out at this time every day.

[00:17:14.940] We will if I can't work out this day then you go pick up the kids. What days of the week am I going to cook dinner. What days are we going to go out for dinner. What day is date night. We have a date night every single week every week. Same day babysitter comes. We go out. It doesn't matter if we're still working or not. We go out.

[00:17:33.270] But know if you're still working how do you go out. Well we we we work at a co-workspace. Okay. But what I mean is like sometimes we can't turn it off. Got it. Yeah so we're still out and we're eating dinner and things that we're still brainstorming and doing. So eventually we're like Okay we got to stop. So how do you how do you how do you turn things off. We just said Okay that's enough yeah for me.

[00:17:52.860] For me my phone goes to do not disturb. And it stays there until 7:00 a.m. So at 9 p.m. It goes to do not disturb 7 a.m. it it'll click back on and that's that's one way that I turn it off at nighttime. So then that way in the morning when I wake up and not it's not really for nighttime. Most people are not messaging me that late. Some are.

[00:18:17.580] I don't know why. But you know it's for me when I wake up in the morning the first thing that I want to do just instinctually is grab the phone. I don't. And I the reason that I don't now is because it's on Do Not Disturb.

[00:18:36.570] And I know now that if I wake up and if even if I grab my phone it's not gonna work right. I have to manually override apps every. And that's not just like one thing. I think every single thing turns up your app. Everything turns I'll do that too. And it's great.

[00:18:52.710] The phone calls the text messages the e-mails every single thing goes off. And and so you know I think that what you're talking about of just you just have to turn things off and you just have to stick to what you said you were gonna do especially when it comes to family is super important. What do you think would be another great piece of advice to somebody that just says I don't even know how to turn things off because I don't have help if I turn things off. I'm going to lose business if I lose business.

[00:19:29.190] I can't go on a date night. You know how do you get to the point where you can just say screw it I'm leaving.

[00:19:36.270] So again we went through this and I knew at a certain point I was like I cannot survive another week without an assistant and this applies to any area of your life. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You're not supposed to do everything by yourself. You need help with your kids. You need help with your like House or laundry or someone taking your child to violin lessons. You can ask for help in every area of your life. And that starts with your business because that is what brings in the profit for your family.

[00:20:08.850] So I would say find some whatever area that you struggle with. Say it's social media leverage leverage that out. Ask for help. Yes it does cost money to do these things but would you rather be worried about your social media content for the week and whether or not you posted great content or would you rather spend the weekend with your family. So in a two whenever you ask for help you grow because you have time to do higher producing activities for your family.

[00:20:38.190] You said you are passionate about helping women and being a woman on this podcast. I want to make sure that I give you the opportunity to speak to somebody that's listening that may hear things differently than if I were to say it. And what's something that's just on your heart that you know it's every single woman in the world were listening right now you would tell them Oh Grace is there's a lot of pressure.

[00:21:03.990] So what I am super super passionate about is every single woman having financial freedom and that can come in many shapes and forms the reason why I'm so passionate about this is because I was a single mom I had a great childhood and everything was wonderful and perfect and then I met someone and then my life hit the fan. And I ended up with a beautiful baby girl all by myself at 19 years old. So I had to grow up very quickly. And while I'm not super, like money driven, it is a vehicle for safety and security.

[00:21:38.100] And I feel like a lot of women that are either single maybe single mom or even married. They don't feel like they get to make decisions because they are not bringing in income maybe they're not bringing it up in income at all or maybe they're not the breadwinner and they probably quiet themselves to let the other person make the decisions all based on money. So for example on a girl on our team Carly she is super passionate about teaching women how to invest in real estate because in our area so many of the real estate investors that are big are all men and she is like where's a woman you know where is a woman in this.

[00:22:21.360] But what I found is that if you can empower a woman to know about money and know how to bring it in and how to you know manage it and pay things off or invest it then they have power and not just say like you know I love like but and I we make decisions together we're 50/50. But I have a voice because I'm important and I want every woman to feel that way. I want every woman to feel secure in free and I feel that pursuing something that can bring in money for your family can do that for a woman.

[00:22:57.600] If a single mom is listening to this and there a realtor and they said you know what that other person can do it so well because you know they have extra support and they've got this and they've got that you know what would it be just.

[00:23:11.310] It's not even a good piece of advice what would just be you know actual life experience of being a single mom and and knowing those struggles and knowing the difficulties in and hard things that come you know come with that which obviously I don't know personally what what would be something that you would say to a single mom in any industry that's just how do I how do I move forward.

[00:23:36.890] How do I how do I get help. How do I do the things that you're talking about. If I don't have nobody to help me write I.

[00:23:44.630] So I completely went through this. In the beginning I alienated myself from my family because I was ashamed of what I went through. I was so young. I didn't go to college. You know when I. All of my friends did and that I felt like they were ashamed of my family was ashamed of me for where I was at. So then I decided to go back to school because I was in a position I worked in that apartment community is a great job for someone of my age. But I knew that I could not support my daughter by myself in that position.

[00:24:19.790] And I knew that there was no way for me to move up in that position. So I looked in the mirror and I was like What on earth can I do to be able to be able to provide for my daughter by myself because I don't want to ever depend on anyone I don't ever ever ever want to be in this position again where I don't know how to provide for my family even if it's just one person even if it's just myself and my daughter being a single mom is the probably the hardest and most rewarding thing you can ever do.

[00:24:52.760] You have everything on your shoulders you have everything every laugh every smile every win every single year every good night every Booboo it's all yours. And I would just say use that as fuel so I went back to school and got an accounting degree.

[00:25:10.820] And everyone's like Oh you don't need that it's so hard. That was horrible.

[00:25:17.360] But um when I remember driving onto that campus and where I went to school is just a big circle. And I was like one day I'll be able to say that I have an accounting degree and I will know that I did it for my daughter. And whenever I graduated there said I have a picture on my social media but whenever I graduated that was one of the proudest moments of my whole entire life because I knew that I could when I did that.

[00:25:47.230] I knew that I could do anything in the entire world if I could make it through three and a half years of grueling courses driving back and forth an hour each way with my daughter in tow taking her to daycare in the morning at 6:00 a.m. so I could be at class by 8:00 taking six courses in a semester so I could finish early if I could get through all of that. There's nothing that I can't do. So I would say use that as fuel.

[00:26:13.490] Fuel yourself by the love that you have for your child.

[00:26:17.150] For anybody that's listening that wants to reach out to you that wants to ask you more that just wants to connect with you and grow with you and talk more work in somebody find you on social media.

[00:26:29.930] Awesome. So I. My favorite place to hang out is Instagram and my you actually hang out there. I do I hang out there all the time. But it is at M R S Jordan English.

[00:26:41.620] So Jordan English was taken so I had to do that but um that is my social media handle and on Facebook I am Jordan Marshall English and you can go find my podcast on iTunes it's called the life for me podcast suite.

[00:26:56.960] We like to wrap things up always with one piece of real advice and what what I what I mean by that is if somebody were to click on this episode and skip to the last 30 seconds they they know exactly who you are and the guest that's on but they've not they haven't heard anything we've talked about what's something that you would say that either stands out from this podcast that we've talked about or just something that you want to tell somebody that's listening awesome.

[00:27:28.360] I would say find out who you are. Find out what sets you apart be yourself and be honest and authentic to your community and to your audience. That is what's going to fuel every piece of your business. Also start with the end in mind you know figure out what goals you have for your family and work backwards and finally always drive yourself by helping people not by the dollar amount because if you help people the money will always come in.

[00:28:01.220] Sweet. Well I appreciate you walking up to me and taking a chance or risk as you call it for everybody listening. Jordan is wanting to go on a 100 podcast by the end of this year and I am lucky number one. Yes. So we have to start the movement and momentum for her so make sure that if you're listening Share this share this with another woman that is you know hosting a podcast and so that way she can get on it again.

[00:28:32.420] Your podcast is called The Life for me podcast.

[00:28:35.480] So make sure that you listen to it subscribe to it share it get her to one hundred podcast guest appearances by the end of this year if you guys have any specific questions. Again reach out to her directly or you can comment below. Again it was great having you I appreciate it.

[00:28:51.530] Thank you so much. And don't forget to leave review. Say that again. Don't forget to leave a review. Leave 50 reviews as get your husband's phone and do it on his phone. Awesome. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you.