From Door Knocking to Prospecting, Email Marketing and Much More | #REalAdvice 1 with Kevin DaSilva

We are back! We’ve made a few changes in our format, equipment and more. Let me know what you think! In this episode, Kevin and I go all over the spectrum discussing door knocking, email marketing and more.

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In this episode of #REalAdvice with Jonathan Hawkins,  we talk with Kevin DaSilva to shed advice on what it takes to get your first deal as a newbie or a more seasoned realtor who needs to get back in the game. Kevin and Jonathan cover what not to do and provide marketing strategies for keeping your pipeline filled with happy clients.


Episode Summary

Key Insights Shared

·         Advice for newbie real estate agents and more seasoned real estate agents who feel “stuck”

·         Specific strategies for leveraging email to reach specified buyer

·         Email marketing strategies

·         Learning how to build a marketing system without breaking your marketing budget


Key Milestones in the Episodes

[0:40] Introductions

[2:05] The big mistake that most new agents make

[3:37} The advice that new agents should follow

[6:32] Why real estate agents should also focus on their personal brand while building a real estate business

[7:49] Advice for real estate agents who have been in the business for a while but feel stuck

[9:30] Email marketing

[12:34] Advanced real estate marketing: Using ads to support email marketing

[16:07] How much does email marketing cost?

[23:00] Stereotypes about real estate agent

[24.58] One piece of advice that all real estate agents can follow and help the real estate agent community



“It’s very important that I give my clients the best results…It actually brings me a lot of satisfaction that they’re happy.”

“I’ve met some agents recently who are new in the business and it’s like ‘I need a deal. I need a paycheck.’ Stop that.”

“It’s like you reek of commission.”

The piece of advice was given: Stop saying, ‘ Do you want to buy or sell property?’

“These are people’s lives…You better believe that if something goes really wrong, you’re the person responsible.”

“I’m having it where my marketing pieces are supporting each other so that the message really drives in.”



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