How To Go From Storytelling to Closing in Real Estate | #REalAdvice 27 with Micheal Burt

Guest Introduction:

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is Micheal Burt. Coach Micheal Burt believes that everybody needs a coach in life, but not just any coach, a Super Coach – a unique blend of intensity and mindset of a former championship coach combined with an entrepreneurial skill set.

Through his deep methodology of inner-engineering people to win, his championship coaching acumen, and his versatility to connect with both blue collar and white collar industries, Coach Burt has quickly become one of the most sought out motivators and hottest business coaches in the world.

Highlights of this episode:

●     Don’t do social media for the likes and the followers, think about how you can help people with every post. Make sure that you have a call to action; something to invite people to be a part of!

●     Important stats: the average person is gonna buy four to seven homes in their lifetime. 98 percent of agents never call a customer back, once they put him in a home. Although the National Association of Realtors says every transaction should be worth five point seven referrals over the lifetime of the consumer. Every stat in the world says that most sales happen between 7 and 15 touches. But most agents don't have a 7 to 15 touch system.

●     There is no wealth without work. There is no shortcut. The process is just as important as the product.

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Audio Version Below!

Full Transcript

Jonathan: 13:53 I only got 20 likes on that. Sure know it must not a must not have been a good post. Aren't you going to delete it? So why would I deleted it? Did you, did you know about that one person who sent me a direct message saying how that impacted their lives and how they did this, this, this, this, this? Yes. Oh No, I didn't know about that. Yeah, that's the reason why I do this. I don't do this for likes. I don't do this for followers. I'm doing this to help people. And at the end of the day, your followers and likes aren't, are not going to follow you to the grave there. You're going to, the next person is going to be the next person. And who cares about all of that? That data goes away and you just have a, you have a profile that's no longer active.

Jonathan: 14:28 So who cares about the profile? If your voice is coming through your social channels that you're going to build trust with people that your future clients are going to see. Hey, when I go to a listing presentation, I already know this person. I know everything about his family. He trades, he likes finding this. He doesn't like doing that. And at the end of the day, if I'm sitting at the table and that person feels that connection with me, anybody else who walks through that door and they'd never seen, they don't know anything about except they're the number one producer and, and that's all that they know. They trust me and liked me more. I have a much higher probability of winning that listing just because of that. When it comes to storytelling. Um, you know, I was telling you a little bit about the army. One thing that I was being trained in was to be an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay.

Jonathan: 15:17 And we got into why people think the way they think, why people will say things that they don't realize. They're saying why criminals will say that they've done it, but they actually didn't do it. And it actually gets into the brain and how it works. And one cool thing about storytelling, which I like to tell people, is when you tell a fact, it only triggers to portions of your brain affect triggers to portions. Storytelling triggers five portions of your brain. And people go, wait, what? I said, if you tell a story, you're getting that person to envision themselves as part of the story. How do they fit into this story? What is the outcome going to be for them? If you're listing a three bedroom, two bath, 1500 square feet house versus come into this house after you've had a barbecue with your family, come warm up by the fireplace, put the, put the movie on, and then you know that your home.

Jonathan: 16:13 Well, there's a massive difference in the, and I, and I advocate in story telling. I think that a great story as all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. And like you said, I definitely also believe in the, the, you know, provide that value before you're, you're asking for anything. W what would be a good ratio as far as if somebody has been going down this line of providing value and providing so much for people? When's a good time for them to say, Hey, also, I am a real estate agent. You know, I, I don't want you to forget that. Um, if you know somebody, hey, could you, could you refer them my way? What would be advice? I want you to think that you're really an entrepreneur that has a very special skillset in something. It could be negotiation, it could be in regulating emotions.

Jonathan: 17:02 It could be connecting to anybody anywhere, anytime. Like that's how I try to coach the agents, right? Like you're really a businessman or businesswoman. You own a business that you've got a very special skillset and I want you to become known. Is he famous? He's just becoming known in your market for something that person can sell houses faster than anybody. That person can negotiate better than anybody, right? So what I believe is always have something in the future to push people to, this is one of my greatest selling techniques, is I create what I call structures and a structure is anything, a physical structure, a mental structure, and I always have something in the future to invite people to, hey, if you like this, come to this, and I do stuff for everybody. I'm, I'm doing faith based events, I'm doing kids' events. I'm doing a couples of ants

Micheal: 17:50 and I go, hey, if you're like me and you're out there watching me and you're interested, come come to person of interest. April 24th at the lodge. Hey, if you don't like that, I'm speaking to man church at New Vision Baptist Church on this date. Come to this, right? If you're a man and you're trying to reconnect with your faith, Hey, I'm doing this. I'm a big believer in give your salespeople something to push people to in the future. The barbecue something customer appreciation events like us study the real estate stats and here's what they tell me. Number one, they're scary. Also, 67% of people use the very first agent. They contact them. They don't use the best one. The best looking when the most experience when almost seven out of 10 just use anybody. Okay? Um, the average person's going to buy four to seven homes in their lifetime.

Micheal: 18:30 98% of agents never call a customer back once they put him in a home. Although the National Association of Realtor says every transaction should be worth 5.7 referrals over the lifetime of the consumer. Every stat in the world says that most sales happen between seven and 15 touches, but most agents don't have a seven to 15 touch system. They only go one or two times if that. So when I'm coaching an agent, I'm like, it is so easy for me to help you pick up 15 deals, which is going to change your whole life. Because I want to go to work on these things. We're going to answer the phone and be accessible cause we call an agent's this element or our coaching program. And my team's like, they never answer the phone. Never. And, and so here's the deal. For every 30 people you talk to, only 4.8 are going to be interested in open.

Micheal: 19:14 Those are the innovators and the early adopters, right? Then early majority is going to have to hear it. Maybe three to seven times late. Majority is going to have to hear it. Seven to 15 times 16% are laggers. They're never going to hear it. So volume is so crucial. So when I'm coaching an agent, I'm like, we're going to get really good at these things and you're going to dominate. Like you're going to see a leaf. Like I can get you 50 more deals easy if you just do what I'm teaching you to do. That's the basketball coach in me. There's a missing structure. I'm going to fix the structure and we're going to win more games. Right? And when they asked, but, but you know, 15 deal sounds great, I've only sold one house, but what if I could do 70 because this new piece of technology just came out and they said it was easier.

Micheal: 19:53 If I just buy this, then they're going to do that for me. I don't even have to call people anymore. I, you know, I can just do that and then I'll just add this and I can go from one to 70 and they've, they've never really done anything. There is no wealth without work. They didn't repeat that. Yeah, there is no wealth without work. There is no shortcut. The process is just important as the product and the agents that work my system that I'm teaching them, which is a game of probability, but it's very calculated specific daily actions, right. Are the agents that are crushing it and I can take a little baby star agent and drastically increase. I can take a big agent, my biggest mortgage originators doing 147 million. You understand what I'm saying? Like, like it works.