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Mindset, Marketing, Commissions and Chinese Food | #REalAdvice 3 with William Tong

This episode’s guest on the #REalAdvice podcast is William Tong. Located in Los Angeles, California, William has been working in real estate for years. In a time when realtor commissions are in a downward trend, William’s commissions are going up. That’s because he focuses on going above and beyond in serving his clients and adding value.

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From Door Knocking to Prospecting, Email Marketing and Much More | #REalAdvice 1 with Kevin DaSilva

In this episode of #REalAdvice with Jonathan Hawkins,  we talk with Kevin DaSilva to shed advice on what it takes to get your first deal as a newbie or a more seasoned realtor who needs to get back in the game. Kevin and Jonathan cover what not to do and provide marketing strategies for keeping your pipeline filled with happy clients.

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